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Cadillac Escalade Real World MPG

tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
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  • 2007 escalade-11.6
    2007 ESV 11.2

  • OMG, is this real??? Do they require premium or only "recommend" ?
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
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    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • 13.1 mpg avg
  • I own the 2007 GMC Sierra Denali which has the same engine (6.2L 403hp), but is lighter than all of the Escalades.

    I normally drive like a Grandpa, but I do get on the accelerator hard off the line at least a couple of times a day.

    All of my driving is in town and I get about 10.6 mpg on premium. I've tried regular and the truck runs poorly, so I use premium only.
  • I recently got 19MPG on a trip from Boston to Charleston, SC. I average around 14 around town (13-15).
  • My wife is making a deal on an Escalade and I am curios as to what to expect in gas mileage. I've read reviews which claim it will only get 12 mpg-period. I think I could get that good out of a Hummer H2.
    Hoody' post claiming 19 mpg on the highway is great but is his just a very rare exception. I know some don't like talking negatively about their cars but a real honest answer would be very helpfull to me because my wife also likes the Hummer H2 and if mileage is pretty much the same...well?
    Also I can't believe the Escalade doesn't come Blue-Tooth equiped, has anyone tried to install Blue-Tooth in their Escalade so it works with their nav/dvd display and radio?
  • tim_yutim_yu Posts: 3
    Drive it as I am drving a 5000lb vehicle. I can get 14.6 average and 17 highway on Y2005 ESV.
  • tim_yutim_yu Posts: 3
    Forgot to mention, I use 87 as manual and dealer suggests.
  • regrahamregraham Posts: 26
    I just purchased a 2007 Escalade. A year old vehicle but almost new. It only had 221 km. on it.
    On my first tank of fuel it used 61.7 lt to go 234.8 km. That is 10.75 mpg (Imperial) so even less per US gallon. It was all city driving. Not very good, but I am just retired from the propane industry and have always converted my vehicles to run on propane. I plan to do the same on this vehicle in the near future. I also own a 2007 Denali pickup with the same powertrain and have converted it. The mileage is almost the same and price of fuel about 1/2 that of premium fuel. Power is as good or better.
    I sure am liking the Escalade so far. I was waiting for the 2008 Sequoia to come out and was considering purchasing it but after driving a new one, I was disappointed. In the ride and handling but especially in the appearance.both inside and out, so opted for the Escalade.
  • regrahamregraham Posts: 26
    This is a follow-up to post #11. After 2 tankfuls of city driving I averaged 9.7 mpg (Imperial gal). Then I drove the vehicle 750 miles home. On the highway portion I averaged 20.06 mpg (Imp). Since then I have had it converted to run on propane (dual-fuel system/propane fuel injection). On 2 highway trips I averaged 16.1 traveling at least 10 km over the speed limit and 17.9 going about 5 km over. Both tests are running on propane. That is a typical decrease when operating on propane as propane weighs about 1/3 less than gasoline (gal. for gal.) The big savings is in the price of fuel. Street price is 69.9/lt compared to 1.349/lt for premium. Power is comparable, if not better.

    Probably the only '07 Escalade running on propane?
  • lmn1lmn1 Posts: 2
    I love my 06 Escalade. 15.1 MPG but am looking to get one of the new Hybrids. I hope it comes in AWD. I haven't studied that far. Hope for a 2009 but don't know if I can wait. Would the 2008 be upgraded enough for the wait time? Anyone? lmn
  • consejeroconsejero Posts: 5
    2002 escalade, AWD everything on it and 6.0 with towing package and bigger rims. It couldn't be worse.

    I have a KN air filter and run super unleaded (evens out at the pump because I get 1-2 miles more per gallon which offsets the price and the car runs better.

    The best I can get with AC off is 15.4 m/gallon average is 14.3 - This includes 50% freeway driving and 50% city driving.
  • stoutt66stoutt66 Posts: 5
    Bought a used 2004 Escalade with 52,000 miles, 6.0 AWD stock. First tank with 87 Octane with 10% ethanol got 16.6 MPG, mostly highway. Second tank 16.8 MPG mostly highway with 87 Octane no ethanol. Just drove 80 round trip and got 18.9 MPG on my trip going 60 MPH.
  • Hi, I would like info to convert my escalade to run on propane also.
    Can you please get me info for your kit .
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