Ford Freestyle Transmission Failure



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    Hi Sandy,
    Here's my experience. I have a 2006 Freestyle. In October 2009 at 55,000 miles I had to have the transmission replaced (thank goodness I had the extended warrenty. Then again in August 2011 at 83,000 miles I had to have it replaced again.....again it was under warrenty. It has a 3 year warrenty on the current transmission. If it wasn't for we still owe on the car I'd be getting rid of it. I can't believe I've had to have the transmission replaced TWICE and the car is only 5 years old!!! Anyway, my car! This one is not worth the headache!
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    I am currently on my second transmission...which is starting to go bad. Only had it 3 years.
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    I had gotten the extended 5 yr mechanical warranty, that ran out at the end of May. Now, of course all my problems occur afte the warranty runs out completely and now have no recourse. I have had the dealership where I bought it also take care of all maintenance. I think that when so many vehicles 5yrs and younger are having the same problem then I think ethicly Ford should do a recall knowing that these problems are not just isolated and random. I really love Ford and I love the Ranger that we have. I even applauded them when they didn't take the bailout. I really love the car and it works great holding my family and everything else that I have to haul around.
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    After 6 months of surging while stopped, my transmission on my 2005 Freestyle died on Saturday. We still owe $8000 on the car. To fix the transmission, $5200 for parts (from Ford) and upwards of $1700 for labor. Yay, Ford!? Filed my complaint with the NHTSA and Ford. Meanwhile, getting trading in car and finding a way to pay off the balance. Yay, Ford!? Things go wrong on cars of all kinds. I get it. But most parts can be repaired and/or replaced for a lot less... Back to Hondas where I'll take a chance of dealing with air compressors at 120,000 miles and for a lot less money.
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    I've filed with the NHTSA today. 05 Freestyle, transmission shot...looking at $7000 to replace.
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    I guess all of us, who own a Freestyle, are in the same situation. The lucky ones who haven't had the trouble yet are just heading for a "surprise" some day. I had a transmission replaced just this summer in June and now the second is beginning to make loud noises. This is just a money-sucking black hole. I've also submitted an NHTSA complaint today. There are only 117 complaints listed on their website for the 2005 model. Everyone who hasn't filed yet, should do so:
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    Finally---Ford admits they are at fault for the throttle body issue. I got a letter from Ford this week. If the throttle body fails, the repair is covered for the first 150K miles on the car. If you've already had it done, the letter says to take your receipt to your dealer for a refund of the cost of repairs.
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    Who sent you the letter? Your local Ford or HQ in Michigan? I am not finding anything on the internet about a recall or admission by Ford. How do I get one, too? We replaced our throttle body a month ago and the wrench light has gone on and off 6 or 7 times in the last couple weeks. Brought it back to them and they couldn't find anything wrong.
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    Lets see where do I start, Lets begin with this, I have owned 2 Ford Freestyles in the last year, a 2005 and now currently a 2007 AWD SEL.

    I have had problems with both these vehicles and both times transmission, the 2005 started with a lurching forward at any given time when at low drive speed (IE: pulling into park and backing up to get out of parking space.) greatly increased in the heat of the summer with air-conditioner on. Then the noise started from the transmission, I looked at it and tried to hear where the noise was coming from but with no success as it seemed to come from everywhere and a couple locations. So before I even had a chance to bring to ford the Torque converter and gears associated had blew up and caused catastrophic damage to the transmission which required a rebuilt and a $4500.00 bill, after the replacement I still had issues with lurching and lunging forward and was told that i had to replace the Throttle Body Module, at another $905.36, re-programed the computer ( flashed ). I did not have enough time to have tested everything that was done as i was T-boned at an intersection 1 1/2 weeks later that wrote off my car. I was not a happy camper, as not only did I loose my money from the transmission, i have been out of work since November 23,2011 to date. I don't know if I will be able to return i have been suffering from health related issues from the accident and have no time frame to getting better.

