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Hyundai Tucson Real World MPG



  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Couldn't be much blunter than my minivan.
  • targettuningtargettuning Posts: 1,371
    True enough, but my point is all about high speed verses aerodynamics and the point at which air resistance overcomes any designed aerodynamics. This is when fuel economy takes a dump and the faster you go the worse the fuel economy and the effect is worse on tall blunt SUV's and yes mini-vans. Also lets not forget the engine is revving considerably faster at 80 as compared to 65. So I maintain my disbelief of that statement for all of the above reasons.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    It's about time for Jvenezia to pop back in here and mention that he was really driving his Elantra at the time, LOL.

    Anyone else keeping track of their mpg?
  • tenpin288tenpin288 Posts: 804
    Anyone else keeping track of their mpg?

    I have an 05 LX V6 AWD and I have a little over 16K miles on it now. Initally, I was only getting 16-18 mpg in everyday driving(hills and valleys and 2 lane roads in the Laurel Highlands of PA and maybe 21 mpg on the highway). After getting the miles on it, putting in a K&N air filter, inflating the tires to 32-34 lbs and using full synthetic oil (Pennzoil Platinum 5w-30), I am now getting 19-19.5 in everyday driving. On two recent trips of roughly 600 mile round trips, I managed to get 24 mpg while running around 75 mph on cruise and about 25% AC useage. I think that is acceptable for a vehicle like this. ;)
  • I haven't even hit 3,000 miles so have not had an oil change yet. Will a Hyundai Dealer put in full synthetic oil if you ask when you take it for an oil change?

    I did get 20.6 mpg on my last tank though! I do mixed driving. Yay!
  • tenpin288tenpin288 Posts: 804
    Will a Hyundai Dealer put in full synthetic oil if you ask when you take it for an oil change?

    Depends on the dealer. My dealer doesn't stock any synthetic oil but said if I wanted to use synthetic in my Tucson, just bring in the oil and they would only charge me for the filter and a minor labor charge. I bought my synthetic oil, Pennzoil Platinum Plus 5w-30, at a local Walmart for $18 for a 5 quart jug and took it to the dealer and they kept their word. Beats having to dispose of the old oil! :)
  • guyfrguyfr Posts: 55
    My 2WD, 4 cyl, manual Tucson just reached 10K miles. I noticed a small improvement in mileage. Now overall average is 23.5 mpg and that includes city, suburban and highway. That's about what I expected. :)
  • merf1merf1 Posts: 8
    I averaged the last 8 tanks and got exactly 23 mpg. My best was 30 mpg highway ,and my worst was 19 mpg in mostly city driving. I have 5k miles on it.
    One thing else that can greatly affect mileage is the wind direction. If you are driving into a 20 mph headwind your mileage will be poor. Likewise driving with a 20 mph tailwind will add to your mpg.
  • Hi guys,

    Brand new Tucson owner here... 2006 V6, about 1100 miles at the 3 week mark. Bought it with 310 miles already on it.

    I've seen my mileage steadily increase point by point, from a starting point of 20.1 to the 22.9 I'm currently pulling. Most of that is highway driving (or, if you're familiar with the Phoenix area freeways, parking lot driving) with the air conditioner firmly fixed in the ON position for self-preservation.

    LOVING the car so far. Huge step up from my trade-ins. :)
  • Have seen a low of 8MPG city and a best of 16. Avg for hwy- 19MPG. Unfortunately, this is less than a friends' Escalade which averaged 20.8 hwy on a recent trip and has averaged 16.2 urban driving in first 28k. In an effort to obtain maximum mileage out of the Tucson, I drove 125 miles (all flat land), never exceeding 55MPH, coasting to all stops (very few at that) and delicately accelerating (proverbial egg under the accelerator driving) and could do no better than 24MPG. It's disappointing when friends with larger, more powerful SUV's (not to mention roomier- especially cargo with back seat up) get better mileage.
  • help i am so unhappy with my 2006 tucson what a rip
    i average 13-18 mpg
    i need help getting better mileage
    the thought of owning this car for 5 more years while i pay it off and spending so much time in a gas station
    i have never seen 19 mpg cant even get 300 mile tank
    how do you go anywhere or take some weekend trips
    this is what this car should be for
    instead of enjoying my new car bought sept 3, 2006 my eye is constantly on gas consumption
    what can i do do you have this problem?
  • arkainzeyearkainzeye pittsburgh paPosts: 473
    why not change your differental fluids to synthetics oils? what about a transfer case.( not sure it has one) i did all this with my tracker and i get above what my sticker said i should be getting plus i get better protection and smoother shifting. just a thought
  • arkainzeyearkainzeye pittsburgh paPosts: 473
    today i test drove a tucson V6 awd and i drove it up laurel highlands my self. up rt40 towards the summit. with the gas pedal pressure completlely to the floor i could only get 55-60mph. this was the 2.7litre engine. i must say i expected a little more power than this. i thought it rode very nice and was quiet. but for a V6 with NO extra weight in the car. Im a little concerned about the lack of MPG im reading and after driving one and what i called the lack of power on the up hill climb this worries me. i wasnt thrilled with the radio either but that is not a sale breaker. i also noticed in the maintance booklet they want you to replace the timing belt at 60000 miles $$$$. when i asked what this would cost the salesperson changed the subject, so i brought it up again and he said Over $600!! and it is not a warranty item it is a maintance item and if it is not done your warranty for a engine problem could be voided.. he also said it is a timing BELT not chain. he claims they are going to change it to a maintance free timing chain in the future. but that does me no good for now if i got this suv...
  • jay07jay07 Posts: 1
    My Tucson got averagely 19(winter) and 23 (summer) with mixed city and highway driving(about 50% -50%)

