2007 Audi TT

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Are you thinking of a TT? See what the editors think in their First Drive. Tell us what you think here!


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    In the Audi TT, you liked the version with the 3.2 engine and quattro over the front wheel drive version with the 2.0 turbo,

    I find that interesting since the editors reviewed the A3 with these same configurations and MUCH preferred the 2.0 over the 3.2 with quattro. And the price difference is about the same $4-5k.

    I don't get it.
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    I promised myself my next ride will be a convertible and so it might be worth the wait to see if a 'vertible version will be avail. on this new TT. Any insights to share on this? :confuse:
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    You don't have a team of mechanics like their racer team who waiting in shop 24x7 to fix your TT in case it break-down.

    You need to wait for more road test reviews and check owner feedback during its 1st year.

    At 2nd year, buy it if Audi can build TT with highest quality.
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    The big question for me is how soon after introduction will there be a diesel engine option???? And why not offer the diesel engine now??? My understanding is that the US will have suitably clean diesel fuel by the end of this year and the TT isn't being released until early next year.
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    First who cares about the diesel model in the US? Certainly not I and by I, I mean all of us. It would cost way too much and with the limited engine space it would be lucky if it was as efficient as the 3.2. Second, no one prefers the 2.0 turbo over the 3.2. It’s typically what they are just willing to pay for that little extra. I agree the 2.0 is probably more practical for daily drivers/ Sunday cruisers / and cheap bastards (j/k) but having a naturally aspirated engine with +50/50 on tq / horse through out a far large spread on the power band is going to make a significant difference on the road for those who drive like their the star in the next "Transporter" movie. The only real statement any of the sophisticated sport enthusiast should be demanding is, "Where the **** is my 3.2 turbo model!" I mean after all what are wealthy teens suppose to drive for street racing with their buddies? A mistubishi, A Subaru, A Ford! I mean come on lets be realistic. Maybe a lotus..
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    You are wrong on almost every count. You may not care about a diesel engine option, but a lot of people will care and you will see a flood of diesel engine options from foreign car makers as soon as diesel fuel in the US is cleaner (end of this year). Diesels have been VERY popular in Europe, and for good reason. They get great gas mileage and a 4 cylinder diesel feels like a 6 cylinder because of all the added torque a diesel has AND is reported to get over 30 mpg in the city and over 40 on the highway. Read the reviews of MB turbo diesel and you will find very favorable reviews of that car. In fact many reviewer prefer the diesel version to the larger gas engine. The modern diesel engines are a very attractive alternative to gas engines. Had cleaner diesel fuel been available in the US before now, you would have seen far more diesel engines offered here.

    Second, if you read the Edmunds review of the 2.0 and 3.2, they preferred the 2.0. If you check out some of the Audi forums here and elsewhere, the 2.0 is almost universally preferred. Also, the 3.2 gets relatively poor gas mileage so I don't know where you got the idea that this engine is efficient. The biggest complaint you hear is that quattro is not available with the 2.0.

    Finally, the ONLY place you may find a 3.2 turbo might be in the RS3, which Audi has no plans of bringing into the US. The S3 uses the 2.0 turbo with enhancements to bring the power to 260-270 hp. We might get that in 2008, but no earlier than that. If that happens, in all likelihood the S3 with the 2.0T will replace the 3.2.
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    I'm sorry, I thought your comments were about the A3, not the TT. Edmunds did prefer the 3.2 to the 2.o on the TT. Audi is reportedly going to offer a diesel engine on the TT as the first diesel engine option in the US. However, my diesel engine comments stand.

    The top of the engine that will eventually be offerred is rumored to be the tricked out 2.0T, not a 3.2T. No mention has been made of a 3.2 turbo for the TT. But who knows???

    Keep in mind that most people do prefer the A3 2.0 over the 3.2 and the TT is close to or less than the A3 in weight. Also, if you want more power, this engine can be chipped for an extra 20-30 hp. The biggest problem with the 2.0 TT is that there is no quattro, just like the A3.
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    The question why Edmunds preferred the 3.2 over the 2.0T was based on A3 reviews. The A3 3.2 with quattro is around 300 lbs heavier than the 2.0T. The added weight negates much of the hp advantage of the 3.2. Add in the fact that the 2.0T can be chipped for another 20-30 hp, and the 3.2's advantage disappears.

