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    Hi Folks:

    I'm in the process of negotiating to buy a pair of Audi Q7 Premium's loaded to the gills. I've talked to several dealers. One just offered to sell the cars for $500 over "invoice" each.

    When it came time to begin writing up the contracts, 2 new charges miraculously appeared. One is called “NY Upstate Dealer Advertising Group” for $300, and the other is called “Preparation and Inspection” at $195.

    I’ve searched here and Consumer Reports and can not find either of these charges listed. The dealer is insisting that these are both charges that the dealership pays and that they are billed by the manufacturer. He even gave me a copy of another Q7’s invoice that does in fact show both charges. That invoice carries a notice on the bottom that reads “Prices illustrated above are subject to change prior to drafting and final shipment”.

    I had arrived at a price by simply adding up the wholesale price of the car and each option selected and then adding the “Destination Charge”. I thought that by simply adding another $500 I’d have the price of the car. These "extra charges" adds another $495 to the deal.

    Re these charges for real – or is it a scam?

    Does the manufacturer rebate this to the dealers to allow them more profit – beyond invoice – in a manner like holdback?

    By the way, I’m told that Audi does not do “holdback”. Edmund’s site shows none. There appear to be no promotions available for Q7’s yet. Does anyone have any knowledge of this?

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    A pair of Q7's? Lucky you!

    Try to get a 3.6 and a 4.2 so you can give us all real world comparison reports.
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    My Q7 was delivered June 15th in Tucson Arizona.I have a Panoramic Sunroof. If I leave the car parked for any length of time 30 minutes or more the air conditioning becomes ineffectual. Is it a sunroof problem or an A/c problem.
    I do not recommend anyone getting a sunroof if they live in temperatures of 100 or more. At the present time I am getting the roof tinted. I will let you know if that works.
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    Doesn't the sunroof have a sliding shade like most others?
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    No it does not have a sliding shade,like all other cars.
    It has a sliding net that does not block the heat coming
    through. It is a thin mesh netting that looks nice but is ineffective to the sun & heat.
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    Wow. I'm kinda glad the Q7 that I have on order does not have the sunroof. I rarely open it anyway in my cars, and I almost always have the shade closed.
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    I can vounch that the mesh screen on the Q7 does in fact keep the interior cool -- even through the heatwave that has hit the northeast. 110 degrees here the last couple of days and the A/C combined with the mesh across does keep all occupants cools.

    :) :shades:
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    I've had my 4.2 Q7 since the first week of June - love the ride, makes my A6 feel "cheap". Great acceleration for such a heavy truck, typical Audi interior (which is always a step above the rest) - averaging 14-19 mpg (similar to my old Jeep Grand Cherokee); had an aftermarket overhead DVD player installed for about $1,400 (looks factory). Tried to get a phone cradle for the center console but ran about $270 (more than my phone!). My only complaint is the navigation was less than accurate on certain destinations - would not opt for this again. Didn't get the sunroof (which allowed the DVD installation)
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    Does anyone have the V6 or 3.0 model? I am debating on the 4.2 or 3.0. I have heard the 4.2 doesn't do that well. One of the reports said it average 11 miles a gallon.
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    V6 models are due at the dealers later this month, so nobody has one yet (I have one on order).

    It's not a 3.0, it's a 3.6 liter V6. At 285 hp, it's one of the most powerful 6-cylinder engines anywhere. Acceleration should be about 1 second slower than V8 (Audi says 0-60 in 8.2 seconds), which is still among the leaders in its class. Still a heavy vehicle, so mileage won't be great either way. Expect the V6 to get about 2 mpg more than the V8.
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    follow up to my sunroof problem. The dealership tinted the sunroof which was very nice of them. One week later I drove up to Idaho at 1200 journey the car performed wonderfully.
    Unfortunately once in Idaho the sunroof would not close and the sun roof shade would not open. The next day the car was completely dead. I am waiting for road side assistance as we speak. more to follow...
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    If you need some "what to do in Boise" advice while you are stuck, give a holler! That's where I am.
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    August 14th Q7 is still in Boise cannot find a solution to this problem.Audi guy flew in Friday morning to fix it he called Germany for help,left Friday night sunroof still open.
    Got a call Saturday afternoon asking me if I was going to pick the car up today and they were sorry it was not ready.
    My patience is runny out.For Rbins1 the sun/heat in Arizona is slighty different to the NE our heatwave starts in May and finishes end September.
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    It is now day 9 car is still in Boise. Duane from Audi called and told me car is ready. I asked if the problem had been fixed he just said the car is ready.
    The service manager told me the roof started to work again but they do not know why,the problem was never found and no solution has been found. They are still delivering back the car to me. So it may happen again any time soon.
    more later.
    Advice to anyone thinking of buying a Q7... WAIT
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    Audi finally came through and delivered the car to me at their cost of about $600 plus paying for my rental car for 10 days.The moral of this story is if you shout load enough and long enough they finally give in.
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    That's a relief. Still irritating to have to deal with car problems on your vacation to beautiful Idaho. :shades:
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    Isn't that the truth. 10 days without your brand new car, it's tuff!!
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    Sure the Q7 is the "in" thing right now. For those of you who are looking at a V6 AND don't need a third row of seats to lug around, look again at the V6 Porsche Cayenne. Afterall, it shares the same basic platform with their accessories by now all sorted out, good Porsche customer service (what happened to Carpis--after many days neither Audi nor dealer could fix his problem; dealer then said that they could not deliver it 120 miles back to him without payment for a driver-apparently Carpis doesn't have transportation-wouldn't happen at a Porsche store), and this well sorted out car is available right now at a discount!

