Noise from clutch after 70% pressed

redbullahredbullah Member Posts: 1
edited January 2019 in Toyota
Hello friends, I have a manual transmission 2007 Toyota Yaris 1.4 D-4D hatchback. Replaced the clutch few days ago (original AISIN brand). I hear a 'tatatata' type of noise (like something is loose or shaky, not really loud but also not ignorable) from transmission/clutch region under these circumstances: - Car is moving at any speed, in any gear. - Gas pedal released (or pressed, does not matter), - Start pressing clutch pedal: starting from around 70% pressed to all the way down (including fully pressed), the noise is heard. Or, - In normal cruise, in any gear, reduce gas (not cut off completely), as rev keeps being reduced, at some point, same noise is heard. Also, - Single 'tk' sound is heard twice (while pressing and releasing clutch pedal) while changing gears regularly (since clutch is passing that point). It is like there is a sweet spot of clutch engagement point that generates the sound. Noise was there before I replaced the clutch but it is amplified since then. What may be the cause? Best regards.
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