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Monthly Update for November 2018 - 2016 Toyota Prius Long-Term Road Test

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imageMonthly Update for November 2018 - 2016 Toyota Prius Long-Term Road Test

There's finally movement in our effort to tend to our 2016 Toyota Prius' blind-spot malfunction notice, but still no fix in sight.

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    kirkhilles1kirkhilles1 Member Posts: 863
    What am I missing on the Blind Spot Monitor? Was there an accident or some sort of damage to it? I don't get "doesn't want to take care of it". WTF does that mean? I think I would just look at them blankly and say "it's under warranty - fix it". If it needs to go to a body shop, then the DEALERSHIP needs to take it to their local body shop and take responsibility for getting it fixed. The only way I'm taking it somewhere else is if Toyota is going to deny the claim and I'd want an explanation of why.
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    trackwrextrackwrex Member Posts: 7
    Hi kirkhilles1. There is a large scuff on the bumper cover on that side where the BSM sensor is. It is literally right over the BSM sensor. It depends on the service department, really. You may run into circumstances where the service department will take a look at it no matter what. However, there are some that are super careful about what they do because they don't want to get into a potentially litigious situation. Because of the large scuff, Santa Monica Toyota did not want to chance it and had us just go to a body shop to get it addressed. The device would not be "under warranty" if you caused damage to it. We have run into various circumstances and this is just another one of those inconvenient ones where you just have to keep looking for the right answer and get it fixed.
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