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Kia Sedona Gas Mileage



  • smulveysmulvey Posts: 139
    I think you can import a car once as a car collector, under the loop holes in the EPA/ NHTSA regulations. They allow collectors to bring in one car per family. If you want to bring in a bunch of them you have to setup a shop and modify the engine to meet the tests they apply and then submit for testing. The specialty car guys do that for the italian cars.
  • dpughdpugh Posts: 14
    thanks for the information, sure good to know. I am gonna get my brother to look into further whilst I am over here. Thanks for the advice..... :D
  • dpughdpugh Posts: 14
    There are no limitations on the number of imported vehicles, from anywhere worldwide. The EU polititians in their wisdon calls it free trade or healthy competition, depends how much spin they want to put on it at the time. In Stuttgart Daimler Chrysler is laying thousands of workers off...Kia are building a prodction facility in Slovakia (eastern europe) to cash in on the sweat shop wage costs. Similar to NAFTA, the EU Free Trade Area is all about making products cheap in the 3rd world and selling them expensively in established markets.

    Each individual country within the EU has its own Sales Tax or VAT, Germany is currently 16.5% rising to 19.5% next year.

    The germans are similar to the french, very patriotic. They buy mercedes and VW as its a status symbol that must be adhered to at all costs, after all what would the neighbors say with a kia on the driveway????

    :D :D :D :D
  • 2004 Sedona EX
    High of 22mpg on longer trips and 18mpg average with mix of highway and lower speed diving on secondary highways. 5% stop and go driving.

    Average highway speed 65mph, secondary roads 40mph.

    A low MPG of 14.5 which is only happened a couple of times. Lots and lots of AC use this summer.

    That diesel and 32mpg sure sounds nice. I wonder if Kia will break out of the mold and offer a diesel in the USA?
  • I have 950 miles on my 2006 KIA Sedona EX and am averaging 11.5 MPG overall. I drive about 80% city and that's killing the mileage. On the highway I can see as much as 28 MPG and if that were the whole story I'd be thrilled with that. Unfortunately, in city driving I'm only getting between 6.6 and 9 MPG. I've never experienced anything like this. The dealership and KIA claim that I have to break-in the vehicle. Now, I understand the need for break-in but from what I have seen I can only expect to get about 10-15% increase in mileage during a 5000 mile break-in period. That only adds about 1 MPG to city driving. In the meantime gas is costing me a small fortune. I calculated that if all things stay the same that it will cost an additional $13,000 over a 10 year vehicle life, to fuel this puppy. That's above and beyond the EPA ratings for the cost of fuel. After a lot of trying to get the dealership and KIA to listen to my plight I got a KIA factory representative to go for a fuel consumption drive with me and the results bear out my stated mileage. However, after the rep gave the results to some engineers there is no agreement on the possible causes and the only recommendation is to continue to break-in the vehicle and test it again after it has 1500+ miles on it. I'm glad to have gotten the recommendation to see if mileage improves, but certainly it doesn't take a genius to see that the mileage isn't going to improve any significant amount for city driving and that it would have to improve by about 10 MPG just to be in the ballpark of what should be the expected city mileage. In the meantime I'm shoveling out a lot of extra dough for gas that shouldn't be necessary. My driving habits are not the culprit since I don't jackrabbit start, tailgate, ride the brake or have any other fuel eating bad habits. The tires have been inflated to the rated 44 psi and there is no heavy load placed on the vehicle.

