Anti Lock Brakes Buzzing when braking under 5 MPH

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Hi Everyone,

Here is my problem. My Rodeo's ABS system kicks in (i.e. the buzzing sound), when I slow to under 5 MPH while pressing the brakes. Keep your foot on the brakes and the buzzing eventually stops, just before the car comes to a full stop under the normal braking system.

Here are a few caveats. This only happen when the ABS Light is off. If the ABS light is on, then this doesn't happen at all... you brake normally to a stop, no buzzing.

Any idea what's causing this, and what I can do to fix it? (disable ABS perhaps? If so, how to disable?

Also, I'm guessing this might be an electrical problem. Why? Here are a few other gremlins in my Rodeo:

The fuel gauge will only goto full once I top off the tank. And when that happens, the Check Engine light goes off.
After about 10 miles of driving, the fuel gauge, slowly dances back and forth between the 3/4 and empty mark, and the check engine light comes on again, and stays on until tank is refilled.

So I have to use the odometer to know when to refill.

That aside, my Isuzu has served me great over the past 20 years. No issues.

Thanks in advance.
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