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cvt transmission in the ford vehicles

UGLYOUGLYO Member Posts: 1
edited January 2019 in Ford
the fault is not with ford in the cvt transmission, I own a 2006 freestyle, and I found a design flaw in the transmission, and fixed it, I am currently working on a provisional patent to present, that it can be fixed and I do mean a lot of the problems, the lunging forward, the wrench light putting it into limp mode, the whole 9 yards, since the repair, my wife has not had 1 problem with her freestyle, ford actually did a great job on this vehicle, and I'm a chevy person, own em, drive em, the mechanic's are charging between $1200- $1700 to repair something that can be done in an hour at the cost of the part which is about $20.00, if I could get someone interested in helping me with the patent and presentation to the BIG motor companies, there is a lot of money here to be made here, we are talking FORD, NISSAN, TOYOTA, and a few others.


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    PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Member Posts: 9,372
    Have you done any research on patents on similar ideas? As original as your idea may seem, there's a reasonable chance someone else had the same thought. Not saying this to discourage you, but having gone through the patent process myself (I did get a patent), it is amazing, and very interesting to do a preliminary patent search on your own to get an idea of whether you should proceed further. With your location listed as Kalamazoo, the closest patent depository library to you is at the University of Michigan Art, Architecture & Engineering Library. You can search there, and once you get a feel for the classification system and start finding (possibly) related patents, you can really learn a LOT.

    Presentation is WAY down the road. You're at the start of the process. Build a firm foundation. The provisional patent is a way to establish an early filing date, but also starts a one year clock for you to file a non-provisional application. And that will require a patent attorney, professional search (even if you did a great search like I did and KNEW they would find nothing similar), patent drawings, etc. I did NOT file a provisional, just because I wasn't sure what I would find and how long things might take. Didn't want that clock to start ticking right away. Once I had satisfied myself that the process was going to be successful, I found a patent attorney and all the rest.

    So you might want to get into the library and start digging on your own first. Also, don't talk about details of your idea/procedure publicly. If you need to bounce ideas off of someone, or consult experts on some point, get signed non-disclosure agreements.

    Best of luck. Sounds exciting.
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