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Jeep Cherokee 2007 Limp Mode on start up.

edited January 2019 in Jeep
I purchased a 2007 Jeep Cherokee Auto 2.8 with a loose cable selector for the 4WD meaning I can only drive it in 4WD Full-time, not 2WD.

When beginning to drive the car the ESP and ABS light will be on and the car will begin to Judder and slow down making it difficult to drive as if it's in a limp mode. A new ABS Sensor ring was advised by a mechanic after it's scan and was replaced but did not cure the problem.

This limp mode will stop after a couple of minutes of driving and the rest of the drive will be fine, with no more issues.

I have now been advised to get a new airflow metre and new selector cable.

Any advice or help would be much appreciated.


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