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Mazda CX-7 Transmission Questions



  • sfe5sfe5 Posts: 1
    I have 800 miles on my CX-7 and the jerking transmission at highway speeds in nearly constant. Have never felt anything like this on any car, new or used. Extremely irritating. I believe I will also call Mazda USA.
  • vbbuiltvbbuilt Posts: 498
    Recommend you visit your Mazda dealer and take your service tech for a ride and demonstrate the problem.

  • I believe the reason is for the turbo fan to run to cool itself. I think its only a necessity after driving for an extended period of time.
  • I too HAD the same problem. There is a bulletin on this and my dealership did a reprogram on transmission control module. The first time it still wasn't quite right. I took it back today and they checked it out again and did another reprogram. This time it worked. The tech at my dealership was very open and even had the service manager do a search for any bulletins. He did find it and communicated with me the whole time I was waiting.
  • I have the same problem - very noticable and annoying. I plan to take the car to the dealership. Would you share with me what dealership you took your car to so if my dealership is difficult I can have them contact yours to discuss how to fix it? Thanks.
  • Heritage Mazda in Owings Mills Maryland.
  • same thing with mine, GT CX-7 AWD. planning on taking it in to the dealer. engine hesitates as soon as it shifts into 5th and/or 6th and stays rough at what seems like all cruising speeds between say 45mph and 65mph.
  • I just had a problem with my CX-7 transmission sticking in 3rd gear. The engine light and AT light came on the friday before Christmas. I had to wait until the Tuesday after Christmas to take the car to the dealership. At that time the AT light was off but engine light remained on. The dealership said that they had to reprogram the control module. The following day of driving, the car was stuck in 3rd gear again so I took it straight to the dealership while the AT light was on. After checking the car out, they said they had to replace the control module and now the car is running OK. I just want to pass this info along so you are aware of what needs to be done to fix the problem. I will say that the service at the dealership in Brandon, Florida was great and every time provided a loaner car with no question asked. That's service.
  • My CX-7 makes a 'klunk noise' when the gear shifts from 1st to 2nd. You can also feel it on the gas pedal. It's louder and more noticeable on the pedal after it's been parked for a while but it always happens even after driving it if you turn the engine off and turn it back on. My dealership tried flushing the transmission and resetting the computer to no avail. They're out of answers and is setting up an appt for me to see the regional technical specialist for the west coast. Does anybody have a similar problem?
  • zoom49zoom49 Posts: 76
    If this just happens only on the first shift, (after shifting out of park) Then it is most likely the ABS system
    testing itself. That is the only time I have heard a similar noise.
  • I have driven a lot of other cars with ABS and other similar features as the CX-7 without the 'klunk noise.' It's extremely annoying and I hope Mazda can come up with some kind of fix for it. And if it doesn't happen in every CX-7, it can't be normal.
  • zoom49zoom49 Posts: 76
    So does the Klunk noise happen on most 1 -2 upshifts or only on the first shift after the transmission is shifted out of park? This klunk noise is also on my RX-8 with manual transmission and is due to an ABS test.
  • the klunk noise happens only during gear shift from 1st to 2nd. no noise is made when it's shifted out of park. a regional specialist check it on 2/16/07 and i'll let you know what he says. thanks.
  • saledsaled Posts: 1
    i just bought a mazda cx-7 and i love it :) but after about 3 weeks of driving it i would notice when im on the highway it would out of nowhere start to jerk it felt like it was struggling. and also today when i was driving on the highway my car shifted from 6th gear to 5th and stay at 5th and then go back to 6th. is this comman in a new car? :confuse:
  • zoom49zoom49 Posts: 76
    There has been a new electronic program out for a few months that can reprogram the transmission to reduce shudder when driving on the highway. Tell your dealer about your concerns on your first service visit. Should be an easy fix.
  • kkearneykkearney Posts: 4
    Hi. I just bought an '07 CX-7 Grand Touring AWD with 13k miles on it. Accelerating to 3000 RPM in 3rd gear there is a brief shudder that is felt in the steering wheel. It then disappears when the dropping into 4th. Anyone else feel the same thing? What are your thoughts about potential cause? BTW I drive the car pretty calmly. Thanks
  • Hey there....I am from Canada and I bought a CX-7 in December. Had the exact same problem has you did, only they had absolutely NO IDEA what caused it. Been to the dealer 5 times and lost my car several weeks even months. They changed the PCM module, did not fix it, they changed a flow inhibitor did not fix it, the changed the knock sensor, did not fix it. Now it is still at the dealer, apparently they fixed it, some loose connection on the PCM but I have lost total faith in my vehicle. Did they fix yours? If so, please let me know what they did. Thanks...besided that...I love my car.
  • Sounds like I had the same problem. It started with some sort of stutter upon acceleration, then later it developed into something that made the AT & CEL light come on. Soon thereafter, the car would only be in third if it was in drive. (I could shift to reverse & park, but when I tried to get it back in drive, it would go into third.) That earned it a tow to the dealer.

