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New CX-7 Owners Give us your report

SylviaSylvia Member Posts: 1,636
Are you a new CX-7 owner? Give us your report!


  • billvackbillvack Member Posts: 11
    Just picked up my CX-7 yesterday.
    GT AWD Copper Red, with the Tech and Performance Package, and RSA tires.
    Only 100 miles on it - but it rides great and feels terrific.
    Navigation is cool - but can't figure out how to change the clock ??
    Will give MPG as time goes on.
  • honakerhonaker Member Posts: 74
    can't figure out how to change the clock

    Yeah, I had problems with that too.

    To set the clock, press the following:NAVI
    Navigation Setup
    Set Clock
  • hondas2khondas2k Member Posts: 9
    On the interior headliner to the left of the microphone is another sensor that looks like an IR sensor. Does anyone know what this is for?
  • russ_49russ_49 Member Posts: 54
    Thanks for the input. I didn't get what I would have liked, but I got more than NADA wholesale for it, which is ok, probably because of the repeat buying record, and ended up slightly above dealer invoice. That being said, "I JUST FELL IN LOVE AGAIN"!! But, don't tell my wife!! GT AWD, Copper Red, with Nav package, and a few other extras!

    One question I have for you, being a Mazda dealer, the car is so new to the dealership, it came in on Thursday last week, that they did not have the Certificate of Origin on hand, so I couldn't drive off with it Saturday. How long will it take for the dealship to get the CO? The GM at the dealership said that everything should be ready more than likely no later than this coming Tuesday.

    By the way, my wife thinks the car is very cool! And has already been hitting me up to use it to go to work. Now I really don't think that is quite fair, seeing as though when I bought her her new 05 Tribute last year, I wasn't taking her car!!! I guess I'll have to give in, because she was there when I was writing out the additional deposit check, and didn't have a problem with it. SHE'S THE BOSS, YOU KNOW!! :P
  • vbbuiltvbbuilt Member Posts: 498
    Guess you'll have to bargain with her, maybe you can alternate, one week you drive the CX7 to work, then next week, she does. :P
  • audia8qaudia8q Member Posts: 3,138
    it came in on Thursday last week, that they did not have the Certificate of Origin on hand, so I couldn't drive off with it Saturday. How long will it take for the dealship to get the CO?

    They usually arrive the day before the car arrives...but its not uncommon to arrive a few days afterwards. So they should get it anyday. Enjoy your new CX!!
  • kinggoopkinggoop Member Posts: 15
    I've had my CX-7 for about a week now. I still just absolutely love it.

    Just got the MOC and the Lo Jack put in mine yesterday too. The Sound System sounded a little 2D for me .. still does depending on what kind of music I'm listening to. Does not sound all that great with rock but.. with hip hop and R&B.. sounds great.

    Love the transmission as well.. 6 speed.. turbo.. wow. For an can giddyupandgo pretty nicely. (I used to drive a 305z so.. this new car has alot to live up to. :P )

    After my first test drive .. my wife and I fell in love with it as well. And so far we are very happy with our purchase.
  • vbbuiltvbbuilt Member Posts: 498

    RE your assessment of the sound quality. You didn't specify the source of your music. Just remember that Centerpoint (surround sound) only functions with CDs.

  • kinggoopkinggoop Member Posts: 15
    OH.. yeah.. the source of the music was a CD.

    Groups such as Disturbed, Three Doors Down, Linkin Park.. all kinda sounded 2D. Other group such as Outkast, E40, Sean Paul and Nelly sounded real good and had an overall 3D sound to it and overall better sound quality.
  • kinggoopkinggoop Member Posts: 15
    HAHAHA.. I had the same problem as well. Took me forever to figure it out. I even had the user's manual in front of me, but it only showed me how to work it with a model without a nav system. lol... finally figured it out, but it took me close to 20 minutes to do so.
  • vbbuiltvbbuilt Member Posts: 498
    hmmm, interesting. I wonder if the way music is encoded on the disc makes a difference or if it's the music itself, the dynamic range between highs and lows?

