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2006 Jeep Commander with a 2004 engine/ PCM problems

ClayRClayR MissouriPosts: 1
edited January 29 in Jeep
I have a 2006 Commander and blew the engine in it a few years ago. Finally found a replacement 5.7 Hemi, from an 04 truck. My mistake for believing it would drop in without issues as i was told. Biggest issue is that the o6 has the MDS system, the 04 engine does not. My PCM wouldn't work, so I ordered an 04 PCm with the 06 vin. Computerexchange guys thought it would work. It starts and runs great, but now have check engine and oil lights that show no codes when hooked up to mechanics computer. I do not know how to work out this issue. any thoughts? Thanks.
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