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Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra Electrical and Computer Questions



  • I have an '03 and also a letter from GMC saying they will extend the warranty for the speedometer issue (new instrument cluster). I don't have the issue with the instruments but do have the problems with the wipers not turning off. The letter says nothing about that, so let me know what you find out. My 03 has been loaded with electrical issues.
  • bigz04bigz04 Posts: 12
    :mad: Good luck. 2004 Chevy silverado Z71 4x4. Speedo started going crazy around 25,000 miles on truck, truck now has 27,000 miles on it and it has been into chevy 5 times! For this Speedo repair, each time two different dealers same part replaced: Instrument panel cluster. Same result no fix, Speedo keeps acting crazy or pegs at zero. But cruise works regardless. Think I'm going to just bite the bullet and try replacing my Vehicle Speed Sensor in the Transfer case. Maybe there is a short or some thing in it? On some days when the speedo acts up I get a Service Brake Booster show up on the screen. All I know for sure is if this does not get fixed soon, I'm going to trade it in for a Dodge and never buy chevy again.
  • azjasazjas Posts: 6
    :sick: Per the GMC Dealership Service Manager - the 03/04 Instrument clusters are defective and will be replaced. Unfortunately, they continue to get replaced with defective units. GMC/Chevrolet is aware of the instrument panel issues for these model years - hence - the free replacement of the clusters.
    Unfortunately for me - this is not the problem with my 2000 GMC Sierra. So far, the best bet we have in repairing intermittent gauge spikes and a transmission failure appears to be a faulty ignition switch or short in a wiring harness that leads to the transmission sensor.
  • @ broke loose. i got a check airbag, check 4x4, and a check trailer brake system. i shut it off then tried to restart and it wouldnt start. to make matters worse i hotshot for a living and just lost on a nice little $1000 run. i had to call the tow truck and cried when i saw my brand new baby rollin away from me. oh, by the way she only has 3800 miles on her. anybody ever experience this?
  • still looking for any tech support on this issue. i took my truck in the dea, i'm sorry, the tow truck towed my new duramax into the dealership this morning and they called me about an hour ago and told me it would be untill 10:30-11:00am tom. before they even look at it. just stressing alittle bit because livleyhood depends on truck.i guess nobody is off from their 9 to 5 yet.any help to put me at ease would be appreciated. thanx
  • Hi, I hope someone can help me out with this. I have a 2003 Sierra 2500 HD 4X4. My truck sometimes goes into 4X4 (I can put it back into two wheel) also it sometimes goes into tow haul it does this when I start it and I put it into gear it does it on its own. Also sometimes the radio shuts off then will come back on the next time I start the truck. The lights are dim and will pulse at night. The battery will go dead sometimes; and nothing is left on. I'm thinking that it might be wiring. :sick:
  • azias,
    Update on our issue:
    Had a mechanic replace the ignition switch and so far so good. Seems to have fixed the problem. It was acting up several times per day before.
    Delco P/N: D1422D @ $89.90
    Labor was $125.00 (not too bad)
    It looked like it would not be too difficult to replace?
    The mechanic told me that the previous years switch assy were ~$200.00. He was shocked that mine was that less expensive.
    Good luck!!
  • azjasazjas Posts: 6
    That is GREAT News! Congrats! I hope that I will have the same GOOD LUCK! Still saving some pennies, nickels and dimes to get the repair on mine.
  • This is very disturbing to hear...
    We just bought a '08 2500hd for my son. Pulled it out of the dealership, and less than 2 miles down the road, the ABS, Brake waring light, and "Trailer Brake System" lights all came on. We drove it right back and left with a loaner Grand Prix. Next day, we tried again and made it a half mile before the lights came back on (additinally, the blinkers wouldn't go off). Third times a charm right? Three Miles!!!
    Is there a known electrical problem with these trucks? If so, our dealer doesn't seem to be aware. I am afraid my son will get his first payment statement before he actually gets the truck home.
  • A search on the internet, shows that these problems are prevalent. The fact that GM and dealers are acting like these are isolated cases, is what is turning me against GM. I have been buying and driving GM for 30 years. My 03 was/is loaded with silly electrical issues and they continue. The flimsy engineering on the power mirrors, power widows and power locks is embarrassing. I feel like I am driving a chevette vs a Professional grade truck! With only 45M miles, in the past 2 weeks of winter, my heater fan failed on positions 1-3, my windows would not roll down, and passenger door lock would not unlock (cold weather and ice). Kind of poor for a truck that was supposed to be designed for winter. Have already had 2 power windows fall apart. Wake up GM! This is why I am not trading in I am not convinced that any of these problems have been fixed, all I see is another new grille!
  • bigz04bigz04 Posts: 12
    Sorry to hear about your luck! Not a good start for a new Truck. My truck is a 2004 bought in 2003 and at 27,000 miles GM can't seem to fix my Speedometer, 8 times in the shop now! My new vehicle will be a Toyota. GM has good mpg and great 4wd systems in their trucks, but GM is still GM when it comes to none stop electrical issues. It is sad that to get a vehicle that will last past the warranty you have to make sure it was not made in the US (it seems like any way). I'll be getting the 4Runner if GM can't fix my truck and suck up the loss when my truck should still have tons of miles left in it. The only thing positive I can say is Chevy has always had good customer service, however that does ware thin when your Vehicle spends more time at the dealer then at home!!! Even though my Truck is old it has hardly no miles on it and for it to have a problem is not the issue, the issue is having a problem they can't fix!
  • Hello there I was wondering if you were able to find the problem with your truck! I ask because my 96 silverado is doing the same thing! sometime it will cut off all together the radio will shut off and reset itself! Whatever is wrong with your truck is also wrong with mine! We thought maybe it was a bad relay or maybe the ignition but we cant put our finger on it! I hope maybe by now you know what it actually is! Well if you do know you can message me at
    thanks bunches-cat
  • Yeah, that is one of the number one reasons a service engine soon light will come on. If you tighten the cap, and the light is still on, either have the guy at the auto parts store reset your computer, or disconnect your battery.
  • I have a 2003 chevy silverado with roughly 56,xxx miles on it. I noticed the other night that the yellow security with the padlock light stays on all the time, but it is very, very dim. Do I need to take the dash apart and try to reconnect the wire, or do you guys think i have a bad relay? Any help would be appreciated.