    Does anyone have any possible explanation for such a wide mileage gap between highway and city and such horrible mileage in the city in general. Any help is greatly appreciated. :confuse:

    Thanks in advance.
  • only one solution. Hope it gets stolen. I have had the exact problem but my dealership said it was my driving habit. I put a cone filter on it and that seemed to improve it to around 15 in the city. The biggest problem these vans have is they weigh in at around 3800 pounds. You have to literally baby it off of the stop light until you are about 35mph.
  • dpughdpugh Posts: 14
    Hi Folks, well the engine has settled down, currently getting approx 34.3 mpg, an even mix of urban/highway driving. Kia says that using Bio-Diesel will invalidate my warranty so I have to stick with the petroleum based diesel. Not happy about that, but will look into it further. Kia could not give me a reason why, which would have been nice. Take care :cry: :cry:
  • jim314jim314 Posts: 491
    Does Kia not approve of even low levels of biodiesel in petrodiesel, like B5? One of the big uses of biodiesel may turn out to be an additive at a few percent to improve lubricity of ULSD, ultra low sulfur diesel. A secondary benefit of biodiesel might be as an "oxygenate" to decrease emissions similiar to the use of ethanol in gasoline.

    The energetics of production of biodiesel and the fact that its production from purpose grown crops competes with the use of arable land for food, for animal feed, and for natural wild vegetation, means that biodiesel can not supply a major part of the world's diesel fuel needs.
  • dpughdpugh Posts: 14
    I came accross the clause in the vehicle handbook that states: 'any use of biodiesel, irrelevant of quantity/mixture will invalidate the kia warranty in full with no exception'. leaves little doubt for interpretation, and, the service desk at kia told me the same thing. Even from an enviornmental stand point it would be doing my little bit for the environment, even mixing it as B5 like you suggest. Lets see what reply I get from Kia HeadOffice, if any?? :D :D
  • New 06 owner here. I have only driven around 750 miles so far and my driving has only been city driving with short spurts of highway driving. My mileage has been 17.5 so far looking forward to it getting a shade better. My old pontiac montana would get 20 in the city and 26 on the highway. The new sedona is much nicer though.

    I was looking to put a K&N air filter in, but so far they don't make one for the 06. I bought an 05 filter in hopes that it would fit, but no luck with that. It seems there are not very many aftermaket parts available for the 06 sedona yet. I am sure that will change soon.
  • rgochoargochoa Posts: 17
    The computer on my 06 Sedona read 21.4 mpg. I actually do get this. However, the range to empty never goes higher than 330-340 miles to empty. The vehicle is supposed to have a 20.5 gal capacity; the readout to empty should indicate in excess of 400 miles to empty--according to my highschool math it should read 440 miles to empty. No help from dealership.
  • akoliveakolive Posts: 20
    Simply fill the tank up to full, reset your trip meter, run to near empty and then fill back up the same way. Take the total miles from your trip meter and divide by the amount of gas it takes to fill. That will give you your exact mpg.
    Hope that helps.
    Our 06 gets 17.5 - 18 mpg in mixed driving conditions.
  • rgochoargochoa Posts: 17
    Thanks for input. I will try reseting process to see if this corrects the range. I get 21.5 miles per gal on my Sedona, so I am not concerned with the indicated mpg factor on the computer, only on the indicated range to empty.
  • Hi, I'm new and this is my 1st post. I bought an LX last month and on the 1st full tank I got 24.4 MPG mostly highway. On the next tank mixed bag of driving I got 18.5 MPG.
    I too bought from Keystone Kia and was very happy.
    I'm having a hard time finding accessories. I want vent visors,running boards, and a cargo mat to fit the back up to the back of the front seats. Can anybody help, thanks in advance.
  • joancjoanc Posts: 26 might check out
    I haven't purchased anything from them yet, but plan on buying some rear tail light covers for my '03...good luck.
  • dpughdpugh Posts: 14
    I got the nose mask from the kia dealer as an original accessory for $94. Most of the other accessories you listed are available from ebay. Kinda fun biddin n stuff....
  • Very pleased with my 2006 Sedona. Have had it for 6 months and now have 11000 miles. Computer mpg reads 23.2 miles per gal---very close to what I achieve. The miles to empty will never read higher than around 330 miles to empty. The fuel capacity is supposed to be 21.5 gals--getting 23 or so miles to gal should read over 490 miles to empty. Dealership states it is only an "estimate". Baloney. My 2005 Ford Explorer has a computer and it is pretty accurate. Maybe Kia lied and the Sedona does not have a 21.5 gallon tank. Would appreciate any feedback.
  • 47K 2004 EX. 60% highway 40% city. Averaging 18.5 mpg most tanks. High 22 mpg low 15.4 mpg.

