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ABS Fault

BIGRED43BIGRED43 Colorado Posts: 1
edited December 2018 in Chevrolet
Hello, I have this issue. The ABS Fault light comes on and when I take it into a repair shop they tell me there is no indication of an issue. Of course right. It is all in my head.
The issue is after I turn on the car let it warm up it is fine no error. Once I place in drive fault error comes on. I turn it off, pump the brakes for a min and then turn on no error. But the brakes do not work correctly . You get that ABS feel and noise and it till pull to the right. So I take it in and I am told that there is not an error. and works fine. I am wondering if anyone has had this issue repaired by dealer or Chevy.
This is a hazard, is there a recall for this issue? I almost hit a pedestrian when it was nice outside no rain slit or snow to account for ABS to come on. What is the issue with this? i have had the brakes, ads and drums rotors replaced. new tires, nothing seems to be working. as far as sensors what gives. I have had to replace and clean the brake lights and other contacts in order for the issue of lights and doors locks no working now that issue has been solved. took a long time to clean out contacts.
But anyone have a solution? or come across a solution this issue?
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