    - Steve
  • Hi just two day's ago the same thing happend to my 02 chevy silverado ext. cab z71 4x4 5.3L. Also the engine cut out many time's that day during idle so I drove it home so I can work on it the next day. After I let it stand for the night now there is no power anywhere in the truck the batt tested 12.46V but even with the key in run nothing turns on can someone help?
  • The service engine soon light does not come on, just the security light that flashes when you start your vehicle. It is very dim though, not bright like when the vehicle is first started. If i took the dash apart would that help? I'm thinking that there is just corrosion on the terminal and that simply removing the gauge cluster may solve the mysterious "dim" security light problem that I am having.
    - Steve
  • Hello,

    I have a 2000 chevy silverado 1500 4x4 5.3 auto. On cold starts after you put the truck in gear the gauges bounce back and forth, the abs, air bag and battery lights flash on and off and the gas and alternator gauge don't read properly. I thought it was a low battery issue or a bad alternator but both checked out ok. the scanner shows no codes. Sometimes when i'm driving the above will happen and the truck will shut off. It then starts up and runs fine sometimes or sometimes I have to press the gas pedal to start it. The dealer said it could be a ignition switch or the ecm but there guessing. Has anyone heard of this or had it happen. thanks for the help
  • azjasazjas Posts: 6
    This sounds identical to several reports. The problem is likely the ignition switch and/or wiring (cabling) that is damaged. The ignition switch is about a 200/300 hundred repair job at the dealership. Take a look at past posts - you will note that a couple of folks have found the ignition switch to be the problem and answer about 95% of the time.
  • Thanks azjas

    I did look back through some early posts and found similar things just like you said. However I purchased the switch and wiring harness today at the dealer it only cost $87 with my shop discount. I looked it up on napa prolink and they get 247 list 189 my cost much more than dealer. thanks again for your input I hope this is the solution.