    Buying a hot new car at sticker or above (e.g., the M Series MB SUV about 10 years ago, the LR3 Land Rover three years ago, the XC90 Volvo more recently, etc.) is a fool's game. And you know what happens to fools: they are quickly parted from their money.
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    Too true my wife has a Porche Cayenne much nicer drive than than the Q7.
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    Yeah but the Cayenne is hideous. R&T agrees as well as many others. But the main gauge is the public and I have yet to meet someone at any level of car expertise who loves the Cayenne's looks. Nonetheless, being a Porsche C4S owner, I appreciate their effort. The Porsche image and performance is its only saving grace. I'm sure that if the car had any brand image and name other than Porsche, that it wouldn't sell nearly as well. Either way, the only Cayenne that's decent is the turbo and that would be comparing apples and oranges to the 4.2 Q7 because they're different cars. Which brings up the point. The person who is buying a Q7 is most likely also wanting the bigger size without the image of a Suburban or pimped Hummer. In this case, the Cayenne is better compared to the X5 based on size and payload. The Q7, on the othe hand, at over 5000lbs is better compared to the Range Rovers. At a 0-60 of 7.0 and 7.1, the Q7 isn't going to win any speed awards, so it isn't the same kind of car as the Cayenne. By the way, the Range Rover Sport is also 7.1 sec. The Q7 fully loaded will be close to the same price as a loaded Range Rover Sport. So, trying to pitch the Cayenne to a Q7 shopper may be like pitching a Carerra to an Audi A8 prospect. And, if you want performance, then why not get a performance car and blow the Cayenne and Q7 and Rovers away? My late model 745li series will smoke them and it carries 5 people very comfortably with a trunk that carries all the soccer mom stuff plus more. And my wife's Allroad twin turbo will smoke my 7 with her big intercooler, plus it will carry 12 bags of cement, 5 people, and 3 bikes on the roof rack. But they're all different cars. My point is that the if you want and love a Cayenne, then that's great. It's a fine SUV. But the Q7 is not a comparable car because it's a different kind of SUV. It's Audi's move towards squeezing performance from a 5000+ pound road hog with all the ample interior space and sweetness. It's not a snug fitting Cayenne. I'm a small Samoan rugby player at 6'1" and 250lbs. and even with the seat all the way back and down, my left leg hits the door handle in an X5 and a Cayenne. I'm not as genetically lucky as most. I guess that I'll have to wait for that Q7 hybrid. 0-60mph in less than 6sec with great MPG.
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    This is the second or third time I have heard someone mention a Q& Hybrid. I called audi near me and they know nothing. Anyone hear different about a hybrid?
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    No hybrid anytime soon. A diesel will be here in 2008.
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    All good points. HOWEVER, I have yet to see anyone in a SUV's third row and rarely see anyone other than the driver (on her cell phone)in most SUV/SATs. Simply getting into the third row in a Q7 is a trip way back to the way back.