    With the write off of my 2005 ford freestyle, i needed another vehicle, the girlfriend and i enjoyed this vehicle so much we decided to go ahead and get another freestyle as we liked its all around functionality for what we used it for and that is allot of highway driving to and from the trailer and space. we purchased the 2007 ford freestyle on December 23/2011 and loved it ever since, I realized that we were having the same issues as we did with the 2005 in the summer of 2012 with regards to the lurching and lunging.

    I brought my 2007 back to the dealer i bought it from and they informed me of the throttle body issue. I asked if warranty will cover they checked into it for me and said no.

    I could not afford a $1000 dollar repair. The lurching had stopped so I decided not do anything at that moment. I had bought some cleaners to see if the throttle body issue would stop or lighten up and it did for the most part. Odd time here and there would i have the issue.

    I then started to hear a noise from the time i would start my freestyle until I engaged drive or reverse, the noise would go away even in driving, with a week of hearing this noise i noticed when i would put the car in reverse and move i heard a very loud gear winding noise.

    I paid close attention to it, keeping track of things as well, i finally decided to bring into a shop with my after market warranty, it is currently being investigated for transmission issue, the mechanic has suggested to me that he thinks it some kind of a ( plemun gear ?? ) not sure. but he needs to open the transmission and go from there.

    I called Ford Canada today, reported issue and was told there is a 1 time customer service satisfaction recall/??.

    I have the number for it and was told after the transmission is fixed bring to a ford dealer and this will be taken care care of the following is what Nancy said at ford, they will clean the throttle body and or replace and re-flash the computer. Now i think this might do it but i have my doubts.

    Plus this does not fix or help me with the transmission issue as i think the two are directly related, this whole transmission is based on electronic signals sent to it via the computer and throttle body.

    My question to anybody that wants to listen and i would also direct to Ford is, if you know the throttle body is causing the electronic lunge forward, on a system that is mechanical, would this not cause early failure in the transmission as its the transmission that is being told what to do by the electronics that are being fed by the computer?????.

    I know it seems simple to ask and the question is simple and may not be related but i cant seem to understand why one part fails and its fixed by replacing and re-flashing a computer that controls everything from top to bottom in the car. Its not right, I Believe there is a direct issue with the computer to the transmission because there are more electronics in this CVT transmission than any other, I believe the lurching forward that goes on is not the only issue. I believe that the problems the computer has with the throttle body and the signals it sends to the computer to cause parts within the transmission to prematurely wear and or break. because who knows what else the electronic signal is activated at the wrong time within the transmission.

    Sorry if I sounded long winded in this but I believe I have a true and valid point with Ford and ford is hiding more than what they are saying or just fixing as a customer satisfaction. I am not happy with them even though i enjoy there cars and trucks and think they are the better one of the north American dealers and would go back to them with a new purchase if I could afford it.... But I think they need to stand up to this issue and fix both the transmission and computer as I am no computer wizard I do know computers can send more than one signal at a time to cause parts not to function in the right order. Hence causing catastrophic failure in the transmission.

    Thank you.

    [email protected]
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    I got the letter from Ford HQ. The letter said if it hadn't yet happened, take it in for a "cleaning". If it has already happened, and you've had it repaired, take the receipt to the dealer. I took my letter to the dealer on Tuesday 12/18. They're sending it to Michigan and will supposedly get my check. About the wrench light...if it's not under warranty, have someone other than a ford dealer look at it.
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    soarneagle--good luck with getting Ford to admit that there is a problem. There was litigation pending over the throttle body issue, I think that's why they finally agreed to pay something, but still not admit a mistake. There have been over 200 complaints filed with the NTSB about the lurching, but still no admission from Ford. I hope you get satisfaction soon.
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    Yep, I got the same letter from Ford HQ too. Will try to contact local dealer today if they haven't closed for Christmas break yet. We shall see how it goes.
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    I also got a letter stating that my warranty will be extended because of this prob.
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    We had the same thing happen to us with our 2007 Freestyle. We had to replace the mechanitions sensor, which cost $1700. After that was replaced, the Ford dealership then told us the CVT was going to have to be completely replaced for another $6000.