    I try to avoid buying gas when I am in St.Louis. But I do buy it three or four times a year when I can't avoid it. I'm sure it is some sort of oxygenated blend that is forced on them and seems to return very poor mileage. 10 to 15 percent MPG below other gas I buy.

    Am I nuts or not?
  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    One selling point for us moving up from 2002 to 2006 Sedona is better fuel economy, but I worry that the EPA ratings - which were too pessimistic on the 2002 based on many owners' comments -- are way too optimistic on the 2006. I don't see how the 2006 can realistically claim to get 25 mpg highway when it is only a bit lighter than the 2002, has a more powerful (and similar from an engineering standpoint?) engine, and same/similar transmission.

    We routinely get 22-23 mpg in straight highway driving in our 2002 Sedona and 18mpg with mixed city/highway, and I suspect we wouldn't do any better in a 2006.

    I've already read the posts in this forum about fuel economy but was hoping to drum up a bit more discussion and/or pull a few more lurkers out of the woodwork. has a great feature where owners can post their real-world mileage, but there are very few data points from 2006-2007 Sedona/Entourage owners.

    Consumer Reports got 17 mpg overall, which is lower than one would expect from a vehicle rated 18 mpg city / 25 mpg highway -- even though the EPA ratings are usually a little too optimistic.

    Looks like the 2006 Sedona Long-Term Test Vehicle got 19.5 mpg during a 1,000-mile family trip, "which isn't great considering the EPA rating is 18/25 mpg."
  • rgochoargochoa Posts: 17
    I have a 2006 EX. The best mileage I have ever achieved was 23.4 miles per gal on a 2000 mile trip. On a side note, the miles to empty never has read more than 334 miles to empty. This is incorrect because the tank capacity is 21.5 gals---should read close to 500 miles to empty. The miles per gal were also calculated based on fillup and it agreed with the computer mpg.
  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    Very cold this past week here - 10 deg F average temps. Overall, I was satisfied with 19.26 mpg on a tank split probably 40% 55-65mph highway cruising, 40% country road cruising 45mph, 20% stop-and-go 15-35mph highway driving (snow). Relatively few stops, plenty of idling/warmup, using the winter blend fuel here, and snowy and slippery roads. Our van already had 575 miles on it, so this was not the first tank of gas it has seen but still pretty early in the break-in period.

    Here are a few more of the details:
    * Trip odometer 346.7 miles
    * Max miles driven + range = 382
    * Range at time of fill-up 35 miles
    * Gallons to fill 18.00
    * Fuel needle at or slightly below the line for Empty
    * Trip computer 19.2 mpg
    * Manually calculated fuel economy 19.26 mpg

    I wonder if the trip computer on our EX really is quite accurate or if this was just a coincidence? Will monitor this on future fill-ups.

    Observations about the trip computer and fuel gauge:
    * Fuel gauge reads pretty true. Drops in a linear fashion; does not have the typical undesirable fuel gauge behaviors such as staying above Full for 60-80 miles, or dropping much faster when needle goes below ½ full, etc.
    * Range value on trip computer does not adjust quickly enough to reflect current fuel economy
  • I also have a 2006EX. The mpg your computer is pretty much the same as mine. I now have 12,000 miles and am averaging 22-23 mpg, the same as the computer readout. However, the miles to empty seems to be in error--it never exceeds 330 miles to empty. On a tank that is supposed to have a capacity of 21.5 gals, it should read over 470 miles to empty. Wonder if it is a software problem or Kia does not really have the advertised tank capacity?
  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    My current tank is reading 240 miles or so to empty and I've driven about 125 miles. I think both times I have filled it up, it has indicated 320 miles to empty.

    Considering how low the fuel needle was, I expected the tank to take more than 18 gallons when I filled up.

    Hopefully this is a software issue and Kia will develop a fix in the future.