    The best I got was 25 with all highway driving and A/C on.
  • rxcaptrxcapt Posts: 17
    As an update, I have a 2005 Tucson V6 AWD. It has 26K on it already as I drive it at least 60miles a day to work and back. When I first bought it I drove from Washington, DC to far western Va. On that trip I averaged in the summer with air, approximately 24mpg. Over Christmas I drove it from Washington, DC to Louisville, Ky and back (approx. 600 miles each way) on this trip, even with the mountains and highway speeds I got 22-23mpg. While I am not discounting the claims of sub-par mileage, I would point out that provided that the car is in good tune, it would seem that driving style and trip length may be the biggest factor contributing to low mileage, but please don't jump on this statment, this is only an observation and an update on my mileage for the purposes of this discussion.
  • hello all, I'm a new tucson owner and i must say there are some things i really like and some things that have me concerned. I did not expect great mileage buying this thing, but i'd kill for 20mpg right now. I bought new and the vehicle now has 1800KM (1120miles) so far my mileage ranges from 12-15mpg calculated on miles driven / gallons consumed not trip meter this is probably 80% city, 20% highway. People in this thread have said mileage gets better through the break-in period but most seemed to have started off better then 12-15mpg.

    I test drove the 06 and noticed the delay in the electronic pedal so waited for the 07 and it seems to be better.

    I live on the east coast of Canada and it can get pretty cold and a few things have me concerned with the potential longevity of this vehicle. When you turn the defrost on the a/c automatically comes on, well the a/c compressor really doesn't like the cold weather, makes some awful noises. Also if you put the fan on full (level 4) the fan motor really struggles so you have to back it off until the car is warmed up (but once its warm you don't want it on full anyway). The door beeper sounds terrible in the cold, doesn't make a crisp ding noise more of a doingggggg and the lcd on the cd player sometimes isn't visible.
  • I've had my Tucson now since the beginning of December.

    Just went past 1,300 miles about three days ago.

    When I fill her up my range reads 343 miles till empty. That number changes though depending on my driving. The faster I drive, the lower it dips; conversely, when I drive at normal speeds it goes back up.

    I average 19-25 mpg in the city, depending on how fast I drive. I usually drive around 45-45 mph here in town and get on average 22-23 mpg. When I get around 60 mph it dips to 19-20 mpg

    On the highways I get from 25-30, depending on the speed. Normally I'm travelling 65-75 mph at a constant speed and get on average 27-28 mpg.

    I've not been on the interstate yet, so I can not account for that.

    Also, it is worth noting that I always have either the A/C or the heat on, and lots of time the radio is on too.

    I love my little Tucson and have been very happy with it!
  • Sorry, I put 1,300 miles when I meant 1,400.
  • jappijappi Posts: 2
    I think there is something wrong with '06 Tucson V6. It has been averaging only 15mpg. I do a combination of city and highway, but mostly city driving.

    I am really disappointed - I had hoped it would be a little better than this. I bought it in August and have 4500 miles on it. My brother told me in September that the mileage would get better as I drove it but it's actually getting worse.

    Anybody else experiencing this.
  • Hello fellow Tucson owners.
    I picked up my 2007 GLS, FWD AT January 16, 2007. I've been trying to track mpg but it I have to take into account that I have been using the autostart and running the engine for 20 minutes at a time due. The best I have gotten so far is 24 mpg. That is mostly highway driving on flat interstate with heater on constantly. I am hoping for improvement when the weather warms and I am not idling the engine for long periods.

