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hey im not sure where to turn to but here it goes......So my engine overheated for maybe 1-2 seconds passed by until i turned it off. it ALMOST reached the H mark. i had coolant everywhere and it sprayed from the cap. At first i thought it was the cap so i replaced it. i topped the coolant off and it idled fine. (my car is parked on the street at this point). I notice that coolant is not circulating through the hose...so i give it a good squeeze to force coolant to circulate and my engine temperature needle immediately drops to cold (it was at normal operating temperature and it dropped to almost cold...i assume in result of finally getting coolant to circulate) i also notice that hot air is not coming from the vents, just cold. At this point i turn the car off, i start it again with no problems a few times. im like alright car hasn't overheated at all besides that one time for 1-2 seconds. I decide to move the car inside my driveway which is like 30 seconds away, as im going up my driveway im carefully making sure my car doesnt overheat and then out of nowhere the needle starts shooting up to hot. i immediately put the car on park and as im going to turn the car off i see that the needle reaching the H mark, this happened maybe between half a second to a full second but turn it off really fast. i have coolant everywhere again (came out from the new cap i had just installed on the radiator) and im just scared out of my mind since i dont have money to fix this, even if a headgasket blew i cant afford it at the moment. anyways, i proceed to top it off and let it sit for almost 10 minutes. i go to turn it on and it cranks but wont turn on....at this point im scared as hell that my engine is gone since its my only way of transportation. i crank it a few more times and it feels like it wants to start like it only needs a little bit more but wont turn on. I finally gas it and and it turns on..... once its on im watching the temperature to keep going up the driveway, i check for any white smoke coming from the tailpipe but it feels fine. car didnt shake or rattle or make any funny noises. i go up the driveway like nothing is wrong. i reverse into my parking spot cars temp is fine and i proceed to turn it off.
Things that i have checked for:
-radiator fans spin
-waterpump was apperantly changed by previous owner (ive only owned this car for like 2 weeks)
-cannot find a collant leak anywhere else besides the cap
-no white smoke from tailpipe and when i gassed the car to turn on it felt fine.
-also oil looks fine, no milky like substance
.......i have ruled that it might be the thermostat so any opinions would help. I am really scared to try to turn on my car again in case it doesn't want to turn on and in case of messing something up. Has anyone had a similar experience? do you think i warped some heads despite the really short time that the engine overheated....its not like i kept driving minutes or miles like some people do. i was on an uphill when the car cranked but didn't start....not sure if that has anything to do with it.....this is urgent so i really would like to hear your guys experiences.
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