  • wjbushsrwjbushsr Member Posts: 135
    That would be the indriect lighting for the stick shift.
    Blue light emits from it. {GT only}
  • vbbuiltvbbuilt Member Posts: 498
    Yep, only visible at night with the headlights on. Fabulous eery glow that matches the blue background in the dash.

  • russ_49russ_49 Member Posts: 54
    Tell you what, go get Carlos Santana's "Supernatural" put it in the deck, if you have the Bose system and then turn it up to about "35" and sit back and relax! Then tell me it sounds 2D!!!!! SWEET!!!! :shades:
  • kinggoopkinggoop Member Posts: 15
    lol 35. That would prolly sound nice, but... a little loud. HOwever.. I also have to report that I think I lost that CD somewhere during one of my military moves. >,<!
  • kinggoopkinggoop Member Posts: 15
    Well.. ya also got to figure that R&B and Hip Hop tend to use alot more bass in the music rather than rock and alternative or punk rock tends to use more treble. Therefore the mid and higher ranged speakers are being used more often than the subs. I think that a majority of the high range speakers are located on the dash and doors.. so you're not getting much from behind.
  • wjbushsrwjbushsr Member Posts: 135
    Or better yet drop in anything from Steely Dan's Aja, or Pink Floyd's entire collection and prepare to be amazed!
    The Wall is wild!
    Boston's first album; Dire Strait's Brothers In Arm; or for the ultimate Rock Out, try the REAL King of Rock: Jimi Hendrix's All Along The Watchtower! :shades:

    For those in the know; Kool and the Gang's Summer Madness is one you might want to listen to on a road with a few less travelers! You'll know why! :P
  • kinggoopkinggoop Member Posts: 15
    Hey.. Just curious if anyone else is having a strange slight grinding sound when going into second gear when you first start going.

    I start the car .. I start to go and then it kinda grinds when going into second gear (or a hard shift) but never happens again except for the first time it goes into second. Anyone else experience that?
  • vbbuiltvbbuilt Member Posts: 498
    Nope, mine shifts smoothly through all gears. I have the GT AWD.

  • wjbushsrwjbushsr Member Posts: 135
    Call your service dept! There should be NO grinding with this transmission! Grinding, if you can hear it through all of the insulation especially, is truly a cause for alarm! Don't wait for it to happen for all of the gears. :sick:
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    There's a Mazda chat tonight - check the link on the left for your time zone. Starts in a little less than 5 hours from now. Zoom zoom!
  • russ_49russ_49 Member Posts: 54
    Finally let the wife take the CX-7 to work for the day! She drove into the local coffee shop, and the clerk at the window first asked if it was an Infinity! My wife said "No, it's a Mazda", and they started doing the commercial! Putting their heads down, listening, and saying "It's a Sports Car"! Then stated, "A VERY HOT CAR"!

    Her co-worker's asked if she bought a new car, and asked if it was a Lexus! My wife told them it was a Mazda, and they couldn't believe how awsome the car was, when she took them for a spin!!

    VERY COOL!!! ;)
  • aussiedawgaussiedawg Member Posts: 9
    GT AWD with tech package and homelink mirror. Love the style and the zip or should I say zoom zoom. A bit stiff of a ride, but very sporty. Still trying to find the proper seat adjustment. I think a telescoping steering wheel would help. Nav not as intuitive as my Garmin C330, but much more feature rich. The ride is fairly quiet.
  • callmerayzcallmerayz Member Posts: 11
    12 days 1300 miles and still happy.
    Price is very fair. Great value... Watch out Nissan, ford, GM, crysler, Toyota... Your customers are driving off in new CX-7 going ZOOM ZOOM.
  • marleybarrmarleybarr Member Posts: 334
    Thinking seriously about the CX-7. What is your driving impressions so far?
  • vbbuiltvbbuilt Member Posts: 498
    Does this mean I'm a hardcore enthusiast?

  • russ_49russ_49 Member Posts: 54
    You certainly are VB!!! I see you have the TECH package! Can tell by the location of the camera mount! Exactly the same as mine!!! GOTTA LUV IT!!!

