Heating problem

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I have a Nissan Altima Hybrid from 2008,90.000 miles.It is the only car imported in Romania in 2010, and I do not have a specialized service available.The problem is related to the heating system.In the EV MODE mode the heating is no longer working, basically the water pump does not circulate anymore and the thermal engine no longer receives the command to start to maintain the temperature of the high water.On the go, when the heat engine works, the heat is running, at the traffic light or in electric running, it no longer supplies the heat.It worked for a short period of time while I turned the temperature knob from hot to cold and vice versa afterwards did not want to start.Basically if I have the full battery and stay in place the car does not introduce heat.
Someone else has encountered this problem, some advice would be of great help.
Thank you in advance and "dry asphalt"
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