Dodge Durango Real World MPG

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    I drive a 2005 Durango Hemi. My gas millage in the city is 15.7 M/G.US and on the hiway 21.5M/G.US. I have checked my gas millage on a weekly basis over the last 5000 miles. Total millage on the Durango is only 10.500KM or 65625 miles. I hope this helps.
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    2003 Dodge Durango / 4.7 engine...

    Highway 17 - 18
    City 15
    Towing 13
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    I drive a 2005 SLT Durango with a 5.7L Hemi. our mpg in the city using 89 octane is 16.5 M/G. and on the hiway 23.5 with the cruse set at 72 mph.this was calculated after returning from a 1400 mile road trip.
    I have checked my gas mileage on a weekly basis.
    Total mileage on the Durango is only 35625 miles.
    :surprise: :)
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    Hi brian047,

    This is a phenomenal G MP you are getting with your Durango. Care to share some of your secrets how to get such a good millage?
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    I've been pretty lazy about doing a proper 'full to full' MPG check with our 2001 4.7L Durango so the following numbers are based on the trip computer: We average around 14 mpg for my wife's soccer-mom driving style (50/50 highway/city) driving. If I drive like an MPG freak I can hit 18 MPG on the highway.

    Does anyone know how accurate the trip computer is for MPG?
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    I'm getting 14 mpg in town (lead foot)
    19 mpg hwy @60 mph
    17 mpg @75mph

    This truck only has about 2K miles on it, so it is really not fully broke in. I hope to improve some.
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    We just purchased an 06 Durango SLT 5.7 Hemi. I have heard that the Gas mileage will improve once the engine is broken in, and from viewing your posts, I would have to agree because we are certainly not getting that kind of gas mileage. It is equipped with the MDS, so can anyone please give me a general idea of when we should expect to have reasonable gas mileage? :confuse:
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    The computer is a farce. It tells you what milage your are getting at the time you look at it, not an overall milage. Usually when you look at the computer it is during ideal conditions, down hill, or some other condition. You need to have an overall milage check. The computer can not do that. That is why all these great fuel milages are reported. It's not a true milage evaluation.
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    I odnt understand how people are acheving 18 mpg, i average about 14.7 or 14. mpg, i know that the hemi engine is more capabile of acheving better mpg, but i dont know how to.. Can anyone give me some tips? I have a 250 mile trip ahead of me in two weeks, and i would like to know how to get better mpg. Thnanks for your help...btw i have a 2006 dodge durango limited 4x4 hemi, with the 3.92 gears.
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    There's a bunch of tips linked on our Fuel Economy page.
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    I don't know if this anyone can calculate accurately but I am getting about 13 mpg in a 2000 Durango ( mostly city driving). Now with that said I have truck tires with aggressive treads, 4 wheel drive, limited slip, and tow package gearing if all that makes a difference.
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    Have had an '07 SLT, Hemi, just over a week. Made a 600 mile round trip, got between 18-20 at 75 mph on the x-way, but around 12 around town. Satisfied with the highway mileage, but hoping the city mileage improves. Ride, however, was great.
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    I have an 04 Hemi and my mileage has varied. I used to use it for my sales job and got 17mpg city and highway combined. Now, I drive to and from work and get 13mpg city only. When I tow my 5000lbs boat I get about 11mpg. Highway only I average around 19-21 depending on my speed.
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    How does your 04 Hemi tow? any problems with tongue weight and the coil springs?
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    I just bought a 2000 Durango with the 4.7 magnum engine, it has 72,000 miles on it. The computer only shows 14.6 but when I filled the tank, i was getting 17 mpg city and received 19-20 on a trip. I have installed a cold air intake and I believe it helped a little if not it sounds great!, I also installed Splitfire spark plugs.
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    I'll post mileage soon, just got it. What do you think I should expect for MPG?
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    Looking at buying an 05 or 06 Durango with Hemi and tow package. Has anyone towed a 3000/3500 lb. total weight trailer? Gas mileage both towing and empty, city and highway, on Durango Hemi with 20,000 miles or more would be appreciated...
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    2000 4.7 4x4 semi-aggressive tires 149,900 mi factory underbody rock guards K&N filter insert Splitfire Platinums Helix type throttle body. ALWAYS been around 13.5-13.9 avg, mpg - yes the computer is fairly accurate if tires size hasn't been mucked with too much. Avoid rack loads and big mirrors or slow down with them especially going into strong headwinds - too much wind resistance already with this body design. Going to try Gibson cat back system as other forums seem to think better in better out = better mpg with these pigs. We'll see. Anyone tried Bosch +4 plugs with the normal 4.7? Anything else?
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    I read on this edmunds that changing the Factory tires
    to another of tire will improve MPH.. But I cant find it. Does anyone know the ansewr.
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    We recently purchased a 2000 Durango, 4.7 w/4wd. I was worried that we were not going to get better mileage than the 15 ~ 16 we are. I have tested it several times now and each time it gives me 15.5 to 16 MPG. Only thing is, that is with me driving. When my wife drives, it drops to 13. My '97 Dakota is a 3.9 V6 4wd, and it gets about the same mileage when I drive it. I guess I should be happy. Our Durango was getting about 4MPG due to the PS pressure switch issue. But disconnecting the O2 sensor solved that and brought it right up to where it is. By the way, we have 31x10.50 tires on the Durango. So the odometer/speedo reads less mileage than actual. Technically it is getting even better mileage.
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    You're doing fine, but your wife may have a lead foot, palpitate the throttle, or not know how to use the cruise control. Before I fixed the suspension with non-stock shocks the truck would bounce up/down in the front especially so much that I found it causing throttle pumping no matter how steady I tried to hold the gas pedal. Using cruise when possible avoids that happening.

    I would not recommend disconnecting the O2 sensors or letting them get bad. My mpg got better w/ new ones installed, and the default program in the engine control computer with bad or disconnected O2 sensors increases gas flow to avoid overheating due to a lean mixture, and this excess fuel will foul the cat converters more quickly=>$$$, reduce horsepower, and overheat the engine, etc.

    FYI - looks like Dodge finally got this motor right in '09 with new heads. Over 300hp, fatter and better torque curve, and better mpg. Why 9 years to do this? :mad:
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    I towed a 2500 lb popup camper for years with my 2006 DD. Got 15-16 mpg with it. Just upgraded to a 28foot travel trailer (supposed to be 8600lbs) and got 11mpg on the highway but the car towed like a champ even though I know we're pretty topped out at the weight limit. No huge mountains between here and the beach... only a few minor uphills. Was pleased at how well it worked out. I didn't push the speed, held it at 55 mpg and even in cruise control (with the tow haul button on) we did just fine. 5.7 L hemi and tow package. :shades:
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    I have a 2005 Durango SLT with Hemi. I put an K&N Cold are filter system on. I got 22 MPG highway from CO to ID and back at 75 MPH over the 2000 Miles. I see up to 24 MPG depending on speed and driving conditions.

    I have just started pulling a 6500 lb trailer 28' Jayco and I'm getting so far about 10.5 MPG. About to take a 3000 mile trip and we'll see what we get. Last year I pulled a 25' Ultralight and got a combined 12 MPG between No. CO and Jackson Hole, WY.

    No complaints on MPG. By the way I get 16-17 MPG in town. It seems to love the highway.
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