    I went to a wedding last weekend, found a parking spot close to the door, so I went and moved my CX after they told me I had to park in the street! When I went to get out of the car the country club manager started to walk over to me, I thought I was in trouble and would have to move. She wanted to sit in my CX! She had just bought a Murano 6 weeks earlier and wanted to take a look. After I went over everything with her and told her the difference in price, she stated that she was going to go down to see my dealer, and was seriously thinking of trading in her M!!!

    The very next day, while my wife was at the walkup ATM another guy got out of his car, and came over...he fell in love with it, a subaru guy, who stated that he's been looking at the CX for a while, and mine was the first that he had seen on the road....

    Copper Red, AWD, with Nav, and additional toys, VIN number in the low 200's...and loving every minute of it!

    By the way, did you get your "ZOOM-ZOOM" rear window decal in the mail yet? Mine is in!!! ;)
  • vbbuiltvbbuilt Member Posts: 498
    LOL, yes the sticker came in the mail - still sitting on the table here. Guess I'll have to put it now.

  • vbbuiltvbbuilt Member Posts: 498
    BTW, where did you put that ZOOM-ZOOM decal? I can't figure out where to put it.

  • zoom49zoom49 Member Posts: 76
    Most likely spot is on one of the windows, however our sticker was black so it wont show up.
  • russ_49russ_49 Member Posts: 54
    I said I had it, I didn't say I put it on yet!!!LOL...still trying to find a place also. I guess I'll just have to put it in the back of my wife's 05 Tribute!!! At least you can see it there!!! :P
  • russ_49russ_49 Member Posts: 54
    Hay VB, how long did it take you to get those plates in VA anyway? From your picture on the other post, those weren't the plates that you had on the car there? Just wondering, I was thinking about it, but in MA, it cost a fortune for a vanity plate, and takes way too long...
  • vbbuiltvbbuilt Member Posts: 498
    At Brown's in Fairfax, that dealership has the ability to provide permanent plates on-the-spot - none of those temporary paper plates.

    Online purchase requires knowing the VIN and the title number. I had the VIN, but the title number wasn't available until the credit union finalized all of the paperwork. I had to wait a while, before the traction was recorded by the state and available for review online. Once that happened, I could purchase the vanity plate online. It took a couple weeks to receive the new vanity plates in the mail. The fee was pro-rated a bit. In Virginia, vanity plates plus registration renewal is only $45 per year. Vince.
  • jessterjesster Member Posts: 5
    I have put around 1100 miles on my GT AWD in a week and half and I love the car. The electric blue is a show stopper, gets lots of looks and easy to find in a parking lot. Had to drive from Portland to Seattle for work this weekend and found the longest twistiest back road possible, over two major mountains. It ate up the hills and the curves. Able to pass on tight steep sections that other drivers couldn't even think about. It great on the highway too, if your just cruising its about as close to auto pilot as you could hope for and if your pushing it there is great response from the engine and the steering wheel. Inside it has the fit and finish of a much more expensive car. Surpassed all my expectations.
  • mobetter66mobetter66 Member Posts: 1
    Just got my CX-7 at dealer cost today. Here are the specs:
    Exterior Color: Brilliant Black Clearcoat
    Interior Color: Sand Leather GT
    Technology Package:
    240W Bose 9-Speaker Surround system w/Audiopilot
    DVD Navigation w/Voice Command & Touch Screen
    Rearview Camera
    In-dash 6-disc CD Changer
    PWR Moonroof w/Interior Sunshade
    Mazda Advanced Keyless Entry & Start System
    Perimiter Alarm

    Currently looking into putting 22 inch rims & tires and dvd screens in both headrests for passengers.
  • vbbuiltvbbuilt Member Posts: 498
    Having experienced the Nav System for a month now, I've concluded it's not very good. In particular, I'm speaking to it's data base of POI's (Points of Interest) - very sparse. For example, I live in Northern VA. There are 5 Best Buy stores in my immediate vicinity - not one is listed. All have been existence long before the data base was created. Same with Target Stores. I've run across numerous other examples such as major shopping centers aren't listed.