    Maybe we should rethink the need for a third seat. Those that really are going to be hauling around 6' tall high school hockey players with their bags of gear perhaps ought to buy a spiffed up Denali XL and forget about their image while they anticipate tuition bills.
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    Cayenne Hideous? May be you need a pair of glasses. Cayenne has a creative, purposeful look suitable for a SUV. The Q7, on the other hand, looks like a million other designs coming out of Japan.
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    I cant speak for anyone else here but I can tell you that we use the 3rd row about once every 2 weeks or so when the relatives come for dinner, etc.. it is great for small kids, who actually like being back there. I currently have the XC90 with the 3rd row and the Q7 looks much bigger back there but I'm not 100% sure of that. Anyway, you will probably get better resale with the 3rd row and bench back seat ( 3 seats) as opposed to the 2/2/2 configuration
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    The 3rd row is the main reason I would buy the Q7.
  • blckislandguyblckislandguy Member Posts: 1,150
    OK. I'll live and learn. I just never see them used except on the Block Island Ferry in July on rental house "change day" when the new people from Connecticut come over and the old renters go back.

    I do think that adding 12" to a Cayenne platform is not going to make for a whole lot of room for a third row and it will be a long hike under a low roof to get back there.
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    I would go with the 4.2. We have 4000 miles on ours. We have obtained very good mpg: 15/22 MPG (city/highway). The highway mileage number is based on some long trips we have made. Some short highway trips we have seen even better MPG.

    Keep in mind, we don't typically do heavy accelaration and the numbers I report reflect that. MPG is low if you like to race the engine (very fun). Do you think the reviewers who reported 11 MPG were light on the accelaration pedal?

    I doubt the V6 will have significantly better MPG numbers than the 4.2 under similar driving conditions.
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    Received my 4.2 Premium Q7 approximately 3 weeks ago on 10/7. Really wanted to do European delivery because left on 10/12 for 10 day vacation in Germany, but Audi doesn't offer this. Imagine my surprise to then read that Audi began European delivery on 10/13. Would have been nice to drive my Q7 in Europe before it shipped, but I guess timing was off.

    I now have 1,000 miles on Q7 and I have to say I love it. Great vehicle. Also, have an '06 A6 which is also an awesome car, but have to say I love the Q7 more. Despite it's size and weight, it actually feels sportier than the A6. We got it complete with almost every option - adaptive air suspension, adaptive cruise, side assist, towing hitch, 20" wheels, etc.

    The ride is very smooth, which was initially a concern with the larger wheels and why we decided to add the adaptive air suspension. We've set it to the automatic setting, which has worked well. Very smooth, yet handles excellently on corners and when driving more aggressively. Yesterday, pushed it on some curves/corners and straight aways, and it was as if I was almost driving my BMW Z3 M-Type.

    The adaptive cruise also worked quite well. Driven into Chicago twice, and once I set it, it followed traffic, speeding up and slowing down appropriately, even bringing the Q7 to a complete stop on a number of occasions when traffic came to a standstill. It does take a little bit getting used to, as several times I found myself mashing on the brakes fearing that it wasn't going to slow down, but when I trusted it to do the job, it controlled the vehicle as expected. It helped to increase the distance setting and change the cruise setting to the "comfort" level vs. "dynamic". I believe "dynamic" is more for the German "autobahn" style of driving instead of the US interstate. Definitely, this option is very pricey, and not for everyone. I'm a tech-addict, so I just couldn't pass it up, but if you do a lot of driving - highway or city, it definitely makes the drive a little more relaxing and easier.

    Thus far, mileage has been about as claimed. 12 in the city, a little less on the highway, at about 18. I'm hoping I'll see that improve a bit more once the vehicle's broken in more.

    Navigation is also excellent - I really enjoy the interface and thus far, has been very accurate - similar to the A6.

    I have a Treo 700p with Sprint and was very disappointed to find that it doesn't work with the Bluetooth.

    I have found a few small quirky things, but nothing big - see my posting under the "Audi Q7: Problems and Solutions" discussion.

    Overall - I love this car. I was a little hesitant at first to make the purchase, as I love to drive aggressively and enjoy more of a sportier vehicle, but I have not been disappointed. This gives me all the room I need to haul people and things, the comfort to travel long distances, yet I feel like I haven't had to give up on the sport aspect. I would recommend it without hesitation.

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    I love my Q7. I bought it in August from Legend Autorama in Massapequa NY because they were the only ones that had it in stock at the time. They owe me a master key after 4 months. They have promised it to me at least a dozen times. They don't return my calls. They don't respond to Audi USA - they are impossible.

    My father-in-law has just purchased one too - but how can I keep being a cheerleader for a company that can't get me a key?

    Comments: I have the 4.2 premium. Love the acceleration. I have no sunroof problem. I do have a huge issue with the fact that my kids snapped off the plastic nubs to the sunshades within a week and you have to replace the entire shade for $450 a piece. Not so great engineering there folks.