    Right now we're trying to recoup our loss because we can't afford to replace the transmission. I hope you get things sorted out on your end.
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    OK, so I went to the dealership with this letter in hand before Christmas. We were going out of town anyways for a week, so I asked if I can just leave the car there and pick it up on Dec 31st. They said 'Sure'. And sure enough, when I got back there, they said "Oops, it was OK when we tested it, but just as you walked in it started acting weird and the check engine light turned on". Then they offered to change the spark plugs and gaskets and coils for some $1200. I said 'No thanks'. So after 10 days and $300 spent at the dealership, I got the car back exactly as it was but this time with the 'check engine' light on. My usual mechanic replaced the spark plugs and all for just $600 based on the check-engine codes.

    And as far as my previous expenses on replacing the transmission (I paid about $2700 in June 2012 to put a used transmission from a 2006 model) they said 'this recall only covers the "cleaning procedure" and not the total transmission replacement'.

    Either way, I think it was more of a reap-off than help.

    To summarize: I'm not going to buy a ford myself in the future, nor would I recommend it to anyone.
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    This is only my opinion however, to each is own on theres and may want to lok into it if they want, i beleave the failure of the transmission is not this or it might because of the failure of the wrong commands the computer is receiving because of the b ad throttle body... hey its a possibility and i am talking to ford Canada about it all and have launched a couple of complaints to ford and logged some trouble calls to them...also with the governning body here in Canada, Good luck all. its my opinion they have a real issue here and something needs to be done...cheers all.
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    So we have a 2007 Freestyle bought it used about 3 years ago. Was great for the first year then all of the sudden when setting the cruise control the car would start to slow down but the RPMS would continue to climb. This also happens while driving down the highway at speeds 70 mile an hour. We took it to the local Ford dealership who kept it for 3 days only to return it to us saying they could not find anything wrong with it or replicate the issue. They said the only thing they recommended was replace the transmission at a cost of $6000. Well we did not have that kind of money and they would not guarantee that it would fix the problem. Now 2 years later and the same transmission we get the recall letter set up an appointment. My wife takes it in one day they do the recall work send her home with the car and within the 5 mile ride home it happens twice. She calls them they say bring it back the next day she does they have it all day long they call and say the computer code shows that either the recall was not done or that it did not take. So they do it again go test drive it and the issue is still present. Then they take it back in check the codes and mysteriously the codes now say it is a transmission issue and that they can do nothing about the problem. But if we want they will replace the transmission... It is amazing that what the recall describes is exactly what the car does but they are trying to say it is transmission issue not covered by warranty... It seems Ford has a real issue but not willing to step up for their loyal consumers. It seems corporate Ford is telling dealerships to make consumers purchase new transmissions instead of admitting they have another recall issue...
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    The sad part about it is....its not a new transmission. Its a factory rebuild! 2 throttle bodies , "new" transmission, 4 brake jobs one of these was a factory recall! Finally got rid of it with 90000 miles on it. All of thiss happend with only 76,000 miles on the car. Good luck.
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    these are fantastic cars! i just dont understand why the CVT fails in the freestyle so often but not in the five hundred, as it is the same thing? why would someone not just put in the 6 speed auto and computer from the five hundred? better yet, why would Ford not have just made the freestyle FWD the 6 speed auto same as the five hundred? i plan on buying a freestyle soon and i think i will get myself a rear end totalled five hundred to swap the transmission and keep the engine for parts, being that they are the same thing.
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    Hi soarneagle,

    My Ford Freestyle (2005 AWD) has the same issues as you mention here. Over a year ago, I saw the notes about cleaning the throttle body and finally had that done by my mechanic in Sept 2012, before I received the “letter” from Ford in Dec that they would “clean” the throttle body or reimburse me if I already had it done. I put in for the reimbursement in Dec, but before I even received my check, I started having the sound problem exactly as you describe with the transmission. I did not even think they could be related, since I’m not a car expert. My mechanic is the one that said the sound is most likely the transmission, but he does not work on transmissions. So I took it to a transmission shop near my home and they too said it was the transmission, but they would have to charge me $450 just to give me an estimate of a repair cost. At that point, I figured with 116,000 miles on the vehicle, I’d be better off just starting to search for a new vehicle. But now that I’m hearing they are related, I’m wondering if you’ve been able to get any satisfaction from Ford. I’m sure they won’t give in very easily, but like you, I like the size and features of this vehicle and have not been able to find something comparable. I’m leery about buying a used Freestyle considering this tranny issue will probably come up again. Please let me know if you’ve received any more info on this.