    Contrast this with the Eclipse AVN 2454 NAV system installed in my Hyundai. All of the previous examples were found - dozens of entries.

    Contacted Mazda via their website - they have no techical data on Nav system, but pointed me to Navigation Technologies, who they say is the maker of the Nav System in the CX-7.

    Contacted Navigation Technologies ( They deny supporting the CX-7. So, I contacted Mazda again, and fwded my exchange of emails. Mazda finally admitted, that they're in negotiations with Navtech for future updates.

    So the problem right now, is that there is NO tech support for the Nav System nor for the current version of the mapping data in the CX-7. :mad:

  • honakerhonaker Member Posts: 74
    That sucks. I've never had a Nav system before, so I was kind of impressed that it knew anything. Maybe there'll be a TSB to update the mapping database after they get everything worked out?
  • astegmanastegman Member Posts: 171
    I just received a call that my new CX-7 has arrived safe and sound and is at the dealer. I will be picking it up tomorrow (the 12th). I am so excited...and nervous! Then I'm going on vacation on Monday but will not be taking it - just too stressful to do so, plus, we're going to the Jersy shore (LBI) and we're pretty rough on the car when we go - all that sand and beach chairs, etc. So the newbie will sit in the garage til we get back, at which time I will report in. Hopefully the autolock won't get the best of me...and I'm curious to see how the Nav system goes, after reading the recent posts. Wish me luck!!!!!!!!
  • honakerhonaker Member Posts: 74
    Have a good trip! I'm confident neither the autolock nor the nav will be a big challenge for you when you get back. :)
  • vbbuiltvbbuilt Member Posts: 498
    Good luck on your trip.

    The NAV System works quite well - it's just the database is skimpy.

  • astegmanastegman Member Posts: 171
    OK, it's been a little over a week since I got my new CX-7; picked it up on August 12th and decided to take it on vacation after all, down to the Jersey shore. It did just fine. The ride was smooth sailing all the way!

    Overall impressions: after 4 years in a Lexus RX300, I will admit that the interior is a touch less gracious. Then again, you get what you pay for, and I am completely comfortable with that. I made the decsion not to get another Lexus because the price has become too rich for my blood. Still, I'm a tiny bit disappointed about a few small things:
    - the front passenger seat is not electronically adjustable (but again, that might make the car more expensive, so...);
    - there's no elastic pocket behind the front passenger's seat. That just seems skimpy! Also, it's impossible for me as the driver to reach anything in the pocket behind the driver's seat. In the other car, I kept my maps in the pocket behind the passenger seat, which was totally within reach. Then again, now that I have the Nav system, perhaps maps are a moot point.
    - No built-in holder for sunglasses. Again, a small touch that seems chintzy in its abscence. Perhaps it's a cost saving issue but...if the sunroof controls were moved backwards a few inches, that's where it could go.

    Very minor points that I'll just overlook, because I'm so enjoying the rest of the car! I got the copper red with the sand leather interior and it looks great, although there's still too much black up front for my tastes. That's just a personal preference, I truly don't like black interiors.

    No trouble so far (knock wood) with the A/C. It worked fine on our trip. Some days, the car sat all day long in the 90+ degree heat and it didn't take long at all to cool it down. We pointed some of the vents up to the ceiling in order to cool down the back, and my son reported that within minutes, he felt cool.

    The Nav system: it took a bit of fooling around but eventually, we got the hang of it. Now, granted, my husband and I did not use the Manual at all, so shame on us! While on vacation, we decided to go down to Philly to catch a ball game (Mets v. Phillies), and the Nav system worked beautifully in guiding us from our hotel to the ball park (about a 70 mile trip). Again, it took a bit of fumbling before we got the best route - it wasn't showing us toll roads (which we wanted) and it took us a while to remember how to change from one section of the country to another (very strange, but perhaps it can only hold a certain amount of data at a time??).

    The check engine light came on this past Saturday, and despite re-tightening the gas cap, etc., it's still on, so the car's going in for service this Friday. Hopefully it's a quick fix. Since I've been reading this forum since early July, I actually assumed it would come on.