    They replaced the TCM and reflashed the TCU. It seems to be running perfectly now.
  • New member here. I thought that I'd pass on my experiences with my Canadian CX7 GT AWD, bought in Jan 07 with a build date of 10/06 - now with about 9900KMs on the clock.

    My dealer has done the Lag Below 2500RPM Reflash, P2006 CEL IMRC Replacement, Stuttering in Cruise Reflash and I still have the so called Transmission Clunk on the first forward departure of the day - normally at the 1 to 2 shift.

    Evidently, the clunk is normal as described in Mazda Canada Bulletin 06-07 issued 12/06 - Clunk Noise From Brake Pedal When Accelerating From A Stop. The copy that they provided for me states that - The clunk noise is most likely to occur after a night soak. This is a normal operating noise of the ABS. It happens when the vehicle reaches approx 10KMH/6.2MPH when the pump motor in the DSC Hyd Unit starts operating and malfunction diagnosis is performed. Do not attempt any repairs.

    Being the skeptic that I am, I tried it out the next morning with the trans in Auto Mode. Sure enough it clunked at the 1 to 2 shift. The next day I tried in Manual Mode where the trans did not shift; however, it clunked at exactly 10KMH. Therefore, I now believe that Mazda is correct here. The concern that I have now is that it did not happen when the car was new but it has started occurring over the past 2000KMs and seems to be getting louder. I fear problems with this component down the road.

    The stuttering in cruise is interesting. In 6 Gear in Auto Mode at 110Km/70MPH at about 2200RPM, the trans seems to shift out of lockup mode under the slightest load such as a minor incline in the road. RPM increases to 2500 or so & will hold there until the road levels out again. If the same scenario is encountered in Manual Mode, lockup is held much longer but after a while the engine seems to start lugging (stuttering) and finally it will come out of lockup, increases to 2900RPM then slowly decreases to 2500RPM until it the road levels out. I did a 2 hour return test run today in no wind, on a quiet divided highway with many gentle hills. I estimate that in 6 Gear in Auto Mode, the trans was NOT in lockup approx 60-70% of the time whereas in Manual Mode it was NOT in lockup about 20-30%, albeit with some stuttering.

    Not being in lockup while cruising seems to me to be negatively impacting hwy fuel economy. Furthermore, I suspect that the continual shifting in and out of lockup in Auto Mode might be detrimental to the longevity of the transmission.

    My 2 cents worth.
  • Just for fun, I tried driving in Reverse after a night soak. Sure enough, I got the clunk from the ABS self test at about 10KPH/6MPH while going backwards.

    In my CX7, it defintely is NOT a transmission shifting problem.
  • So... no one else feels this shudder? Could it be tire balance related? Any assist/response is appreciated. Thanks!
  • Just got my cx7 2 weeks ago and recently I noticed the klanking sound when start the engine after a overnight parking. Basically I do every morning is to back up from the garage, when I shif the gear in to "R", here goes the first Klank, the second klank happened when the gear shift from 1st to 2nd during initial driving. I scheduled a service call to bring in the vehicle for a check up tomorrow, I will report anything after they check tomorrow.
  • If your's is an AWD model it could be an early build with the drive shaft issue. There is a TSB out on this issue but it only effects early builds on AWD models.
  • Thanks for the reply,mine is a FWD 07 model. I brought in the car this morning and the service adviser told me that he has other 3 cars with exactly the same problem and they tried to replace some component on one of them but did not solve the noise problem. Later on he explained to me that consider all the vehicle has this sound, he consider it normal on all cx7 to have this sound when engaging transmission to R or during the first shift from 1st to 2nd gear when cold start.I guess they are totally out of loop at this moment about how to adjust the problem at this time. I also brought up that the angle of the driver side light is lower than the passenger side so I request them to check on it, the adviser told me that its normal to have the driver side light aim a little bit lower than the passenger side since they are trying to avoid the strong beam shooting into opposite direction, does this make sense?">link title
  • Yes, the angle of the headlights being different is normal. There are already posts on this.

    The ABS does a self-test at a certain mph in both forward and reverse; it is unrelated to the transmission shifting, but often appears to be about at the 1-2 shift point. I hadn't heard about the driveshaft TSB, but the ABS noise is a normal happening, and sounds like a clunk from the engine bay. There are posts on this, too.

  • Got back the car yesterday, apparently the dealer did find an article from mazda's service support database to advise that clunk was due to ABS test, the article also suggest them not to attempt any kind of repair to it. I just hope they are right about this.
  • vbbuiltvbbuilt Posts: 498
    Push the warranty issue. If they claim the "klank" is "normal", and not to fix it, then get it in writing. If the klank will indeed NOT harm the tranny NOR affect the performance, then I suppose you can live with it. My gut feeling tells me otherwise, though.

    Me? I've got 30K miles on mine, bought it in June 2006 and I DON'T have that noise. So, I'm not willing to say it's normal.

    Hope all works well for you! Vince.
  • Bet you do TOO have the ABS noise... :P

  • vbbuiltvbbuilt Posts: 498
    Well, guess you'll have to journey out to Leesburg, VA and see for yourself! :)

  • Meet me halfway? Memphis? Would be a great MPG test, lol...
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