My drive line looks rotated and I am having trouble shifting into 4th or reverse?

ErikCSErikCS Member Posts: 1
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I own a 1997 Jeep Cherokee 4x4, 6 cylinder, 4.0 liter. I went over a small
bump in the road a while back and I had first thought it was a tire pooping. It
was not and then the drive line would make a grating rubbing noise when I
engaged the clutch. I have a hard time shifting into 4th gear and some times
physically cannot shift into reverse because the stick shiftier hits the right
side of the hole in the middle console for the shiftier. I looked at the under
carriage and found that part of the drive line looks tilted. Further examination
has shown me that the mountings for the engine look to be constantly
torqued with the drivers side up and the passenger side down. I have
included pictures to show what I have found. I feel like some mounting bolt
snapped or came undone some place, but I cannot find where that might
have happened. I am car savvy for general maintenance but I am not this
experienced for diagnosing and solving. I cannot afford to just take it to a
mechanic and have them charge me whatever.

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