Electrical issues

wolftackwolftack wisconsinMember Posts: 1
edited December 2018 in Dodge
Ok so the other day I pulled my 2004 Dodge Ram 3500 into one of my bays at work to give it a wash, now when I pulled it in there everything worked just fine. Anyway after leaving the truck in the bay for a few hours to dry I went out to pull it back out into the parking lot and the oddest thing I lost half of my electronics in the truck. I now have NO horn, interior lights, no gauges, no wipers, no electric locks, the only way my exterior lights work is with the ignition switch on, now mind you I do not have the auto light option so they should not come on like this but my light switch will not turn them on or off, no blinkers, and the only brake light that works is the cab light. HELP!!!!

Things I have already checked: Fuses all good, connections dry, and I put a light tester to fuses to make sure there was power to them, that checked out as well.
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