    BTW – on another thread on this forum there is a link to join a class action lawsuit: ts_in_ford_and_mercury_vehicles.
    It is being handled in their Philadelphia office. Call the 888 number on their home page and they will give you the Philly number.
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    I am an unhappy owner of a 2005 Ford Freestyle with a junk cvt transmission. I purchased this car brand new expecting to get at least 10years 150,000 miles out of it. Every car that I have owned has given me this, I have them serviced regularly. This Freestyle was my 1st brand new car all other were used an none of them were Fords. My expectations came to a screeching halt at 6.5 years 111,000 miles when my CVT transmission failed. I now have a car which is only good for scrap unless I invest $6000 for a reworked transmission which I must purchase from Ford this adds salt to the wound. Do I have $6000 sitting around, no. Do I have a piece of junk sitting in my driveway, yes. Ford needs to step up and help its customers, what is the mark up on this reworked transmission??? It is clear that this is not just bad luck that my vehicle has this problem...just check the web it is all over and a growing problem now that many of these vehicles are approaching the 100,000 mi mark. With the absurd price of cars these days the loans have stretched out to 7years, the life of a car should out live the years of payments, no wonder so many americans are in such debt. The executives of these big corporations hide from the responsibility of standing behind their product while they stuff their pockets with big bonuses. So much for buying American, it is time for American business to support their customers and help to pay for the mistake made with this inferior products. I hope that everyone with this problem is persistent in pursuit of justice from Ford. I will be joining in on any action to get Ford to step up and help the many consumers who have been put in a financial set back due to this product. This will be my last Ford purchase...........
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    I have the same opinions, although my Freestyle Cvt hs not yet totally failed. I bought an extended warranty which covered $1500 in cvt repairs already. I have switched to Honda, and it seems my Honda will run forever. When I get into the Ford, I am waiting for the next failure.

    Once the Freestyle is finished, I will spend the extra to buy aHonda again. Ford, do you read these forums?
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    You should have gotten a letter from Ford stating that they will do the cvt repair for free. I had the problem at 90K miles, three years ago. I paid out about $1200 for a new throttle body (after many angry calls to Detroit). Because I'd already had the repair done, Ford reimbursed me $1000. Nevertheless, I'll never buy a Ford again either.
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    I was just wondering ,when did you recieve a letter stating that Ford would repair the cvt problems for free? The only letter I recieved was regarding the throttle body clean that I should not have gone for. It wasn't til after the recall that within 1 month time my transmission is out and my truck will not go in gear...
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    I apologize. It is just a throttle body service. Since I already had the throttle body replaced, I was reimbursed.
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    I have a 2007 Ford Freestyle that has a confirmed CVT problem. I took the car in because of a helicopter sound. I did have the throttle recall done as I had also experienced the lurching forward of the car. Based on the Ford service department, when the transmission was flushed it presented with metal particles in the fluid thus alarming Ford service not to open the transmission and repair BUT to REPLACE the transmission. The service guy was extremely upset to tell me this news but was more distressed when he had to tell me THIS TRANSMISSION WAS ON BACKORDER WITH NO DATE OF EXPECTED DELIVERY! He said that he had never seen this type of reply from Ford. This occured in early March 2013 with my car at approx 85K miles. I have yet to experience problems during driving, but have now changed my driving habits after reading many reports from consumers with the same problem. I am driving in the outside lanes as much as possible, not driving over 65 on hwy, not letting our newly liscensed driver drive the car on the highway and not driving it for longer than 30 minutes. I expect any day the transmission to stop like others I have read about. What have I done so far? I have called 1-800-392-FORD and voiced my concerns/complaints. Stressing the point that I have an unsafe car to drive and to be driven on public roads. I was given a case number for reference. When I called 3 weeks ago I was told that a regional manager from Ford would call the service department I go to and discussion a plan and that I would hear back from this regional service manager within 4 days. Three weeks later I have hear nothing. Today I called to check on the status, only to be told that my case # was closed. I was told that the service attendent at the dealership I go to told the regional manager that I did not want to go thru the expense of replacing the transmission. With this said, Ford closed my case. I never heard from anyone. I told the girl on the other end of the phone today that I wanted my case re-opened and a return phone call as promised from my initial call regarding the status of a replacement CVT transmission for my car. My first question I want answered from Ford is When will a CVT transmission for my Ford Freestyle 2007 be available? I was assured that my case would be re-opened and she noted I wanted to be contacted by phone. Then I called the service manager at the dealership I go to and he said, yes they called about 3 weeks ago, but he did not know what the outcome was. He said he would look into my question as well. Now... what I have read in another blog is that Ford hired a company to manufacture the CVT transmission for the Freestyle for 2005-07... then in 2008 when the Tarsus X came out they did not put in the CVT transmission. I have no idea where this will end up but we wont win unless everyone calls and complains... and not just once. It must be consistent flooding of this line. I plan to call every Monday. Each week I am sure my needs will change- but for right now I want to know when the transmission that belongs in my car will be available. It seems that Ford knows this is looming... but is not willing to take responsibility for it. Please call FORD!
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    "... Now... what I have read in another blog is that Ford hired a company to manufacture the CVT transmission for the Freestyle for 2005-07... then in 2008 when the Tarsus X came out they did not put in the CVT transmission. "

