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Aftermarket DVD Players

ahaftlahaftl Posts: 2
edited March 2014 in Cadillac
We have a 06 SRX and are looking to install an aftermarket DVD Player system. The system we are looking at is the Vizualogic A1000 system. This is the all in one headrest/player set up. Can anyone share any information on this or other brands?



  • Hi, i know your posting was back in July but i just joined. I too have an SRX as am considering purchasing an aftermarket headrest system. Was curious what you ended up doing? any recommendations?
  • ahaftlahaftl Posts: 2
    Hi John,

    I went with the Vizualogic system. It is great. The actual player is intergrated into the monitor so there is no additional player gear. I the match to the leather was perfect. The headrests are wider (left to right) than the heardrests which came with the car, but I prefer the bigger headrest. The only downside, is you hear the "humming' of the player slightly when you are driving through the headrest--but is not enough to make me take it out. All in all, a good system. Any other ?? let me know. Allison
  • mikephilmikephil Posts: 1
    Does anyone know were or if I can get a OEM DVD player (prefer non-dealer) for my 04 Suburban? After market would be fine if would integrate with the old one.
    Any thoughts?

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