    The navigation is very good - I live in an area where there are new developments so some areas are uncharted. Once I looked to be flying over a bridge.

    Looks wise - I get asked about my car all the time. My parents have the Cayenne - I told them they need to upgrade to the Audi.

    It feels solid and handles so well. You have to watch your speed - you tend to fly.

    I will say the gas mileage is pretty weak - maybe 14 mpg.

    Love the bluetooth function of the phone and the Sirius.

    Again STAY AWAY FROM LEGEND AUTORAMA - they have caused me so much anguish I had to let people know.
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    Problem with child safety.. Safety problem with rear NONREMOVABLE head rests which interfere with child booster seats. Audi is aware of problem. Will do NOTHING. If you have kids in boosters beware. My local police department carseat inspection was shocked to see what the AUDI engineers did with the rear headrests and the safety issue it poses. They recommended I contact the NHTSA. Good luck. This car is really not suitable for kids in boosters. Get a Mercedes or ACURA.
  • klickklick Member Posts: 15
    What exactly is the problem with booster seats and the headrests? I have heard some people complain that some child seats are too tall to fit under the headrests. Is that what you are referring to? If so, wouldn't the solution then be to just get a different child seat that does fit properly?
  • nidnalnidnal Member Posts: 1
    I leased a 3.6 Premium in early September and my wife and I love it. As far as the child seats are concerned, we have a 4 yr old and a 2 yr old and have had no problem with the seats. The third row is definitely for children, but there is plenty of room for them. If you have children, I also recommend getting the dealer installed DVD players on the headrests. Each child can watch his/her own movies with wireless headphones. They can also hook up video games. We intend to lease or buy another Q7 when our current lease expires. I'm hoping that the hybrid will be available by then.
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    I just got my Q7, and I am having problems with connecting my Blackberry with the interface to use the hands-free option.

    I can initially pair the phone with the MMI system. However, after some time (about 2-5 minutes), the MMI will drop the bluetooth signal, and disconnect my phone.

    It is strange. If during the few minutes that the phone is connected to the system, I make a phone call, the phone remains connected for as long as I am talking. Then, if I hand up and wait the few minutes, the phone gets disconnected from the system again. However, if after I hang up, I QUICKLY make another call, I can stay connected. Very odd.

    Anyone have a similar problem, or a potential solution? Let me know please - this is killing me.
  • homantaghomantag Member Posts: 21
    Have you gotten your bluetooth to work yet? Have you tried to do anything?

    I have a blackberry pearl (8100), and it will pair, but get disconnected. I posted more details in the maintenance and repair section.

    Let me know what you have been able to find out, if anything.
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    I replied to your question in another section. Motorola Rzr works great. My IPAQ works well in close proximity, or connectivity will be lost.

    Any how, this is a diff. report. Q7 handles like a sport sedan. It handles the corner very well. The tires hug the road, and the car does not even roll. In addition, driving 100mph today is no different than 70mph. The car does not shake. What impressed me is that there is plenty of power left. I was doing 70mph w/ 3 additional passengers inside. I needed more power. Within a short distance, I hit 100mph and was maintaining it for a short stretch. Loved it. One of these days, I push for the limit when I'm by myself. Amazing. My 4.0L grand cherokee tops at 95mph. My 3.0L Lexus ES300 begins to shake passed 100mph. On a diff. Lexus forum, ES300 has been reported to top at 126 and shaking. Both Lexus and Jeep have to work to give the horsepower that I need over a long stretch of distance. Audi is different beast. Wow. Phew.
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    My wife and I just received are Q7 this week. We really enjoy everything about it except we are having problems with the Advanced Key function. It appears that when the master key is either in a coat pocket or in a purse it does not function well on the front passenger door or trunk. I took the Q7 back to Audi service and they thought the problem was that the master key battery needed replacement. It was replaced but the problem still remains. The only way to allow the door to unlock/lock is by holding the master key fairly close to the door handles. There is no problem with starting the car. Has anyone experienced this sort of problem??
  • 0audilicious00audilicious0 Member Posts: 47
    I think that there is also meant to be a software update that goes along with a new battery. That was what our service person told me anyways.
  • sjs2sjs2 Member Posts: 3
    Thanks for your reply. Did you have this problem or know of someone who had trouble with the advanced key as it relates to the doors?
  • xy46xy46 Member Posts: 26
    Bluetooth paring with Treo 700p still remains quite sporadic. Some times won't pair at all until I soft reset the Treo. Wish that Treo (or Audi?) would work on fix.
  • sjs2sjs2 Member Posts: 3
    Finally audi service figured out the problem with the advanced key function concerning the doors. At first they were questioning if there was really a problem but my persistence was successful. They determined that there was a weak signal emitted by the main transmitter. This transmitter is located near the ignition and is responsible for sending out a signal to the doors. When it was replaced problem was solved.
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    Have less than 800 miles on my Q7 4.2 non-premium. Picked her up in Feb. So far, so good. Have not run into any problems posted in some of the earlier posts.