    They used the same CVT on the Ford 500 model. From what I have heard they switched to the conventional 6 speed transmission in 2008 because it cost too much to manufacture the CVT, and they felt the 6 speed would get similar mileage. I don't think they had any problems with the transmission when they switched to the 6 speed; those problems showed up later.
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    please show dealer and ford district rep this class action lawsuit. they should issue recall before bad press spreads like wildfire and stops all Future F.o.r.d. (Fix Or Repair Daily) CVT cars sales: uously-variable-transmissions-of-the-freestyle-and-mercury-montego/
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    My CFT30 transmission started to fail with the Park/Neutral whine like a throw-out bearing going bad and reverse planetary sounding like a well worn stick shift reverse gear.
    Took it to a dealer in Flemington, NJ, even though 80 miles away because the dealer has a great reputation for having the technical expertise to actually repair this transmission with a 12 mo 12k mile warranty (as long as you don't drive it until the case is unusable), as well as replace it with a 3 yr/100K mile warranty.

    The service manager informed me that the transmission is on a 60 day backorder from Ford, however they had a team locate 3 Genuine Motorcraft CFT30 transmissions in the US, and should have one here within 4 days.

    OK that is a $6300 replacement that has taken 11 days to get moving and probably another week to complete.
    It sucks that any transmission should cost almost as much as I paid for the vehicle and I have to pay for it with SS money, but if I can get another 3 years out of it!......

    How do I sign up for that lawsuit again?
    Oh, and I have not called Ford corporate customer service, yet.

