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Chevy 1998 vs Chevy 1999 vs Chevy 2000

chandler1989chandler1989 Posts: 6
edited March 2014 in Chevrolet
The 99's and 00's both cost way to much, but are
there any distinct problems with either of these
two years? I was looking at 98's but I noticed a
lot of them rusting under the hood and back by the
tailgate jam. Has anyone else noticed this?


  • Checking for responses.
  • n75v111n75v111 Posts: 243
    Have you not been reading all the post on "VIBRATION" problems that GM "Can't/Won't" fix on the 1500's.

    Carries over to the '00 also.

    2500's for the most part seem to be better although some complaints about "Jerky" transmission shifts in cold weather -- Apparently GM's fix for that is let the truck run for a few minutes to warm up before you drive it -- Dah!!

    Lot of 1500's showing up on the used truck lots pretty eairly. -- Be WARNED and don't buy any used '99 or '00 GM 3dr or 4dr Ext cab 1500'S.

    AND beware of the regulars that dominate these Silverado post that will tell you how good their units are.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    it's been awhile since you've posted...don't forget, the season finale of STV is this week. If you are going to post the type of information that you've could at least get it straight. The vibrations are common with the 2wd xcab 1500 with the rack and pinion and 2 piece driveshaft. As far as '99 and '00 chevys showing up on used truck lots, just do a lemon check prior to buying. Personally, I've seen new versions ('99/'00) of all truck brands including Tundra, Ford and especially Dodge on used truck lots. Best to test drive and take it to a qualified ASE certified mechanic before buying ANYTHING used.

    Because truck and SUV sales are up, that could be A reason for a lot of trucks on used car lots as a lot of people may have had buyer's remorse if bought truck on an impulse to keep up with the "in" fad.
  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Posts: 4,162
    the 99/00 Silverados have no more of a problem than any other trucks out there.
    As mentioned several times hear all the bad here...not as much of the good as bad.

    Even the trouble "combos"..I'm sure there are thousands and thousands out there that are fine.

    I'm a regular here...and have no desire to dominate and mislead anyone....just tell the facts.
    I have a 2500 and it has no jerky tranny....nor have I ever heard this problem.

    You may see several 99's in the lots...after all..they have been out there since June-98!...I'd imagine most are early lease trade ins...upgrades to 4 doors...or just the people that buy every 2 years like me.

    What you need to beware of are mis-informed experts like n75 here.

    Good Luck

    - Tim
  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    a 2000 silverado 4x4 ext cab 4 door absolutely no problems except for a dent i got a few wks back but thats fixed now. Id go new not used but for some reason i want a 98 1500 Z71 i keep seeing this one on this lot while going to work and i dont know why maybe cause its the old bodystyle and i really liked it i never seen a 98 rusting though.

  • powerisfunpowerisfun Posts: 358
    I have a '98 Z71 since new and it's doing great with no rust, great power and 19-21+ mpg (on a regular basis, not just once or twice). Assuming you are considering half-ton models only. The reasons for choosing the '98 are:

    1) Better low-end torque with the Vortec 5.7L
    2) Lower price and it's won't lose value as
    quickly as a newer one (first two years are the
    biggest value-loss years)
    3) The Vortec 5.7L responds very well to bolt-on
    mods (e.g. cat-back exhaust, headers, intake)
    4) Proven design
    5) Better looking (admittedly, that's just my

    Reasons for choosing the '99-2000s:

    1) More stock horsepower
    2) Many more features (hour meter, auto-trac 4WD,
    3) Smoother ride
    4) Bigger ext-cab (if you want an ext-cab)
    5) 4 doors available on later model 2000's
    6) Slightly wider bed
    7) Better brakes (4-wheel disk)
    8) Most likely you'll have more warranty period
    left (assuming you're buying used).