    I don't see why the 3.2 with quattro in the TT would not have the same weight penalty. If so, a chipped 2.0T will be very close in performance to the 3.2 and a chip is only $600. What you really give up is quattro, which is not an option with the 2.0T. I know of one reviewer who preferred the 2.0TT to the 3.2TT. Any diesel option will probably come priced between the 2.0 and the 3.2. The diesel engine is reportedly new and I've found no details on it.
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    If you think Audi doubts that the US is ready to accept a diesel powered sports car, then ask yourself why Audi is spending the money for its R10 TDI diesel race car to participate in the American Le Mans race series. The car placed 1st and 4th in its first race in Utah. This should be no surprise since the car won Le Mans.
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    I am suprised that message board for the new TT is so inactive. Am I correct that Audi will be using the same engine from the previous Audi (250 hp). Does anybody have any opinions on the reliability of this engine. I believe I heard that Audi cars are know for their oil leaks.
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    Hi, Stephend,

    I could say that this discussion is quiet because it's just for discussing the article in the title here, but the Future Vehicles: 2007 Audi TT discussion is pretty quiet too. You might want to cross-post your questions there too, to see if you get any answers.


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    Hi, Byronwalter,

    I've moved your post to the TT Oil & Fuel Loss topic, where you'll probably get more responses.


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    First who cares about the diesel model in the US? Certainly not I and by I, I mean all of us.

    Speak for yourself, and ONLY for yourself.

    ...with the limited engine space it would be lucky if it was as efficient as the 3.2

    Engineers in the house, can you see a failure of logic here?

    Apparently the author of these narrowminded comments has not driven a modern, refined diesel engine. They are manufactured, just not commonly sold here in Utility Vehicle Land, with the exception of John Deere dealerships.
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    Do you know that you cannot get a 6 speed with 2.0T? That's just another arguement in favor of the 3.2. What kind of a sports car has a FWD and no manual?!?
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    I believe that's because the TT isn't really a sports car but more of a grand touring contraption. But the general consensus is that the S-tronic flipper setup is pretty good. I'm interested in driving the two liter model but the 3.2 is just too pricey, considering that for around the same price you can hop into a BMW 335i. And I'd bet that the Bimmer is the better all around performer.

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    Why many people buy other cars for less then that reason i.e(a star on the hood).
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    I have just returned from the launch of the new TT and Audi porpusfully only brought 4-cyl FWD vehicles to the launch. I had that little 2.0T going 123 mph on turn three at Atlanta Motor Speedway. I also drove it on the street course through a series of s-turns. The car never seemed to lack power or a delay of response from the transmission(DSG)a.k.a S-tronic. I did not think that Audi could improve a vehicle so much!!!!
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    I have to admit, I was smitten with the test drive of a coupe turbo with S-Tronic and "only" front wheel drive.
    It accelerated like a scalded cat, turned like it was on rails, shifted with precision and had no loss in turbo boost and no turbo lag, which you would have if you had to manually shift it, unless you power-shifted it. And that is a tricky maneuver even for advanced drivers.

    I was so smitten that I immediately put my order in for a Sahara silver roadster with the madras (caramel color) interior with the baseball optic stitching. I also ordered a bunch of other goodies, bringing the price to the $45,000 or so level.

    I'm 57 years old and have driven and owned a 454 Corvette, a 1966 440 cubic inch Chrysler 300 convert and many other sports cars. I was absolutely floored by the performance of this automobile. I also plan to flash the ECU and do some other mods for enhanced performance.

    The TT-S will extract 280 HP from the 2.0 liter and the
    TT-RS may go over 350HP in the near future... Hello torque steer.. LOL. Check out the Clubsport TT if you want to see a stunner.

    So, in closing, even though the smaller engine does not have quattro, it is going to be able to make prodigious amounts of horsepower in different states of tune and will be the engine of choice for the AutoBahn hotrodder or the real Audi purist. Mark my words, you'll see many more turbos than 3.2's.

    Another fact that comes to mind when speaking about the 3.2; my dealership has one on the showroom floor and the list price is about $55,000. It was still there recently when I went back to the dealership and had not sold. Why? That price is smack dab in the middle of Corvette Coupe/Convertible territory, and many men and possibly women, would opt for the Vette just out of sheer performance and positive carma that that car exudes.

    Enough said... It's time to sleep. If anyone wants to debate the issue, I'm ready, willing and able. Good night.
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    Does it hold the brake when you launch it, or does it roll backward like a manual gearbox-equipped car?
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    I would imagine, being an automatic tranny (S-Tronic), it would hold or roll forward a bit on a hill. It is not out of gear unless put in neutral. It only loads the next gear, which lies in wait to shift automatically, or you can use the paddles or shift through the floor-mounted gear selector. That is one of the facets of the car that I like.... the choice you have to control revs and engine braking.