    Gas mileage was poor - 16 MPG - but I knew that before buying the car, so whatever. It's on its 4th tank of gas, but I haven't bothered calculating the mileage, since that's just not a factor for me.

    While on vacation, a number of people approached us to ask about the car. One person thought it was a re-designed Murano, someone else thought it was a Porsche!! Didn't see a single other CX-7 either way, which surprised me. I figured that for sure, I'd see one on the Jersey turnpike, but no! Fine with me! So far, it's been a pleasure to drive - handles far better than the Lexus - and I am very, very pleased with my choice.

    Forgot to mention that I neglected to have the AutoLock activated, just forgot about it in the excitement of actually getting the car! Not sure yet if I want to get it; I sort like having control over whether or not the car locks when I leave it. We'll see.
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Member Posts: 9,372
    Hope you can join us for a little meet and greet with your fellow Mazda enthusiasts!

    The Mazda Club Chat is on tonight. The chat room opens at 8:45PM ET Hope to see YOU there! Check out the schedule
  • 1stmazda1stmazda Member Posts: 17
    ok - I've had my GT with Nav for 2,000km now. And I still haven't seen another one in the Toronto area!

    Two things:
    How do you get just plain exterior air vented into the cabin. When I select just the fan (AC off and select exterior flow) - now that the nights are a LITTLE cooler...I should be getting the cool outside air through the cabin. WHat I'm getting is hot air. Not hot like the heater - but hot like from outside passing over some heated coils or something. Totally weird. Can anyone else try this and let me know if you can replicate.


    On two occasions under fairly heavy acceleration (once in the city and once on the highway) - I've had a clank (hard to explain a stick or something hard touching a fast rotating fan) lasts about 1-2 seconds. It's only happened twice..but weird and you can feel it though the body when sitting in the drivers seat.

    last tank got me about 14.5l/100km.... not great.....hoping for a little better.
  • tidestertidester Member Posts: 10,059
    last tank got me about 14.5l/100km

    Here's a quick-at-a-glance conversion ( hoto.html#pic ) :

    imageSee more Car Pictures at

    tidester, host
  • doctyphoondoctyphoon Member Posts: 25
    That "clank" under hard acceleration could have been detonation (premature combustion) and that is a very not good thing. Some also describe it as a "engine rattle" sound, and it is the bane of turboed vehicles. If you experience detonation, get out of the accelerator as soon as possible. Heat, poor gas, high load at low RPMSs are among the things that can prompt it and if unchecked, it can be an engine killer. I have owned and driven boosted vehicles for over 250000 miles, so I have some experience and respect for the dreaded detonation sound. Hopefully that wasnt what you were hearing, as a stick in a fast rotating fan is much less expensive.LOL.
  • tsculltscull Member Posts: 13
    i have a bad back and am wondering how the drivers seat feels
    after several hours.
  • astegmanastegman Member Posts: 171
    i have a bad back and am wondering how the drivers seat feels after several hours.

    I have a funky back as well, and I can report that after driving 3+ hours uninterrupted, my back felt fine. I fiddled around with the seat until it hit the small of my back in just the spot that needs the most support.

    In other cars I've had, I've used the heated seat function, even in warm weather - that helps at times.
  • nycdragonnycdragon Member Posts: 14
    Received call from some marketing survey company, who will host a round table discussion for Mazda Owner's experience and comments about their cars. They will even pay you $125 for 4 hours meeting in the afternoon of this weekend. Have any one received similar invitation before.
  • rethwilmrethwilm Member Posts: 24
    My CX-7 has the same noise. I can hear it as it goes into 2nd, and I can feel it in my left foot on the floorboard. Very noticable when car is cold. Going to the shop Monday for evaluation.
  • zoom49zoom49 Member Posts: 76
    My wife (primary CX-7 driver) just went to a survey on the CX-7 on Thursday this week. All attendies were CX-7 owners and were asked about what the liked, as well as what they did not like about the CX-7. Survey was done by Auto Pacific and hers lasted two hours and she received $100. There were Mazda executives in attendance behind a mirrored wall. Reviewed items like lighted vanity mirrors, memory seats and rear A/C vents. :)
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