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Nissan Maxima vs. Toyota Camry



  • I don't recall the rust issue, as I only had it about a year. I was REALLY impressed with how it went through snow though! Yes, I've bought some 18's and they are expensive. The Hemi wouldn't go through an inch of snow with the Continentals it had on it, so I had to buy 2 Nokian Hakapolita all season radials, $210 each. It was unbelievable how go those went through snow, and fixed the problem, albeit expensive. Better than Blizzaks in my book!
  • I have had an 87,90 93,2002,04 & now the 07. Between 93 & 2002 I had Toyota 4Runer, Toyota Solara and Audi AWD 6. In my opion all three are very overrated especialy the Audi. For this reason I went back to Maxima which I have never had any mechanical or electrical problems. When I saw the 04 Maxima I had to have it. I got the SE Black with Elite pkg, i was not dissapointed. I found it to be sneeky quick, handeling & cornering at high speeds exellant and yes it was great in snow. I was still getting compliments by people walking by on it's looks until the day I turned it in. The cons were turning radius and torque to the left steering.
    I now have had the 07 SE Black again with/the elite pkg. since 7/4/06. A week later I drove to N.C. & I coulndn't wait to drive everyday. The turning radias in very much improved, torgue steering is all most none existant, also they smotthed out the ride without sacrificing handling. The navigation system has been updated not that I had a problem with the 04. If I put in the correct address I get to my destination. New on this model is back-up sensors & tire pressure display. The front buckets and power seat settings are numerous. As you can tell I love my Maximas'.
  • Sounds like they addressed all the hickups I ever had with my,04. Is the Elite package the bucket seats in the rear? Sounds like a great car and improved, especially where it needed it. Think about the billett grille, it adds a lot to the front end. Enjoy your ride safely!
  • drjamesdrjames Posts: 274
    I am trying to decide between the 2006-07 Nissan Maxima or the 2007 Toyota Camry XLE.

    The car I choose will be equiped with all the bells and whistles.

    What are your recommendations, should I go for the Camry or the Maxima?

    Very difficult, no? lol.. it hard to compare the two since they aren't true rivals as many have already mentioned. The Maxima is a fine car... I've always been a fan, but got the SE myself and have been loving it. The Maxima was just getting to big for what I wanted for my everyday car. Infact, the Camry was pushing it too, but am not regretting it. Feature-wise... the maxima has more, but the new maxima is only a year and and half away.. so...

    As others have said, Nissan's rival for the Camry would be more in the lines of the Altima. Just a suggestion, since you're willing to spend more, take a look at the new Lexus ES350. It's more than just a camry dipped in gold, it's more like platinum!
  • I've owned them both. Had a '04 Maxima SE and currently have a '07 Camry XLE with all the bells but nav. There is a good article I just read last night in Road and Track about the new Max. Sounds like the two major issues I had were turning circle and torque steer have been addressed. Mileage won't be as good with the Maxima, my v-6 Camry got 33mpg over the weekend on a 180 mile trip with the air on. The Max will get 28ish. The new tranny in the Max sounds delightful, but the 6 speed in the Camry is sweet too, dispite what some people think. The Max is bigger inside than the Camry, the trunk is slightly larger. The Max will handle better as it has more of a sport feel to it. The 6 speed Camry V-6 is slightly quicker, yet with better mileage. IMHO the intereior of the Camry is nicer, but in fairness haven't been in a new Max yet. The Toyota will be more reliable. I do like the different grill they put on the Max this year. My guess is the Max will be slightly more expensive, however not a mitigating factor. All the best, either ride will be awesome!
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Actually, it appears you've already found the place to discuss Toyotas difficulties: Toyota recalls double: volume hurting quality?

    Let's leave this discussion to comparing the Maxima and the Camry to each other.

