All the warning lights on instrument panel flash on and off as well as gauges all drop to "0"

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I have been having these problems for about a week while driving my 2016 Jeep Patriot Latitude all my warning lights on instrument panel flash on and off as well as the speedometer, RPM gauge and gas gauge all drop to "0" and the sound of the warning chime goes off while my dashboard goes crazy! It is very scary to have this happen while driving even though it doesn't seem to affect my driving other than I noticed that the turn signal doesn't work while this is going on. It happens intermittently. I just recently had the TIPM replaced at the dealership about 2 months ago while it was still under the extended warranty because of a minor wreck I was in where I hit someone from behind it started doing some of the same things right after the wreck except the windshield wipers and radio would start working by themselves and the windows would not roll up as well as the horn would honk sometimes on its own it basically appeared to be possessed! They changed the windshield wiper motor and the TIPM out thinking that would resolve the problem but it didn't they ended up finding out the ground wire that came from the TIPM was the culprit it had came loose during the wreck so once they fixed the ground wire everything worked perfectly until now....??? My Patriot's warranty has now expired but I took it last week to the same dealership and asked them to look at it but since it was right after the holidays they told me they didn't have time to do it and for me to bring it back today they said since it is showing some of the same symptoms they wouldn't charge me a diagnostic fee but I am scared...that it will be something that they won't cover, any ideas what could be the problem? I might add that I took the car to AutoZone and they checked the battery alternator and starter and they said all of them are working fine and I also cleaned the battery terminals and tightened them but still have the problem.
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