Kia Rio: A/C Problems & Questions

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We purchased our new Rio5 only 11 miles on odometer, on friday and took it back on the monday it's now been in the repair shop for 36days. had a problem with the air conditioning not working. The problem was probably there from manufacture. Kia have continued to try and repair the car now repacing the cylinder head. IS THIS A LEMON Kia customer service have done nothing but continue to try and repair the car.
has anyone had a similar problem any advice.


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    I read this on an other Kia forums about Air Cond. programming and i just wanted your opinion on it:

    With the car running, and with the vent setting on defrost...rapidly press the air-mix button 5 times, the light on the air-mix button should blink a few times and the a/c light should illuminate! If you now switch through all the settings...the a/c light now will illuminate on max/ac, defrost/floor and defrost; so know you'll be "notified" of all cases when the a/c is engaged, and of course...have the ability to disengage the a/c.

    When i get in to my car i start the ventilations with the control knob to defrost abd the AC light doesnt come on automaticly,is that ok? thanks
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    I am still waiting for an answer from u guys,did any of you have heard about this problem/fix??
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    Hi i saw your message i have an 03 rio 5 to and im getting rid of it i found out that it is in fact a lemon thier is something electricaly wrong with this car and i have had the knod that turns on the air fixed once in 05, and again in 4/09 now it's aug 10 and i can only get air if i hold and push the knob in so i took it to kia thinking its just the switch and they said to fix it rt it cost $400 i said forget it.
    My message to you would be get your vin num check it for free with the car fax report it will tell you and another is that from what i have read thier seems to be lots of problems with this model and i hope this helps.
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