    If you persist, your service manager should be able to locate one of the few CFT30s that are lying around in some warehouse, like mine did, rather than waiting for one on 60 day backorder!!!
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    Alright.. time for decision.. Last night the transmission failed. I am continuously astonished on the number of people posting about this failure on the CVT transmission on these 2005-07 cars. Every week MANY new postings. Yes, I know that there is a transmission available for $7K... I did find a shop that will replace it for $5K. BUT just read another post that someone has already replaced the transmission after it was replaced. EVERYONE NEEDS TO CALL FORD IF THIS IS GOING TO MOVE ANYWHERE. I have printed out the Class Action Suit with comments and am heading up to the dealership to have a chat. First step is to see what Ford Dealership will give me for this car. I do not owe anything on this car and will wheel a deal on a standard transmission type Ford car if I feel I am getting a good deal. This is gonna take a lot of work on my part and I will not quit till I have gotten what I think is fair. Wish me luck. I'll keep you all posted on what happens with the dealer.
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    I share the same pain as many others with their Ford Freestlye transmissions. Today, I took my wife's 2005 Freestlye for an annual inspection and received a call from the ford service advisor. He stated that the car wouldn't pass the state inspection due to a cracked tranny support bracket, rear rotors need replaced and it going to need new brake pads. (Approx. $900.)
    That's not the worst of it...He stated the tranny is whining and it's going to need replaced in the near future. So I asked how much is the replacement? His answer was $6000. I could not believe what he told me so told him not to do any service work and that I would pick up the car after work. This tranny replacement is B.S. I am going to call a Ford rep in Dearborn, Mi. tomorrow to file a complaint and hope that they can help me with this matter. By the way, the Freestyle has only 86k miles. This recall was neglected by Ford...
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    I can see that Ford has been having issues with the transmission on the 2007 Ford Freestyles by the looks of all of the posts and other research I have been doing on the internet. Well this morining my transmission blow out the bottom of my car and there is a hole in the casing. I am the original owner and it has just over 100,000 miles. I was given a price of $5,500.00 to repair my car. Is Ford doing anything about this issue becaue there seems to be a lot of them.
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    I have the same issue! At 60k I called my dealer to have the tranny serviced (as noted in my service manual) and I was told they changed that to 100k and to come back. Then I called to book a service at 100k and I was told that they've been advised not to open these and only to service if there are problems. Since the CVT was new and they are supposed to know what they are doing... I followed their advice. Since then I've learned about the cvt issues b/c mine started the noise in park and neutral. I took it to ford and told them there is a noise coming from my tranny. They gave it back to me with a bill for the inspection of $90 that confirmed 'a noise from transmission'. There option was $7000 for a Ford re-manufactured. When I said that was not affordable they suggested to drive it till it dies or go to a tranny shop that might be able to rebuild cheaper. I've since found that PARTS are not available.

    My big question is.... Is there a class action in Canada yet? anyone have a link. I simply bought into there wonderful technology speech and followed their advice on not servicing it. Now my wife and kids are driving around in this till we need to call a tow??? FORD, you should be ashamed!!!
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    We are having the same issue with our 2005 Ford Freestyle...and to make things a bit more complicated we shipped the car to Iceland (where we live) and nobody is able to fix it on this island! Have you had any response from Ford? I wanted to know if Ford has been taking any responsibilty on this before I contact our dealer in Massachussetts.
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    We are starting to have the same problem with our 2005 Freestyle transmission and wanted to know what kind of reaction you got from the dealer?
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    To my knowledge there has not been any recalls on the CVT for 2005-07 Ford Freestyle. I was able to get mine repaired at the cost of $5000. I have saved all receipts in hoping some day I'll see my money come back to me.
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    Brought mine to the shop last week for a whining noise and SURPRISE, I need a new transmission... $6200 new, $4500 used. Paid less that $10,000 for the car in 2009; no way I'm dropping that kind of cash on a repair. It's a shame considering it only has 114,000 miles on it.
  • ladyonamissionladyonamission Member Posts: 5
    Agreed, tough decision to sink 6K into a car for a repair. We made the decision to repair based on our need for a 3rd car. Putting 6K in for a new CVT was a tough bill to pay, but we figured we knew this car well and didn't want to scrap it for a meer $2K to then put add'l money down on another used car that we didn't know about. The new transmission has a 3 year warranty with unlimited miles from Ford. It all just really stinks... I hope Ford would come to their senses and stand behind the product.
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    I too have the same problems as thousands of others. tranny gone and they want alot of money. Is there a class action suit in canada. Help
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    I thought that our 2006 Freestyle had avoided the throttle and tranny problems since we have 255,000km on it. I got the letter from Ford about cleaning the throttle body, went into the dealer (we don't get service at the dealer since 140,000k) and the dealer said that if we didn't have an "Obvious" problem they wouldn't do the service. They wouldn't tell us what the obvious problem was, and my description of the somewhat gentle surges when the car was driving, like it was on cruise control although not, was not "Obvious". I filed the letter in the glove box and kept driving. Six months later I got my first wrench light, while in the middle of nowhere, did the glide to the side of the road, and restarted and it was fine for about two weeks.