  • I have the same truck and the same problem. I have talked to several mechanics and they have only guesses. let me know if the ignition switch fixes the problem.

    thanks for your help
  • Rusty32

    I installed the new switch on friday. It solved all the problems with gauges and stalling I couldn't believe it. the chevy dealer where I bought the part said they have never heard of a switch going bad. I think there doing damage control I suspect this is a very common problem after reading posts here and other sites. I install the switch myself, it was easy took about 1-1/2 hours the only problem I ran into was I failed to disconnect the battery first and blew a 50 amp maxi fuse, so don't make that mistake. Most of the time you'll spend is taking the dash panels off and back on the switch itself takes 10 minuets to change. Hope this helps someone else.

  • I have an 04 with dash lights burned out. I am just looking for a source to purchase the bulbs and re-solder them in myself. Also, if there is a source for the temp control and radio lights. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

    Let me know,
  • When I start my 2005 Chevy Silverado everything is fine. A few minutes into the drive, the chime sounds off about 10 times, various lights in the dash come on such as the power lock light, battery, 4wd, ABS, park brake. Sometimes the radio cuts out (loses power), the power windows won't work, power door locks won't work, and the small gages such as fuel, temp, battery, and oil pressure drop to zero.

    Sometimes everything happens at once, sometimes it's only a combination of the aforementioned. Then, all of a sudden, everything is restored to normal working order. Few minutes later, it starts happening again. Sometimes various lights come on, the radio loses power and it stays that way until I restart the truck. Then the cycle repeats itself all over again. Keep in mind that the truck "runs" fine even while all this is going on. No engine trouble at all. However, I'm scared this will spread to the headlights on a dark night or windshield wipers on a rainy day.

    I took it to the dealer and they were not able to reproduce the problem as some days everything works fine. The ran a computer diagnostic which returned some errors that meant something was losing communication but they were real vague about. I don't think they have any clue or haven't seen this before. However they said it's really odd these symptoms would occur together since they are all on seperate circuits and all the usual suspects passed their tests such as checking the battery terminals and checking connections in the fuse box.

    Today something a little different happened. My truck has this feature that when you turn it off, the power windows and radio stay powered on for 10 minutes or until you open the door. Whichever comes first. Today, when I got to the jobsite and turn off the key, the power shut off to the dash within 10-15 seconds. As if the "feature" wasn't working. Makes me think the entire problem coould revolve around the box or chip that controls that 10 minute power feature. Or it could simply be another symptom of a bigger problem such as the main computer going bad.

    I've looked under the hood several times but with all the wires and terminals on cars these days, who knows where to look? The problem could even be inside the dash where I can't get to. What bugs me the most is that I paid $83.00 to the dealer to run a diagnostic but they never fixed the problem or even had a sugestion. They said bring it back as the problem occurs however I don't want to pay another 83 bucks for them to just scratch their heads.