    If you're looking at 3/4 ton trucks then the lists are the same except the 6.0L is quite an improvement over the 5.7L, however it gets comparitively bad gas mileage. In fact, from what has been reported, it appears to get about the same gas mileage as the 7.4L which has much more torque and about the same horsepower. Between the 7.4L and the 6.0L, I think I'd go with the 7.4L.
    Good luck in your search.
  • I'm looking at a 99 Silverado 1500 LS extended cab 3rd door 4x4 5.3L with a 39K and 3 year warranty from the day I buy the truck/if I buy the truck. The truck has 11K on it now and they (dealer) want $23500.

    Does anyone have a Charcoal truck?
    Are they hot in the summer?
    Do they always look dirty, like a black truck?

  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    Are you the guy from friends (sorry had to ask)

    I have an indigo truck besides black the blue is the worst for water spots and dirt. I looked at a 1500 99 ext cab charcol gray back last august it didnt show as much dirt as most colors. i drove an LT with leather it didnt help it was 95 degrees out with the heated seats on someone turned em on and i didnt know it. It didnt seem to bad. $23500 isnt bad at all. I paid $30000 for mine (2000 Z71 ext cab 4 dr) but this was with accessories (spray in liner, nerf bars, rail caps, bug guard)

    On a side note it seems that many of the 99 used trucks were traded in because the person wanted a 4 dr ext cab so they traded it in and got a newer one. id check it over good though but it probably is just fine they wanted to have 4 dr instead of 3. Now that i have the 4 dr im glad i didnt get 3 though it helps out alot.

  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Posts: 4,162
    The heated seats go off every time you turn it how could someone leave it on?

    1300 miles and no problems! man!


    ..chill ace....

    As for the 6.0 VS 7.4....I would take the 6.0....not just because I have one....because it is the most tested highest honor engine GM has had in many years. I personally know the guys who have been testing them since's one hell of an engine..

    Some tests are like....freeze the block for a week...start it up...immediatly run Wide open throttle....while simulating towing the max load (about 11K)..uphill.....for about 4 days straight...all the time at WOT....immediatly after..shut it down and deep freeze it again..

    I've got many more similar ones to that..

    For 3 years before the 6.0 came out...I have heard one thing from these guys....."If we can only tell you one thing about the new trucks....get a 6.0"

    Good Luck

    - Tim
  • cdeancdean Posts: 1,110
    Actually, i think the 6.0 is getting much better mileage as it breaks in. Alot of folks were reporting pretty bad mileage when brand new, but now those folks have about 10,000 miles and are reporting arounod 15-16 mpg. in that size of a truck, thats right on line with the 350, with more power to boot!
  • cdeancdean Posts: 1,110
    what mileage are you getting, Tim? do you put down that strange brew of yours enough to work a calculator??
  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Posts: 4,162
    ..I'll tell ya...

    I believe I still get about 12.5-13 MPG...

    6.0 Ext.Cab 4:10

    ..I also take off fast...stop fast...and drive fast...50-55 city 75-80 HWY.

    Maybe it could get 16 with a 3:73 and not me in the drivers seat?

    ...Now where did I put that strange brew?

    - Tim
  • powerisfunpowerisfun Posts: 358
    That's true, I hadn't considered the break-in period. If it's really getting 15-16 and it's as
    tough as Tim says, then it is the better option. Also, after writing that post yesterday, I read an article in Four Wheeler comparing the 6.0L Suburban with the previous year 7.4L Suburban. The 6.0 was a full second faster (in both 0-60 time and 1/4 mile time) and got 2 mpg better mileage. So cancel the last paragraph in my previous post.
    Comparing the torque curves of the 6.0 and the 5.7, it's a bit humbling to own a 5.7. The 6.0 beats it quite decisively from 1000-3500 RPM band and then just absolutely kicks it's butt from 3500-5000 rpm (At least with the 5.3, the 5.7 beats it in the 1000-3200 rpm range). I still like my 5.7L though, and with headers, a good exhaust, and a K&N filter it's performance is pretty formidable.
  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Posts: 4,162
    you drive a seems kinda doggish at first....due to the Trans gearing...but I especially like it at highway speeds...the 6.0 / .74 OD and 4:10's launch you faster with minimal pedal at any speed.