    Then it happened three times in two kilometres and ended up with the wrench and engine light, which wouldn't go off. In a strange coincidence, it happened in front of our mechanics place. They said the wiring into the throttle body was loose, also a switch was flipped open in the throttle body. They fixed the switched and taped up the wiring and it was good for two days, then again, wrench light. Three wrenches since.

    Because of the mileage of the car it is not worth having any sort of repairs. I'm going to see how much it is to do further work on the throttle body. The most annoying part is that I bought new tires for this year, which at this point are probably worth more than the entire car.

    The biggest issue though is the safety one. When the car goes into wrench mode, it is a floating whale of an accident waiting to happen and you never know when. Driving on side streets, driving in the slow lane in case I have to pull over, and there is no way that I can let my teen drive this car now.
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    …of owners of a Ford Freestyle that had a complete transmission failure. I was barely able to nurse mine home at 1:00 a.m. 92,000 miles and that's all folks? Unbelievable. The dealership politely told me that I wouldn't want to pay them to fix the car… it would cost more than the car is worth.

    Meanwhile, the other car is a 2013 Toyota Camry with 155,000 miles and still going strong.

    Guess which dealership I'm going for my next car? :mad:
  • misskimbiemisskimbie Member Posts: 1
    My parent's have a 2006 Freestyle. Bought it new and it's paid off. Regularly serviced at the dealership it was purchased at. Just before turning over at 76k miles the tranny fails. After two weeks at Ford service they finally get it back ($6000). Drove it 300 miles on a trip the next day through the Arizona desert and the new tranny fails. Well, that's what we figured but when the dealership finally got back to us after checking it out, they informed us that the throttle body sensor failed, and they won't be able to check the tranny until they replace the throttle body and sensor ($900). Low and behold, the tranny HAD failed - slow leak of fluid and it got so hot that parts fused together and they ordered ANOTHER tranny. Two trannies in one month! Oh, then they get the car back again, and the next morning there's a puddle of fluid under it in the driveway. Seems as though someone didn't notice the pan was warped and didn't seal right - why wouldn't they have replaced that? The one saving grace was that Ford picked up the tab for the rental car for a month. But had they known the troubles and costs up front, they would have used the $7k on a down payment on a new car.

    My parents have written a letter and are ready to present their complaint to Ford. What phone # is the best one to call and complain? Is it 800-392-FORD? Does anyone know what happened with the class action suit that was filed?
  • stevedebistevedebi Member Posts: 4,098
    " ...Meanwhile, the other car is a 2013 Toyota Camry with 155,000 miles and still going strong. ..."

