Diagnosing water leak on driver/passenger side - advice appreciated!

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Dear everyone,

I would so appreciate some input and advice on a dastardly leak situation on my poor van, a 2000 Chrysler Town and Country LXi.

About two months ago I started getting water on the carpet floor under the dashboard on driver and passenger side. I identified a relationship between the steering wheel being turned and water flooding in, seemingly from the A/C system.
This Youtube video I found seems to put its finger on the issue: https://youtu.be/ewaIjGGbF4w. I had the drainage lines cleared out, as the passenger side one was indeed clogged and holding water. Strangely, the driver side carpet was more wet, and no water had accumulated in the drainage line on that side. Now, with drain lines clean, when it rains, water still seems to replenish on the carpet along the plastic trim where the door closes. Especially drivers side. It is absolutely a mystery to me how the dampness seems to re-spawn. After a few days of drying, in a depression in the carpet where the heel of your foot stays on the pedal, I can see a wet spot, which makes me think that the lining under the carpet is wet.

My issues:

1. Find out where the leak is coming from. It doesn't seem like a compressor leak, like i've seen on other threads, as I have stopped driving the car, and when I do drive it I have the A/C system turned off and the fans off as well, to prevent mold from flying around. It doesn't seem to be coming from the windshield, as my drainage lines were indeed clogged, and I had the windshield replaced about a year ago. Is there another way that the floor of the car can accrue and hold water?

2. Drying this thing out. It has been difficult to get the car dried out in the winter, and mold has grown. I've scrubbed with bleach, put a de-humidifer in the car, damp-rid packets, and taken a hair drier to the carpet. And yet, there is clearly water soaked deep into the car's floor. I've added New Pig super absorbent mats now. This feels hopeless. I live in a city and don't have a garage to park it in and keep the windows open.

Any and all advice would be so appreciated!

Is there any reason at all to ask a Chrysler dealership about this? Would a body shop, on the other hand, know more about a wet car floor than my mechanic would?
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