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92 accord 4cyl. 5sp. wont crank

MattB789MattB789 Member Posts: 2
edited December 2018 in Honda
Hey All, I have a 92 accord 4cyl. 5sp. just 190k mi. Its lowered, basically sitting on the ground, and I hit a pothole yesterday. Oil light came on and car started running rough... then a few miles down the road it shut off and wont start back up, just kind of turns over freely now. knocked a hole in my oil pan also. I towed it home and now trying to go through the trouble shooting steps to start figuring out why it wont crank. Just need a little help and advice on maybe what it could be???


  • MattB789MattB789 Member Posts: 2
    just checked the distributor with the old screw driver trick, no sparks, any advice? Maybe ground wire knocked loose or plug loose?
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