    Any suggestions or places to search for a solution would be appreciated. If I don't hear anything, I'm going to replace the ignition switch like [shigzy].
  • my last truck 2002 1500 4.8L did that, pulled the battery cable off, broke the positive off from the inside of battery, new battery fixed mine, but every one on here seems to say ignition switch.
  • slewrateslewrate Posts: 3
    Anybody use/own a HP Tunner / code scanner and/or MPVI Pro feature! Anyone recommend a scanner (any scanner) for my 2005 5.3L Silverado? Any pro's to scan/log activity on a laptop? Must monitor ODB2 also.Thanks
  • As a followup to my 2/28/2008 post, wanted to let everyone know my problem turned out to be a corroded ground wire. Simple fix. The wire is somewhere under the hood on the driver side. Didn't ask for specifics as I was just glad to get the problem fixed. It's been acting up for 6 months. Nobody could fix it till now.
  • i have an 03 silverado with a 5.3 it has electronic throttle control and when i am coming to a stop it wants to die sometimes does and it has a very rough idle i already changed plugs wires fuel filter and cleaned my k and n air filter i have checked all vacum lines there is no vacum leak i even checked the vacum brake booster it holds vacum just fine i did a trany filter and filter change and no metal shavings and i have not gotten any trouble codes and when i was doing the tune up i had the battery disconnected after re connecting the battery i had to drive it around for 45 minutes of it constantly dieing at stops before it relearned to adjust for this problem. do you think its the idle air control valve or a fuel problem or electrical
  • I Just purchased a 2008 silverado 1500 2wd drove it home and halfway i got a code that says service the tire pressure monitoring system, the truck has 20 miles on it! i went through the manual to see if i could reset it and tried it all the tires have n2 in them as well has anyone seen this before?? the reprogram didnt work and i dont really want to deal with the dealership its such a hassle!! any help would be appreciated
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    Sounds like a dirty IAC. However since you have the K&N it could also be a dirty MAF sensor too.
  • jtrappjtrapp Posts: 2
    I bought a new 6.0L 2500HD SLT model out of the dealer, and have had the following minor, (and major) problems since it left the factory. Interestingly enough, backlighting in GM trucks now, necessitates replacement of an entire switch.. wonder how many engineers GM needs to replace a light bulb? None.. throw a perfectly good working device away and replace it because a bulb burned out. O well.. warranty..

    1) Instrument cluster tranny temp backlight bulb failure. Replace cluster under warranty at 40K (good thing, that cluster's $1100)
    2) 4x4 pushbutton switch backlighting bulb failure: Replace switch under warranty at 40K
    3) A/C vent (door) actuator motor, both RHS and LHS failure. (heat out one side with both sides of the climate control set to cold). Replaced under warranty at 40K
    4) HVAC climate control panel. Backlight failure. Replace entire HVAC control under warranty at 40K.
    5) Steering wheel switches (all four) backlighting bulb failure. Replace under EXTENDED warranty, at 90K.
    6) Battery failure. Dealer indicates that GM batteries are not covered by the same warranty as their identical shelved brothers, but are merely covered for the life of the original vehicle mileage warranty of 60K.. and not covered under my extended warranty. Replace at 85K OUT OF MY POCKET. One battery, 1 yr, 4 mo. life. It's replacement? An identical delco battery, covered for five years. So far, that's the only time I've been left on the road so far, and.. the only out of pocket bill the dealer's shovelled off to me.

    Since its a Canadian model truck, I've also got some other uncorrectible issues with my dealer. I want the DRL's and auto headlights disabled and capable of being switched to "off" at MY discresion.. no means to program them at a dealer in Canada. Also not fussy about the top speed limiter, and last but not least, I also get the infamous bug shield rattle mentioned in some of your other forums.

    Topping the rest of the list, (not related to electrical mind you) I had some vibration in my drive shaft.. Fortunately, it was a seized rear driveshaft U-joint. Replaced under warrranty, at 85K.

    And just out of curiosity, for those with the 06 models, on the light switch to the right of the instrument panel dimmer dial, is there backlighting on the switch on the dimmer symbols on any of your trucks? Might necessitate a new light switch.

    Apart from the battery failure, I've never seen my check engine light.. never had any other sensor issues, and never had any powertrain problems. Just a lot of little things GM could stop cutting corners on. Electronic parts. They would be smart to use LED bulbs in their future designs.

    Fussy? Yup. Resale? Gonna need it. Had the truck for only a year and 4 months. Good thing it had extended warranty!
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