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Dodge Sprinter Audio Systems

spondlecatspondlecat Member Posts: 5
edited July 2014 in Dodge
Does anyone know how to reset the factory installed radio in one of these vrhicles?


  • bspertybsperty Member Posts: 20
    No But i put in a pioneer head unit and get poor FM reception. Any info out there ?
  • j_shawj_shaw Member Posts: 1
    Ditto here, also a pioneer. After a ton of investigating... the factory radio is a Mercedes-Bens, which requires a POWERED antenna adapter. I got one at Circuit City for $16. the 12+ lead on the adapter needs to be connected to the wire on the factory harness that is specifically for the antenna, which is a solid black wire. Go to the dealer & service can print out a page showing the pin assignments of the radio connector. It's in the "connector pin out assignment" section on their service computer under "Audio". The connector that plugs into the radio is split into two parts, each with two rows of wires. The 0's below show where there are no wires in the plug, the x's where there are wires. the one you want is the plus sign.

    x x x x
    x x + x
    0 x x 0
    0 x x 0
  • don_combeedon_combee Member Posts: 1
    Hi all,

    We have a 168" dualie 3500 limo style, band touring build on our Sprinter. I'm trying to replace the stock radio with one that has CD/CDR/mp3/SAT/iPod. Finding the one we want to buy is not the problem. Finding the kit/harness/antennae adapter is the problem. Anyone? Bueller??

  • bspertybsperty Member Posts: 20
    Don, Look back thru the post. The powered antenna adapter needs to be tied into a specific wire on the harness.
    The post i referance gives a diagram of the plug and which wire to tap in to.If you can not find it contact me as i think i have a copy.
    I am having the same problem.
    E mail bsperty2@comcast.net
  • kenbakerkenbaker Member Posts: 239
    Simple solution i have found is CRUTCHFIELD.COM


    This is the same connector as for Volkswagons (some European Volks Vans use the Sprinter chassis/body too).

    That piece takes care of the basic harness, but you may need the antenna adapter too.

    On the yahoogroups sprinter forum you can find some good audio helps, like how to add an external input to the factory SOUND 30 sprinter radio. look in the archives/files

    KenB :shades:
  • txx1txx1 Member Posts: 3
    You can find some information about the wiring harness here...

  • guestguest Member Posts: 770
    My factory antennae is toast. Broken plastic part in front, stripped threads on the whip. I've cobbed it together with glue, and foil shims. Since I'm going to replace the factory radio/CD player, can't I just use an aftermarket antennae? I don't look forward to pulling that wire all the way to the radio; maybe I can use the existing wire and splice into it with the new antennae?

    Also, for the short term, does anyone know of an adhesive that will allow electric current (to glue antennae into stripped receiver)? There's too much plastic to try and solder it in place.
  • sprinterdocsprinterdoc Member Posts: 11
    I do. Give me your VIN and I will give you radio code and instruction how to do it :):):)
  • tdarlingtdarling Member Posts: 1
    I need to remove my factory radio/Cd player and do not have the "Code" for it. Would you be able to help me on this one?

    Thank you

  • dkieturdkietur Member Posts: 1
    I have my code to reprogram my radio but no instruction an how to do it. Can you help me?
  • ahforeverahforever Member Posts: 1
    I had my grandson replace the %$#@*(((&)OEM radio/CASSETE(of all antiques)with a Blauplunket radio/CD player.Can play CDs fine but cannot get radio reception. Thought by customizer to be antenna problem,but the connection in back of the radio is "sound" with the Bp supplied fitting.
    Suggestions? I Am a 72 y.o.electronic idiot. Thanks foryour help in advance! (06 Sprinter)
  • kenbakerkenbaker Member Posts: 239
    some have indicated that an antenna booster may be required. I had expected the Bp to hook up directly without a convertor cable (or maybe without the possible booster) since both are european in origin.

    Anyway, perhaps we can find you info on that booster or other antenna issues.

    Did he have to use a convertor cable? or is it the connector direct-attached to the radio?

    KenB :confuse:
  • kenbakerkenbaker Member Posts: 239
    some sources say that the connector may not stay in place very well.

  • driveeverydaydriveeveryday Member Posts: 1
    Pulled the radio fuse today troubleshooting a blown 12v aux socket in the cabin. Now the radio is asking for a code. My vin is not listed on the widely distributed pdf file for 01-05 Sprinters. If anyone can help, the last 8 digits of my vin are: 65927577 Thx
  • simone3simone3 Member Posts: 1
    could you please help me with the code for the radio?
  • kenbakerkenbaker Member Posts: 239
    perhaps, what is your question? If you have need of code you need the ending digits of you VIN.


    click on the radio codes by vin link on the page :shades:

  • codwifcodwif Member Posts: 1
    my sprinter vin isn't on this list. my last 8 digits start with 659....., that list only goes to 658.

    any other sources to find it? dodge is being useless as always trying to look it up.
  • kenbakerkenbaker Member Posts: 239
    try sprinter_forum.com and ask there.

    KenB :shades:
  • annefrankannefrank Member Posts: 1
    How do you remove the radio from a 2007? Checked the booster and antenna and still have poor radio reception. Suggestions?
  • sprintdanssprintdans Member Posts: 1
    There must be a way to jack in an external source such as another CD player or (in my case) a labtop full of tunes... or an iPod or...

  • kenbakerkenbaker Member Posts: 239
    Requires Mercedes DIN removal tools which must go into the slots around the radio, or at leat it was this way in 2006... not absolutely sure about 2007.

    KenB :confuse:
  • kenbakerkenbaker Member Posts: 239
    ask this question on Yahoo Sprinter forum... someone has a way (at least they did for 2003-2006), also was CD player version, maybe similar to yours?

    Also, technical stuff answered better on Sprinter-Forum.com



    (come join us there too)

    KenB :confuse:
  • himerhimer Member Posts: 1
    2006 Dodge Sprinter Radio 65935917
  • kikin10kikin10 Member Posts: 1
    I need your help... I put new Battery and I dont know the Code My vin start with 659.
    Thanks, :)
  • chess52chess52 Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2002 sprinter with sound 10 6055 radio, I have the code but can anyone give me instructions on how to enter code to activate radio?
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