    Car drives/handles wonderfully. I added the 19in wheels and no problems with bumps, etc. No problems with acceleration/breaking. Sometimes you forget you are in a large SUV on the road, it feels like a much smaller vehicle. All the technology works and makes sense. NAV is simple, although it isnt touch screen, I've gotten the handle of it. The bluetooth works with our Razr phone so no issues there.

    With the recent snow/ice in NYC , it was a pleasure to drive my Q7. :)

    Thus far, my only issue is gas mileage. I'm averaging 13mpg but have been doing more city driving so probably makes sense. Cant wait to do a long cruise.
  • homantaghomantag Member Posts: 21
    I found a solution!! Going through many many many (did I say "many") sites, I found out that the Pearl has a software release available in Italy (not yet released in the U.S.), which although not specific for this particular purpose, happens to fix the bluetooth connectivity issue for my Audi Q7.

    It is the version available for TIM, v4.2.1.66 is what I have, and it is working fine here in the U.S. You should go through (and there is a lot of reading, but worth it), and follow the following forum: Blackberry Forum 8100 TIM Italy Release

    Good Luck!!
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    Used to own a Jeep GC. The itch to buy the Q7 in Aug 06 pushed me into a PacWest dealership that rhymes with terrier. Excellent sales person, who went thru inventory with me to identify the stock number with the options I wanted (Q7 4.2 Quartz Gray Metallic 20” Continentals Adv Key Air Susp CWP PTA –tech pack 1D6 – tow pack included).

    Closed on the deal 3 days later after haggling on detail over email & phone. Next day, sales person ensured a 2 hour vehicle walkthrough before I could drive out – I really appreciated that later. Contracts person messed up on something which we found out a week later, but dealer took responsibility for the error.


    Now, 8000 miles & 8 months later, the Q7 is still a head turner and a very sophisticated performer in city, on highway, in rain and on snow / ice. Avg. mileage is 16 MPG & I stomp on the gas – the initial hesitation exists & is a good safety moment, if you will. Beyond that moment, unless the little SPEED alarm rings, it’s all an elegant rush.

    The Q7 is very very sure footed in all surfaces, specially the wet where you could feel confident doing 20 MPH or 70 MPH. Living the PacWest means slick driving comfort is absolute essential & I’ve accelerated out of 70MPH to overtake in very slick conditions with ease. The Q7 & I mucked around in the mountains on snow, ice, sleet and the combo of Air Susp Quattro ESP put together made sure I had no uncontrollable slides at low speeds. 2 slow slides into the snowed over fences did not scratch the body – a plastic grill thingie popped & had to be pushed back. Air Susp rules big time & makes the ride as well as CORNERING (sometimes I think it curves itself around corners, especially when you watch your own adpative headlights curve too in the dark!) very luxurious / stable on all surfaces – leave it in ‘Dynamic’ mode, unless you are a DIY type. When you park & leave the car, you can hear discrete hisses as Air Susp settles the body down, like a polished robot / beast or aircraft. Reverse hisses when you open the doors next as the body rises – nice sound effects 

    Love the solid construction (its way larger inside that it looks outside, solid body & doors), utility (intuitive controls – accelerate from stop back into a cruise setting you set prior to stopping w/o switching off cruise, Side Assist – very practical & works reliably) and thought into all the finish details (white footlights, glove cooler). Adv. Key usage is simple, Bluetooth integration was a breeze on my TMO SDA, Samsung phones & the voice integration for phone / voice activation is perfect . I put all the seats down to transport a crateful of fine art one day (twelve paintings, between 5’ x 5’ & 4’ x 5’) - (clue - put the largest one in first, flat on the bottom , coz the roof tapers quickly).


