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Coolant Leak or Something?

quamaitsquamaits Member Posts: 1
edited December 2018 in Chevrolet
So, at first my car was having the classic overheat, the sweet, oily burning smell of antifreeze and overheating like mad. I found if I didn't run the air and was careful I could drive on it without overheating. I took it to a retired mechanic friend, he pressure checked it for a long time and it passed without a hiccup. He did find that a hose, i don't remember what it's attached to but it a central just on the left side, was not properly attached and leaking like mad.
He fixed the hose.
Ok, so new hose and no leaks according to the pressure test.
Like a week or so later, I'm at Mcdonalds in the drive thru and the thing makes the burning smell like mad, overheats really bad, and I pulled out into the parking lot and let it cool down.
I, being more focused on finals at the time and a moron, did not think about what this meant till later. I checked my coolant tank, it was empty. 100%
I called a local mechanic, scheduled an appointment, and left it with them for about seven hours. They pressure checked it, it passed again, checked the hose, it was good. They plugged it in and ran it on idle for hours. Everything worked like it should, the temp would get close to red according to their report and then the cooling fans would turn on.
He did mention the oil gets a little hotter than it maybe should but was overall fine.
So we figured it was a freak overheat and the tank just blew it's coolant?
Put coolant in it and it ran like a dream.
And today, not a week later, my tank is almost empty again, seems to have some in the reserve tank. This doesn't make sense, I haven't driven it in almost three days now. So it only had four days of use, all very light and it never overheated during this time or had strange smells. IN FACT it ran perfectly.
This leaves me to presume it must be some weird little leak. Planning on getting more antifreeze and just running it for a long time and seeing if I can find a leak?
So short version, had hose repaired, past two pressure tests and one long session with the scanner thing at the mechanics, and was ok'd by both mechanics from different places. Yet coolant is disappearing.
My oil looks good, not milky, although it does seem to have an extremely fine film on it. I don't know what to think and I'll answer questions to the best of my abilities, any suggestions would be appreciated!


  • GM2001GM2001 Member Posts: 1
    GM Castech heads develop cracks, I am looking into steel seal or Barr’s head gasket sealer because class action lawsuit closed.
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