Emergency flashlight doesn't charge

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I tried to use the rear emergency flashlight and found that it was not charged. The next morning, I tested the charging contacts and found that there was no voltage whether the engine was running or not. A few years ago, just out of curiosity, I had metered these and they showed about 14v with the car running. I looked at the fuse diagram and couldn't determine which fuse was related to that circuit There are no other problems anywhere on the car that I can find. I would appreciate any help. If it's just a fuse, I'd like to avoid paying the dealer lots of money to replace that, but again, the diagrams say nothing that I can find about which fuse to replace, and googling that just returns lots of descriptions of the flashlight, but not much else


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    The power for the flashlight comes from fuse M34 10A in the under hood fuse block. The courtesy lights are also powered up by the same fuse. The run relay controls power to that fuse.
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    Thanks, it was blown. Can't figure out why it would have blown, but the charging contacts show 14v again
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