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Audi Q7 Real World MPG

tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
edited March 2014 in Audi
Report your mileage here!


  • We have about 4000 miles on our Q7. Highway: 21-23MPG, City: 14-16 MPG.

    I am impressed with the highway mileage we have been getting.
  • Does anyone else have any idea of their mileage, specifically around a suburb?
  • rbirns1rbirns1 Posts: 276
    My 3.6 with only 2K miles has been getting 14-15 MPG in the suburbs. Slightly more on the highway.
  • homantaghomantag Posts: 21
    I have less than 500 miles, and on my two tanks of gas so far, have gotten an average of 15 MPG. That includes a good amount of highway driving, and some city.

    I thought the MPG would be more - hopefully it will improve over time.
  • lej1447lej1447 Posts: 16
    I have gotten slightly more than 16mpg so far after 800 miles. However, I have to be careful by accelerating slowly. My 12-yr-old grand cherokee has a 4.0L engine I-6, and I get 15.8mpg. The former is a mid size SUV w/ a larger engine while the latter is a full size SUV with a slightly smaller engine.
  • 3.6 Premium with 3000 miles unfortunately getting 15 city and 19-20 highway. Anybody having handling problems? The initial ride was perfect. So far 3 trips back to dealer for alignments and balancing--not much better. Dealer says it is the "tendency of the vehicle". Hmmm. I thought $56k bought beter.
  • ssivaramssivaram Posts: 6
    I have a 4.2 and about 2300 miles on it. I get 13-14 miles
    on it. This is pretty poor since I drive a fair amount
    on the freeways and I don't accelerate hard.
  • vip9vip9 Posts: 30
    11 K here on 3.6 Premium.

    Barely low-teens in NYC, hardly ever touching 20 in 60 mph highway driving.

    Not the best, but what did you expect?

    Does anybody know how to properly read all those MPG's in the MMI? Some numbers are so ridiculously low or high that I have doubts about their reliablility. Above figures are based on good-old manual calcs.
  • 4.2L Q7

    14,000 Glorious Miles since August 2006 :D

    City : 14.2 MPG
    Highway : 22.4 MPG

    Very steady performance in both city & highway. Never shy to step on the gas from hard stop or while changing lanes to enjoy the smooth 4.2L engine / transmission (.. & leave the other clunkers in the dust) when I feel like it.
  • Got the car 2 weeks ago, still with temporary car plate. Hehe. Anyway, did a roadtrip over Labor weekend and car now has about 1200 miles. Over the 500-600 miles roadtrip, we are getting close to 22mpg. In mixed city and highway drive, consistantly getting close to 16-18 mpg. And yes, we have the 3.6 Premium and yes, I used the most expensive Octane gas.
  • mssurreymssurrey Posts: 59
    Have had the suv now for a few days. Mixed city and some freeway driving. MPG acording to the MMI display is 15.3 mpg. That's using a very soft right foot and cruise as much as possible.

    I don't think i'm going to get better than 16 - even that's wishful thinking. However, I do love the interior and the exterior is growing on me!
  • I picked up the car @23 miles drive around town for a few miles, filled it up, and drove for 400 miles, total 461 miles @ 26.5 gallons @45psi at all 4 tires.

  • dlikesdlikes Posts: 1
    Is the mileage you reported for a 3.6 or a 4.2? Thanks dl
  • arriearrie Posts: 312
    My first almost all highway trip.

    511.2 miles with 23.7 gal of fuel, i.e. 21.6 mpg, which was exactly what car computer also said. Driving was about half at 70 MPH and rest of it mostly 60 MPH with some slow town traffic.

    2nd full tank 170 miles going 78 MPH and 70 miles at 60 MPH and another 15 miles at 50 MPH. Total 255 miles and car computer says 20.8 MPG, fuel gauge at half mark.

  • arriearrie Posts: 312
    Replying to my own message.

    Today road trip of 331.5 miles.

    Filled up before trip. Drove on Interstate Highway almost all the way at 78 MPH speed on 70 MPH limit. I had 82 MPH in speed meter as my Q7 obviously has 5% meter error, i.e. speed is 5% less than speed meter shows.(I have verifies this with my GPS that has very nice speed reading. At 40 MPH my speed is 2 MPH less than meter reading, at 60 MPH it is 3 MPH off and at 80 MPH it is 4 MPH off.) Only about 12 miles of my trip was at 72 MPH on 65 MPH limit.

    Car says 20.4 MPG. Fuel gauge says 3/8 left. This would be very close to 20.4 MPG just like car says if indeed 3/8 tank means 5/8 (16.25 gallons) was used of 26 gallon tank capacity.

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