    My bigger concern was the 18 inches of snow that we had last weekend. I was stuck 3 times. It didn't take much to get me out but the traction was terribly disappointing. I had better traction in my old Grand Prix fwd. I had originally thought of buying a 4wd but thought the mpg would be better and less vehicle maintenance on fWD than 4WD. I'd like to hear opinions of others.
  • wcorgicarwcorgicar Posts: 2
    Hi everyone,
    Just found this forum and am learning a lot, especially about air filters and synthetic oil. Unfortunately, my 2005 4 cylinder Tucson is at the dealer for its 30,000 mile service which includes oil change, air filter and coolant change. I doubt they will use synthetic oil or a K&N air filter. Anyway, I have just finished an experiment driving 55 mph using cruise control when possible and intermittent A/C in a combination of city/suburban/highway for the last tank of gas and averaged 26 mpg. If I switch to synthetic oil and the K&N air filter, how much better gas mileage do you think I will achieve?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    A clean air filter can increase your mpg by 10% or more if your current one is dirty. Doesn't make any difference whether it's OEM or an aftermarket imo. Synthetic may gain you a few extra miles a tank but I don't think it's worth it for that.

    Check out the Synthetic motor oil discussion and What Really Saves Gas? And How Much?
  • irishredirishred Posts: 7
    Hey! I just bought my Tucson in late February with 7 miles on it at time of purchase. I now have 3800 miles on it doing mostly town to town driving and averaging 20.9 and climbing. Not bad for an SUV considering the Jeep Grand Cherokee I6 I had was only averaging 17. I'm expecting to top at around 21.5 or so and can't wait to see what I average on the way to the shore this summer!!!! Needless to say, I love my Tucson so far!!! :shades:
  • bwaller78bwaller78 Posts: 23
    Hello all, just a update about my tucson gas mileage, I now have 12300 miles and have gotten 20.2-20.5 mpg in city and up to 27mpg for extended miles on hwy. My tucson is a 2006 gls vs alpine frost. I love this car,will plan on keeping it for a while.
  • itxaaroitxaaro Posts: 2
    I can't tell from these posts if anyone is driving an automatic or a 5-speed when they comment on mileage. Do manuals give better MPG than autos? Why?
  • badams007badams007 Posts: 7
    I recently bought a 2006 4WD 6 cyl Tuscon with 20k miles on it. Auto transmission.

    I use it to commute +/- 30 miles each way, and one highway trip each week.

    I am getting a steady 23 mpg using regular gasoline.

    You folks make me wonder what I am doing right !

  • bwaller78bwaller78 Posts: 23
    I just returned from memorial day trip, 830 miles, and was really surprised it only costed me 95 dollars in gas because my tucson got 26 mpg on avg, sometime even getting over 27 mpg. I got to admit I was driving little slower than normal, normally drive 80 mph but slowed it down to 70 mph, even climbing hills was only down to 24.1 mpg, the last time I made the trip only got 21-23 mpg, I now have 13400 miles, mpg seem to get alot better once hit 10000 miles, so all you new tucson owners just hang in there, I will update on any improved mileage.
  • smartsallysmartsally Posts: 9
    I drive a 2007 GLS FWD automatic transmission. Avg. 22-24 mpg. I have 3500 miles on the odometer.
  • jodenjoden Posts: 2
    Tucson GL 4WD 4 cyl. Manual Trans

    I purchased my Tucson new in July 2005. It got great mileage for about the first 1500 miles the mileage then dropped to about 19 MPG since this was late October the dealer blamed this on cold weather ( October weather in Michigan is not cold). We lived with the mileage until the July 2006 oil change and then insisted something be done. Resetting the computer was suggested and tried. The mileage improved to 25 MPG highway. I don't check city mileage because we do very little of it. Resetting the computer has been done at every oil change since and the mileage always comes back to 25 MPG and then drops to 19 about midway to the next oil change. I have tried to convince the dealer that they have a problem but their response is if it does not throw a code the computer has no problem.
  • dhr48864dhr48864 Posts: 19
    I'm within 36 hours of walking into a showroom here in Michigan before also buying a Tucson or Elantra. What do you recommend, quality wise. It is a loaded question I know mainly because of size and features. It's the mpg that concerns me, but it's hard to beat their warranty.

    I'm curious about "resetting the computer" to improve the mpg. How does that work?
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