Pontiac Grand Prix: Body Mods

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Finding absolutely nothing on my own, I humbley put it to you, the good people at edmunds, to help me out just a little bit. I own an SE and am looking to change the front and rear bumpers to gt or gtp styling. After an entire day of searching I can find no website with front and rear bumpers for the '99 grand prix.

On a side note, who else despises the spoilers pontiac stuck these cars with?


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    :sick: The exhaust on the GXP sounds great. But if you really want it to sound "mean" get yourself a set of the flowmaster hushpower 2. I put a set of these on my gxp, and wow, its great. a low rumble at a stop light, a loud roar blowing the doors off a rice burner, and a mellow tone at highway speeds. if you want to hear what it will sound like go to flowmastermufflers web site, and they have sound clips. The sound is very very close to the way it really sounds. Does anyone know how to beef up the bass on that monsoon stereo? I had a 2000 sls, and it had great bass at low sound levels. I wonder if theres anyway to add an amp without getting in to the underdash wiring???
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    Hey eric,you seem like the kinda guy who is really involved with the gxp,more than i am,so can you tell me if the gxp has true dual exhaust...(im only asking cuz im too lazy to look under the car myself)lol! thanks gxpjoeyp
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    I have the bonneville gxp. Single exhaust, and a wye under the trunk area. I think that the g/p is the same. throws alot of sound out of each pipe though.
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    "Single exhaust, and a wye under the trunk area. I think that the g/p is the same. "

    - Ray
    MOFW (this AM)
    2022 X3 M40i
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    Anybody know where to get a hoop scoop or hood with scoop for 2006 GXP???
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    As far as the subwoofer, the "low frequency" amp is in the trunk, up top on the deck. It connects the two rear speakers to it. I'm thinking(hoping) that I can tap in there with my 10" and amp, and make life easier!
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    I just ordered another GXP Badge from the dealer, but was not able to get the 303 HP Badge. It isn't available. My question is: Where should I place the extra GXP Badge -- either next to the V-8 in the rear on the right side of the car or above the Grand Prix Badge on the left side of the rear of the car? Suggestions would be appreciated. I was thinking next to the V-8. Thanks. Chats1
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    I removed the "GRAND PRIX" lettering on the left rear and put the GXP badge in its place. The "303 HP" is a decal and is not a GM product. I got mine and the GXP badge overlays from grafxwerks

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    Thanks. I ordered the GXP Badge because I loved the way yours looked on your GXP. Chats1
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    The badge and overlays personalize the car a little bit and make it stand out, as do the G6 center caps (but they are a little pricey).
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    The badge cost me around $33.00. It hasn't come in yet. I have to call them on Friday.
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    Ever wondered what your car would have cost if you bought it piece by piece--if what they charge for the little stuff like badges is any guide? Sheesh! Thank goodness for mass production. The G6 caps were about $30 each--pretty outrageous, I know, but I had to have them just to be a little different. Watch your rear view mirror when you get the GXP badge on the back--people will rubber-neck and point to it, especially people in Pontiacs. :)
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    When I was at the dealer I also asked the Parts Dept. for a price on four new tires and four new rims, just so I would know, if I ever need them. $4,360, including tax, but not mounting, balancing, labor. Expensive, huh? They can get them in a day.

    When I called Bridgestone, they had the wrong numbers in their computer for the rears and said the TPC number doesn't matter. I said yes, it does. The guy also told me that they would have to track the tire down and it would take 2-5 days!!! Price, $250, he said.
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    Hi! I picked up my GXP Badge from the dealer this morning. Can't wait to put it on. You're the reason I ordered it. I just love the way the rear of your car looks. Was looking at your picture again last week. Also, there is an auto concepts store near where I work so I am going to wander over there and see if they have a 303HP badge and see how it matches against the GXP badge, if they have it. Chats1
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    Whats the point in using these when they scratch into the paint? I removed mine at every washing. Cleaned the backside always. Put some really nice scratches on the hood in one 600 mile journey. I bought a name brand piece, supposedly scratch free...HaHa dont belive it...
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    I've had two GTPs in a row (both white) and have had the covers on both of them. Never have had a problem. You can see where the paint chipping begins past them. Roads in south Tx can be brutal with the 18 wheelers
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    I've never had a black hood bra even remotely damage paint. I used one on a red car, black car and now my white 06 GXP. paint is flawless.
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    Actually, you won't find any. The best place to find bumper covers is Ebay. You may want to do some homework though because I know on my 97 SE I have to replace the radiator supports and other front end support structures to get a GT/GTP front to fit. It can be done it just takes some time and money doing it.
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