  • billymaybillymay Member Posts: 59
    My understanding was that there is no torque converter, thus it isn't truly an automatic.

    I.e., when you're stopped at a light the car is in neutral.

    Any owners out there know for sure?
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    I drove a 2.0 S-tronic(DSG) yesterday and it definitely rolls on an incline, even when in P. I had to use E brake when parking it at dealership on sloped parking lot. That said, the DSG/S-Tronic is awesome. I have driven every other clutchless paddle shift system out there (Including BMW SMG and Ferrari 360)and this is by far the best. It acts like a shifter kart...it is a manual box with no clutch pedal. The paddles and/or computer activate the clutches faster than any hand foot combo ever could. I was amazed at how responsive the car felt. Chassis dynamics were also very good for FWD, way better than old TT or my '05 A4 Ultrasport Quattro. I'm ordering one.
  • floridacarwizfloridacarwiz Member Posts: 19
    For those of you who have driven the TT turbo, I will now give my driving impression of what flashing the ECU does to the performance of this model.

    The easiest way to explain the performance boost of the APR flash is to say that in the stock turbo TT you have to get into the sport mode of the transmission for the car to feel very responsive and quick. With the reworked chip, it feels like you are in sport mode when you are in the drive mode, and when you switch to sport all hell breaks loose.

    I have had the flash now for almost a month and only floored the car maybe twice in the sport mode, but have never tried launch control. I have also noticed that aside from being quicker and more responsive, it seems that the redline has gone up a bit to over 7,000 RPMs. I've also been told that my top speed may be over the factory-limited 130MPH.

    The APR company states that horsepower gains for this
    flash are in the 250 range and torque is close to 300lb-ft. I would say this sounds a bit optimistic, but when I add a free-breathing intake, downpipe and catback, I probably would see more HP, almost approaching these figures.

    I also plan on changing out the manifold, fuel injectors and go with a larger intercooler when these items come to market. My last upgrades will probably be a larger, more efficient turbo, larger Brembo brakes and a possible nitrous kit with about a 35-50HP shot.

    I bought this automobile as a project car, and I think
    it will handle all of these upgrades really nicely. I am totally satisfied with the car and I will keep the posters up-to-date on my progress as time goes by.
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    That was my post above on the DSG...well I got my silver 2.0 from Champion in late June, and I really like this car. I have owned 40+ street and race cars, and this car is a very tight package.

    Second week I had it I drove from Key West to the north side of Orlando on a tank of gas, averaging 32.5 MPG at 77 MPH.
    But thats not why I bought it.

    I have put in APR software at around 2500 miles, and it is now completely transformed. Let's just say the Sport mode would be hardly useable if not for the traction control. I plan to dyno it in the next couple weeks.

    This car with APR software is a blast. Get one.
  • floridacarwizfloridacarwiz Member Posts: 19
    Chipster, I'd be interested in knowing what the car dynos at with the APR program. Keep me posted on the HP and torque boost. And you're right about the traction control and the new found power.

    Also, torque steer does become a factor with the HP/Torque upswing. You definitely have to keep both hands on the wheel when flooring it.
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    Does anyone know if the TT will be offered with the new diesel engine for 2009 in the US? I have read conflicting reports.

  • floridacarwizfloridacarwiz Member Posts: 19
    I am not sure about a TT diesel. I know my new 2.0 liter turbo roadster gets in excess of 30MPG, so I can't see a reason for one in the states. I know they are coming out with the Q7 turbo diesel and would like to add more diesels to their lineup in the near future. I also believe the concept metro also is slated to have a possible diesel or hybrid combination if it ever comes to fruition.

    With the price of gas in Europe, I can see why they
    have embraced diesel engines, but the disparity in price
    in the states is much less, so we don't buy as many diesels here and the need for them is much less. My brother and sister-in-law just got the Mercedes GL turbo diesel and seem to be very happy with it. A couple years ago they probably would have never considered a diesel, but these days it is a good alternative to gas.
  • blueericblueeric Member Posts: 2
    A lot of THINKING people prefur to have a sporty auto with a diesel engine, and I am one of many!
    I am investing in Biofuel and wish to drive a diesel, BIOFUEL, heard of it?

    Sorry, this is a reply to lovejuice28, who needs maturity.
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