    How did you manage to get that many miles on a 2013 Camry?
  • cls2007cls2007 Member Posts: 1
    My story is the same as the rest. I have had my 2007 for 3ys and has 133, miles on it. I love this vehicle! I had the surge problems as well, but my brother was able to fix it for me. The transmission has been going now for over a month... I'm just waiting for it to go completely. It started with the making noise in park and neutral and now has escalated to wondering when it is going to just drop out! I am a single mom and cannot afford this $6,000 "fix" that we shouldn't have to deal with anyway! I got stranded yesterday. The wrench and engine lights came on and it would not go out of a low gear, but after letting it sit a while, it decided to go again. While I was waiting though, I called Ford. Of course there is no warranty, no recall for this "special" transmission of ours. I had a supervisor call me back today. She said the only way to get a recall is if they have enough complaints on the issue.... It is very disturbing to me that nothing has been done about this known and legitimate problem.... I encourage everyone to CALL Ford! and as often as you can. I used this # 1-800-392-3673 and then asked for someone higher after I gave all my info, including my VIN #. They did call me back and said they sent my complaint on to the Engineer Dept. I told her I would call as often as it takes for Ford to hear our "voice"!
  • freestylebluesfreestyleblues Member Posts: 1
    In January 2005, my husband and I purchased a brand spanking new 2005 Ford Freestyle, right off the showroom floor. This was my first brand new vehicle (usually buy used). We were thrilled because it was just what we needed for our expanding family. Well, during the test drive, the brakes squeaked and we thought well it has been sitting on the showroom floor and they changed them before we made the purchase. So that was that. A few weeks later the catalytic converter went out and had to completely repair (covered under warranty) and they provided a rental for a few weeks. We were told that the replacement parts were in the making and that it may take a while to receive and repair vehicle. Of course, we had them check the vehicle completely and told them to repair any and everything that seemed suspicious. Maybe a year or so later the throttle had to be checked. Fast forward. A few years ago (2010), my a/c went on the fritz. It only blows cool air when traveling at 50+ mph, other than that, it blows air equal to the outside temperature. In other words, if it is cool outside it will blow cool air and the same if it hot. Yes, it was serviced and was told to add freon, and that was no help at all. So now my climate control is out of control. In 2011, freestyle began surging. It surges while driving, while at rest and when in park it gives out a big surge/revs up tremendously. It still surges today. In 2012, for a few months, I began to hear a popping noise under the hood when I turn on/off the a/c (mind you the a/c is still on the fritz--will cost $$$$ to change compressor--was told that it COULD BE the compressor) as well as when I turn the engine off. In 2013, for a few months the popping noise came back and then disappeared, and the a/c could only be turned off after I turn the engine off (then I press the a/c off button then turn engine back on and discover it is off). Today, I can't turn the a/c off at all--it just doesn't shut off. A little over a week ago when I went to get my inspection, the service technician puts my vehicle in reverse and the engine shuts off completely (never did that before). So he started the engine and proceeds to place the vehicle in reverse and it did it again. Of course, I am shocked but not shocked. So they performed a quick service check on it and could not determine the reason and it didn't/haven't done that since that day. The engine light goes on and off leaving us unsure of if/when there is a problem. My husband and I do our best to not drive the vehicle unless it is a dire need. We have been the only owners and can't believe we are having major problems with what we thought was a reliable brand vehicle. I have been reading and trying to stay abreast as to what other problems Freestyle drivers are having and have decided to post something because this is just utterly ridiculous of Ford.
  • city63city63 Member Posts: 3
    Thank you for the number I will call. I paid 32,000 5 years ago for my
    freestyle now its only worth 1,000 because of the transmission this is really sad.
  • christinalynchristinalyn Member Posts: 1
    I am sad to read how many other people are going through the same thing! It seems the USA there is a class action suit against FORD, but not yet in Canada. I have contacted a lawyer about this. We all need to come together and hold FORD accountable for this. Please everyone comment so we can gather the info we need.
  • slusher2slusher2 Member Posts: 2
    I traded my WrenchLight in on a new vehicle and was completely upfront with the dealer (not Ford) about it's problems. The dealer actually asked me about it first, if I had the tranny problem. I got $1200 on trade in which I thought was decent, considering I was able to sell the new tires I had just put on it separately and put the old ones back on.

    However, buying this car as a one year old low mileage dealer vehicle, and paying $22,000, to have it be worth $1200 less than six years later is a disgrace. I have a ten year old Sunfire that's worth more than $1200.

    And critics can't say that Oh, that was dealer trade in value, because there is zero value on the private market. It is an untouchable vehicle.
  • gracey2005gracey2005 Member Posts: 1
    I purchased a 2005 ford freestyle with a slight noise took to get fixed 3500 then 6000 for cvttransmission replacement basically the car not worth I was able to drive for 2 months and a half the transmission failed wen parked on a hill car would not come out park wrench light came on turned car off and as hubby pushed to get offf hill drove home haven't drove since.I waist 2000 on This vehicle couldn't afford to waist no money. We bought it For a second car But didn't work got what I paid For I don't know but we did Love the vehicle
  • bilnic2004bilnic2004 Member Posts: 1
    I suggest all of you with problems with the freestyle to got to the fords customer service and file a complaint. It will take large numbers for them to fix this problem. I have been chatting with them on facebook @ ford service. Please take your complaints there and demand a recall
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