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Dodge Neon problems after changing Camshaft Position Sensor

ShastaShasta Member Posts: 1
edited January 2019 in Dodge
So I started having problems getting car to start every now and then and my check engine light came on. I got codes for my thermostat and camshaft position sensor. I’ve changed both parts and check engine light hasn’t came back on and car starts fine now... but now, when the car is cold, when I start driving or reversing out driveway, it feels like the car slips into neutral for a few seconds, then will engage again and go. Also, another new problem is sometimes as I’m driving the engine feels like it knocks when I slow down or speed up, like if my motor mounts are bad. These problems all started after the car wouldn’t start all day for me a few days ago, right before I changed the camshaft position sensor. What could be causing these problems, because it feels like my transmission is slipping and motor mounts are bad, but I really think it has something to do with the parts I just changed because car runs great about 85% of the time.
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