  • You are correct. I was just trying to get the message out. The subject Maxima and Camry is not correct. It Should be Maxima and Avalon or Camry and Altima. How can you have a subject discussing the differences between apples and oranges?
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    I understand your point, but sometimes, as part of their buying process, folks do compare vehicles which are not in the same class. We have no reason not to let them. ;)
  • kennyg8kennyg8 Posts: 225
    I have an 03 Max, and liked it a lot except for the Blose stereo and the rear suspension that hops over bumps. I looked at 04-06 Max. The exterior looks very good, but I am not thrilled with the interior. Too much cheap plastic and the dash covered with velour-like material that may get dirty easily and may not withstand normal wear and tear well. From various posts, it appears that Nissan may have addressed the rear suspension and torque steer issues (somewhat).

    I also looked at 06 and 07 Camry. While the specs on paper look good, I learned from Avalon posters that they have a lot of problem with the navi. Presuming that the Camry uses the Avalon navi, it does not bode well for me, one who loves to travel and would likely get lost without a good navi.

    So, even though I owned 3 Maximas (3rd, 4th and 5th gens) and the 6th gen may be a bit cheaper price wise, I recently bought a TL with navi, which drives well and is full of techno gadgets. Prospective Max buyers should give TL a comparison test drive.
  • drjamesdrjames Posts: 274
    the 07 Maxima's interior now uses REAL aluminum trim instead of coloured plastics... so, though many may still not like the interior, a purely subjective judgement, it's a little less cheap than previous years.
  • Notice how they TV ads for the new Max talk about "shift bump" while extolling the virtues of a CVT. Show me a late model car with an objectionable "shift bump" and I'll show you a car with a poor designed transmission. I think they should have tried a different angle for that ad.

    That and the fact that they're showing him driving maybe 35 mph and the engine is roaring and the tach is reading somewhere around 4,000 rpms....I find that a little odd.
  • damon34damon34 Posts: 124
    I currently own a 07 camry 4cyl 5speed transmission.I can not stand the car. I have hesitation problems and my tranny shifts gears all the time and the cruise control is worthless. I test drove the 07 max and I thought it was really impressive. Toyota as a company has failed to help me out with the problems of my camry and I am really unhappy with toyota. It was my first toyota and will be my last. If you are thinking about buying a 07 camry you really need to take a look at it, because there is a good chance you may not get ahold of a good one, and toyota is jumping thru hoops to make you happy, so really think it thru. Thanks for listening.
  • Trust me the '07 Camry with the V-6 and 6 speed is every bit a car as the Max. the 4 cylinder just has no performance, including cruise. You have the right car, just the wrong model in my opinion. I believe all the Max's are the VQ V-6 a very sweet engine. Not as quick or as good of mileage as the Toyota V-6 however.
  • On what basis are you saying that the Maxima engine is "not as quick the Toyota V6"?

    I will grant you better mileage in the Toyota, but quickness?

    I think you are probably going by the maximum horsepower rating of the respective engines, which is only a very rough indicator of actual performance characteristics (you have to have a lot of other things equal or comparable to even say that).

    The 07 Max engine generates its 255 max horsepower rating at 6000 rpm, versus the 07 Camry V6 which peaks its 268 hp at 6200.

    Even more significantly, the Max VQ engine peaks at 252 foot pounds at 4400 rpm, versus the Toyota which peaks at only 161 foot/lbs at 4000 rpm

    Thus, the engines are very close in peak HP but the Max engine produces far more torque at most rpm levels in real world conditions, and also achieves its own maximum horsepower at relatively lower rpm. Both of these translate into much quicker "feel" (response to pedal in real accelleration, e.g. going from 50 to 80, etc. Engines with relatively low torque rely much more heavily on gearing (downshifting) to rev high enough to generate their HP.

    So, theoretically, if you floor the Toyota on every pass AND the car is geared "sporty" enough to jump to 6000+ rpm (which I doubt) you might accellerate quicker than the Maxima.

    But more likely you will not begin to pick up the actual accelleration of the Maxima unless or until you floor it (which means a very UNresponsive pedal) and if you do floor it, you will likely take a awhile to "catch up" to the torque being produced by the Maxima until your engine gets to the redline (objectively slower car).

    One of the reasons why the VQ engine continues to win Wards 10 best engine awards year in and out is the broad power band, not just at "sewing machine" levels of rpm, but throughout the band of driving conditions. I confess that I haven't driven the 07 Camry, which in many respects looks to be a fine car, and also improved over 06. But even on paper, it doesn't seem to be nearly as "quick" as the Maxima under most accellerating conditions, and probably not as quick under very aggressive accelleration either, until both cars went through the 3000s, 4000s and 5000s in rpms.