    The trip computer in our 2002 Sedona was as quirky as our 2006's, but in different ways. It 'remembered' the fuel economy from the driving prior to the fill-up, which was logical. So if I was driving 70 mph on the highway (probably 22-23 mpg in our van, which always did better than the EPA ratings), it might say something like 450 miles to empty after I filled the tank. It seemed even slower to react / update based on the current type of driving, and it was overly optimistic... Driving on the highway for a couple hours, I could get readings of (miles driven + miles to empty) as high as 460-480. Well, we never got more than 400 miles on a tank of gas in our 2002!
  • volfyvolfy Posts: 274
    First 2 fillups with our '06 Sedona EX came out both at around 20.6 MPG. Our Sedona has Luxury & Power Package and so is on the heavy side. The miles were 90% highway 65-75mph cruising, loaded with 4 adults and 3 toddlers. The trip computer was about 1 MPG optimistic both times, which is fairly accurate compared to most cars I've had.

    I think even before the engine breaks in, 25mpg is attainable cruising at 45-55mph, but that would be excruciating, not to mention pissing off other drivers. I'm glad EPA is revising the antiquated mileage ratings.

    I'm in Houston, TX and pretty much sea level. Posting your locale is important because altitude greatly affects MPG. My old VW GTI would go from 25mpg at sea level to above 35mpg traveling through NM & AZ.
  • joe131joe131 Posts: 996
    Just curious here, why, if everything else was equal, would your van or your GTI get better mileage at higher elevations than at sea level?
  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    Our van has almost 2,000 miles, so the engine is still breaking in.

    Location: Michigan (--> winter blend fuel which reduces fuel economy, fairly flat roads, cold winter air temperatures)

    Driving style: Pretty gentle and prudent. We slow well in advance of red lights, rarely goose the throttle past 3500 RPM, generally use cruise on the highway, etc.

    Fillup 2
    Incomplete data due to wife forgetting to record information. I'm in process of estimating / piecing it together. Grrrrrr.

    Fillup 3
    approx 18.5 mpg a couple weeks ago. avg temp 10-15 deg F. Snowy. Fair amount of warmup idling. 40% highway 70mph, 50% country roads 50-60 mph with occasional stoplights, 10% city driving.

    Fillup 4
    19.5 mpg today. avg temp 30-35 deg F. 40% highway 70mph, 50% country roads 50-60 mph with occasional stoplights, 10% city driving. max observed trip odometer + range = 400 miles. Trip computer said 20.3 mpg, which is only 0.8 mpg off.

    It seems 23-25 mpg highway @ 65-75 mph is fairly likely in our van once it breaks in a bit more and we get away from winter which includes winter blend fuel, cold starts, cold air temps, and extra warmup/idling. Even now, trip computer shows highway cruising in the 22-23 mpg range.
  • volfyvolfy Posts: 274
    The thinner air at higher elevation means the engine control system meters less fuel per stroke than if the air is denser at sea level. Result is higher mileage.

    Of course, there is no free lunch. Less fuel means less energy per stroke, so the same engine is less powerful at higher elevation.
  • volfyvolfy Posts: 274
    bluedevils, your EX is getting very similar mileage up there in the wintery North as mine is down here in the mild Gulf Coast. My Fillup#3 came out 19.2mpg (trip computer: 18.6mpg) with shorter trips and more city (suburb realy) driving.

    So far I'm extremely happy with the mileage. With the large 3.8L and the earlier sub-15mpg reports, I was fearing the worst. My loaded Sedona, still new, is getting about the same mileage as our well-broken-in '04 Sienna with the weezy underpowered 3.3L.
  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    "weezy, underpowered 3.3L"??? I thought that motor was a smooth, rev-happy, zippy 230hp ditty?

    I'm hoping our '06 ends up around 2 mpg better than our '02. Our '02 exceeded the EPA ratings (15 city / 20 highway) by 2-3 mpg, so if the '06 settles in right around the EPA numbers (18/25) I'll be a fairly happy camper.
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