Near crash as Maserati Ghibli accelerates by its self…twice!

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If the reliability and aftersales service were as good as the showroom, the welcome and the coffee, then Maserati would sell more cars.

After just 48 days taking ownership of a Ghibli my joy and excitement was shattered when approaching a roundabout, the car failed to accelerate then proceeded to accelerate at full throttle without foot on pedal, the car came to a halt in the middle of the roundabout and when trying to exit the roundabout the same sequence happened again narrowingly avoiding a crash, lots of flashing warning lights were noted on face of speed dial.

Car transported back to Maranello, whose 4 page report highlighted nothing, other than both brake and throttle being pressed at the same time (reaction when trying to regain control of the car) nothing of the original fault or the multitude of flashing warning lights.

Transported back to Graypaul Birmingham (dealership where car was bought) car was test driven to replicate the pressing of both brake and accelerator. This exercise this did show up on the extended 16-page report, but did not show the original fault. (I am still waiting for the 12 pages of detail missing from the original report)

Maserati response: driver error

Sales manager Malcolm Botta, handled the aftersales situation with more than a hint of incredulous mistrust and confirmation bias. Maserati Response: no fault with the car, the car will only accelerate when the throttle is pressed, car is safe to be returned.

Higher up the ladder Stuart Hood, offered to work with me to resolve the situation Maserati Response: buy back the 48 day old car back, which will leave me £18.5k out of pocket and without my part exchange 5 series BMW, or to trade in for a similar spec car then would cost additional £20.5k really!

No evidence no leg to stand on.

Driver error??.. after 35 years of driving??

Do I put my kids back into the car?

Does that change my confidence in the car?

At time of uploading this review the car is booked in for a 2/3-day service for repair of faulty leather on the driver’s seat an issue that sales originally stated was normal due to the soft nature of the leather.

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