    Then, we haven't even gone into transmissions, in which the Maxima new CVT with Tiptronic would also, in my opinion, give a distinct edge over traditional automatics with or without Tiptronic.

    There is much more to power, "quickness" etc than the maximum HP figure on the sticker.
  • drjamesdrjames Posts: 274
    "Even more significantly, the Max VQ engine peaks at 252 foot pounds at 4400 rpm, versus the Toyota which peaks at only 161 foot/lbs at 4000 rpm"

    LOL! Yeah... that's be 'significant' if it were true. The Toyota 3.5L V6 actually produces 248 lb.ft. of torque at 4700 rpm.
  • drjamesdrjames Posts: 274
    And the Maxima (3599 - 3617 lbs) also weighs 100 to 150 lbs more than the Camry depending on trim level of Camry (3461 - 3516).

    Oh... and since you seem to appreciate the dynamics of what creates a fast car.... The Maxima has an coefficient drag of 0.30 versus the extremely lower coefficient drag of the Camry at 0.28.

    Also, the Maxima runs a 0 to 60 time of 6.5 seconds (Road & Track) to a 7.1 seconds (consumer reports) versus a 0 to 60 run in the V6 Camry in 6.1 (Road & Track) seconds to 6.2 seconds (consumer reports).

    So urbancar, forget about 'theoretically', because literally, the 2007 Camry 3.5L is faster than the Maxima objectively, subjectively and in reality.
  • You are right Pat. I am doing exactly that right now....comparing camry to maxima and G35 and Acura TL. Fully loaded the camry price approaches the other three vehicles.
  • I had, when reading the post about relative "quickness" of the 07 Camry vs. 07 Maxima done a quick lookup of the technical specs from various sites, e.g. Yahoo. I was genuinely curious, and mistook the torque figures for the 4 cylinder as those for the 6. MEA CULPA.....

    In that context, I thought that the prior comment was the classic HP = performance characteristics, and tried to illustrate the differences.

    Indeed, the 07 Camry has a new and impressive engine. The peak HP weight ratio is better (268/3461 (LE version, per Yahoo) =0.77) vs. 255/3579 (SL version, per Yahoo) = 0.071). This is about a 9.2% difference in peak HP/wt. ratio between the two.

    The Maxima engine still produces a slightly greater amount of peak torque (252 ft pounds vs. 248). These are substantially equivalent figures.

    However, the Maxima's characteristics are still different, in which peak torque is produced at 4400 vs. 4700 rpms, and peak HP for Maxima at 6000 rpms vs. 6200 for Camry. Without driving the two side by side, it is still an open question which of the two cars would be quicker in a given midrange of accelleration, e.g. executing a pass at highway speed.

    The coefficient of drag factor is interesting, but tends to come more into play at higher speeds.

    The drive train loss factor may favor the Maxima over an automatic version of the Camry (my general understanding, without having this quantified) is that the current Maxima CVT produces less loss at any given point, and executes shifts with less loss at those times.

    I would not dispute an expert reviewer/magazine figure for 0-60, in which a slight edge goes to the Camry (likely mostly a function of about 100lbs greater curb weight for the Maxima).

    All in all, in terms of pure speed/accelleration, the two engines/drivetrains seem very comparable, with the Toyota having the edge off the line, and at a very long distance, and my semi educated bet (without having driven the two side by side) of the Max still having an edge in midrange accelleration.

    None of this affects the great ugliness advantage of the Camry. However, I do have to admit having made a serious wrong assumption on the specs. My apologies.
  • The 2007 maxima with cvt just ran to 60 in 6.2 seconds with 255 horsepower. I will admit the camry might be faster by a smidget. I think you should be looking at the new altima that will be producing 270 horsepower and willl weigh some 200lbs lighter thatn a maxima plus it is on a new platform that will give it better handling characteristics. The altima should be running less than 6 seconds all day long and will likely be way more fun to drive thatn the camry.
  • drjamesdrjames Posts: 274
    lol, forget about your "semi-educated" and why don't you make it an "educated bet" and look up top gear acceleration numbers, 30 - 50 mph and 50 - 70 mph times? Then, you'll know that the Camry V6 is faster period.