    Minor Electricals, MMI

    1. Couple of times the audio section of MMI lost the stereo DSP Bose setting inexplicably & blared in monoaural mode(I opted to stop the Q7 & restart the Q7 to return to original setting)
    2. On another occasion or two ‘engine start’ did not deliver any result (I pressed Stop & tried again – it worked)
    3. On one other occasion the MMI did not proceed beyond launch (same strategy – stop, re-start & it works fine).
    4. One yet another occasion, I had a warning light start up after some TipTronic action (went away after restart).
    5. Wish I had the AMI kit ready to go for the Q7 – it would be way more fun than my Belkin charger / player. I’m really looking forward to that.
    6. The great sales person QUIT & though I’ve never needed any dealer support (xcept for a valet key provided at no charge ), I’m thinking I might never get the same experience again at the dealership. Time will tell & maybe the rep will re-join.

    The Q7 is a keeper for now - I hope you all appreciate the detailed post. LMK if you have any specific questions. Enjoy your Q7 !
  • chan345chan345 Member Posts: 2
    Hi everybody!!!I live in south florida, and a friend who own a dealership let me drive a new Q7 for about 2 months,while my current car a VW was at the shop because of an accident i had. I fell in love with the Q7 so bad, that now I want to buy it. My concern here is that every time I mention to anyone about getting an audi they always say that AUDI has the worst customer service ever, they won't give you a rental of equal value; there is no Audi parts distributor in the USA, so every little thing will take at least 2 weeks; very hard to get an appointment for the shop; I also heard that AUDI has no reliability, that AUDI is very bad, that for the same price you should get a mercedes ML350; anyways...Im still in love with that car, but my husband is concern about all this bad comments about it. I want to know if anyone had problems like this. Everybody says I should consider the new Acura MDX, "those are really good cars with no problems at all", for me the Acura is nice, but is just another suv, nothing special.
    Any help will be appreciated.
  • hoosbesthoosbest Member Posts: 39
    I think you are way overthinking this. Just depends on your local dealer. The two ML dealers by us are horrible and the MB car reliability speaks for itself. I have had no issues when needing parts.
  • chan345chan345 Member Posts: 2
    thank you very much for your comment; you are right, I am overthinking, actually I am getting obsessive about finding cars information, I am spending like 4 to 5 hours a day browsing in the internet, just to realize that all cars have problems; but at this point I am so confuse that I am about to quit researching and just go for it. I think the AUDI is a beautiful car, I dont know anything about cars, so for me, all kind of help is appreciated.
  • acharmeracharmer Member Posts: 6

    1. 9K+ Miles & counting fast - nothing major to report. Driver side window squeaks a little as it rolls up.
    2. My Q7 reports 14.2 MPG consistently, not 16 MPG as I reported incorrectly earlier (on April 05).
    3. The great sales person is BACK !! albeit at the OTHER (UNIV) Audi dealership.
    4. Love the multi- purpose INFO screen embedded in the dash (between speedo & tacho), that lets me manage the MMI functions & the NAVI (route map) without having to glance at the central (big) screen. I can't wait to see what Audi's nextgen 'heads-up' display projected on the windshield will be like - some high end Mercs already have that.
    5. Fitting a full golf bag in the back - lessons learned : does not slide in lengthwise (with last 2 seats down, as clubs stick out & trunk door does not latch), so stick it in widthwise, at the outer edge of the trunk area above the tray (the trunk tapers inwards, so you can't push it further back against the second row seats). Lay it on its side, so the trunk privacy screen can roll over comfortably.

    Question for the FORUM : Whatever happened to the Q7 AMI kit ?

    The Q7 AMI been reported in the press a year ago (as a separate kit for 2007 Q7s), US availability was scheduled for Jan 2007, its even listed in the Audi accessories magazine mailed to everyone, but the dealer still doesn't have them in stock. I believe 2008 Q7s come with AMI integrated & therefore do not need the kit.

    If anyone has gotten the Q7 AMI kit installed in the US or a 2008 Q7 with AMI integrated, please drop a note on its functionality & usability.

    Safe driving !
  • bfeldstein1bfeldstein1 Member Posts: 14
    My 2007 Q7 was just delivered and came with the factory installed AMI. I love it! It houses my iPod and all the iPod finctions can be controlled from the MMI screen. It lists albums, songs, artists, etc. The sound is amazing! My iPod never sounded so good.
  • acharmeracharmer Member Posts: 6
    Sweet ! Thanks for your quick feedback on the AMI kit.

    I'm told the Q7 AMI design created the best iPOD integration amongst European autos - I'm tired of the Belkin FM tuner work-around for my iPOD, even though sound quality still rocks over the radio waves.

    Is your Q7 AMI kit installed in the central storage console between the driver & passenger seats or is it installed in the passenger glove box area ?
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