    As for looks? lol... now you're trying to use a subjective argument?
  • drjamesdrjames Posts: 274
    Completely Agreed rennie4, the Altima is the natural competitor for the Camry. We'll have to wait and see some comparison numbers.
  • Sorry it's taken me a little while to get back as I've been on vacation. I'm not alsmming the VQ, it's a great engine. I don't know about the CVT tanny enough to comment. The Maxima is rated at 6.5 0-60 and the Camry 6.1 and 99.9 in the quarter mile. That's movin' especially for a car that is thought of like the Camry is. Not a sports car! anytime you can get a car to 100mph in the quarter it's a fast car. The difference isn't huge, but the Camry is quicker. By the way its not 161 pounds of torque, more like 262 at 6000. I need to drive the new Max to know which one is quicker. I think at 200lbs. lighter the Altima will be quicker and under 6 sec. as others have stated.
  • I agree that one would have to drive these two
    cars back to back if you're wanting to compare
    the two vehicles, specifically the acceleration
    part. I was wondering, are the quotes on the
    0-60 times on the Maxima for the '07 model that
    were quoted from Road and Track and Consumer
    I recall that the '06 Maxima had a 0-60 in 6.1
    or 6.2 seconds. I believe that comparo was
    from Car & Driver.
  • I know the quote on the Camry is R&D for the V6 '07. The 6.5 was an estimate for the new Max by Car and Driver. I won;t pslit hairs with anybody about 5.9 or 6.5 or whatever. Both are quick and great in their own right. But the Camry would not be thought of as a Max would and yet it hits 99.9 in the quarter mile, which nobody would have dreamt! Its faster but sure doesn't look it. quciker and far superior in gas mileage. Carry on!
  • The most recent Motor Trend speaks VERY highly of the Camry. It beat the others it was compared to, although the Maxima was not in the group. The Altima SE-R was and the Camry still came out on top. If you are still considering a Camry, it is a must read. They even loved the tranny! The quickest in the group, albeit by a fraction at 6.1 0-60. Not sure if the comparo was of the 2007 Altima with the 270hp engine. I think that will go under 6 seconds for sure. I'm still waiting for some press on the new Max and the CVT tranny which sounds superb.
  • bv, I saw the article in Motor Trend also.
    That was a 2006 Nissan Altima SE-R. The 2007
    SE-R apparently won't be available until sometime in the spring.
  • drjamesdrjames Posts: 274
    " Not sure if the comparo was of the 2007 Altima with the 270hp engine. I think that will go under 6 seconds for sure."

    Apparently, the 07 Camry shares the identical drivetrain/ecu/compression ratios/etc. as the Lexus ES 350 which produces 272 hp because it uses 91 octain gasoline. So, technically, if you were to spend the extra little bit at the gas stations and opt for 91 octane... you'd also be producing 272 hp and thus 2 more hp than the new Altima.
  • drjamesdrjames Posts: 274
    It was the Toyota Camry SE vs. Mitsubishi Galant Ralliart vs. Chev Malibu SS vs. Nissan Altima SE-R

    Here's the score card. 1st place) Toyota Camry SE: Best overall package on a superb new platform. Performance, quality, safety, and comfort -- what a concept.

    2nd Place) Nissan Altima SE-R: If you put more emphais on sport than sedan, this is you car. Can't wait to test the new one.

    3rd Place) Mitsubuishi Galant Ralliart: A nicer car than its third place finish indicates. Doesn't overwhelm, but does everything well.

    4th Place) Chev Malibu SS: In this case, you don't get what you don't pay for. Costs less, but gives less. We'd like to try one with GM's 3.6 L DOHC V6 and a 6 speed automatic, even if it costs $1000 more.
  • You have it exactly as printed, thanks for the accuracy. The real surprise for me was the Mitsubuishi which sounded and looked like a very nice car. Vastly improved.
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