    ...and of course..I like the 3/4 ride better

    - Tim
  • cdeancdean Posts: 1,110
    i test drove one that was brand new with 6.0. same take on it as Tim: rather ordinary take off power from stop. but at highway speeds, you could sneeze, and accidentally be doing 80.

    i guess if Tim's driving, it wouldn't be accidentally!!
  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Posts: 4,162
    Cdean...I filled up today...and noticed the MPG was pretty good..Most of the tank was from a highway trip I took Sunday...about 3/4 of the tank was all highway at 80MPH.....MPG was 14.2.....6.0 4:10....about 15,600 Miles on it..

    It DOES seem to get better??

    I remember taking the LT 1/2 ton for a ride....half way thru we switched drivers....Wife barked the tires pretty easy and I said..oh great..I can't wait until you get a 6.0 with 4:10's instead of a 3:73's
    ..when we had the 3/ seemed lame at first for pickup...but like I've said..the gearing is different and it weighs 585 lbs more...

    On the highway this puppy just wants to fly....I have the tickets already to prove it too!

    - Tim
  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Posts: 4,162
    you intermediate shaft...probably the knock problem..

    - Tim
  • page3page3 Posts: 55
    done that. They still can't fix the problem. They say gm is working on it.

  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Posts: 4,162
    I had heard people with the steering rattle.

    the Dealer replaced the intermediate shaft with no change.

    Then they replaced the upper bearing/bushing at
    the top of the column which seemed to fix it?

    Good Luck

    - Tim
  • page3page3 Posts: 55
    Maybe that is the problem,the noise seems closer to the steering wheel. I'll try running that past the dealer.
    Thanks again!
  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    What does the noise sound like??? I have a jitty like something is loose or a bug seems to be humming (buzzing) but i think its coming from the dash now since if i put my hand on the dash when it starts the noise itll quit for awhile.

  • page3page3 Posts: 55
    The problem I am having is a clunking noise coming from the steering wheel.That is my best way to decribe it. And it only happens on rough roads while turning the wheel.Sounds like you might have something loose under your dash,or maybe something in one of your vents. It is easy to remove to check. It pulls right off with no screws to remove.Hope you find it.

  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    Ok thats not my noise luckily. Mine comes and goes rarely not enough to really bother me yet. My truck was in the shop for 3 days for bodywork due to some jerkoff denting and scratching the side 2 wks ago and i dont feel like taking it back only had if for a month.

  • firemenfiremen Posts: 2
    I had the intermediate shaft replaced on my 99 which fixed the problem. There are two different length shafts though, so make sure they replace it with the right one. Good luck!
  • woody2269woody2269 Posts: 52
    On the '98 and '99 of the fuel systems!! There have been many people (besides myself) that have contacted Chevy about this!! I have a '97 S-10 ZR2 and since Jan, have replaced the fuel pump and sensor (in the 4.3 V6 they are the same part) THREE times and the fuel injector once...just thought that I'd let you know.
  • Will my truck ever be fixed?
    I purchased my GMC Sierra on June 26, 1999 from Mitchell Chevrolet/GMC Truck in West Point, MS. I took it back two weeks later because I thought it had a wheel that was not balanced. When I came to pick it up, the service manager told me it was a defect that GM was working to correct and he would let me know when GM had a procedure to fix it. I kept checking back. All the while the vibration was getting worse while he repeatedly assured me GM was working on a solution. The truck vibrated when you first accelerated from a stop. It vibrated between 35 & 40 MPH. It vibrated and shimmied at 65 & 70 mph. The passenger seat vibrates back and forth like a 25-cent motel bed while at highway speeds. The broken seat belt rattles in the background constantly. The dash rattles and is getting louder. During November, I called and he told me the dealership was forced to buy a $10,000 tire machine to combat the vibration problems in the new trucks. He said GM now had a fix for the problem; it entailed replacing my springs and balancing my tires on the new machine. He ordered the parts. They came in and I made an appointment to install them in December. I took the truck in and left it while I was out of town. When I came to pick it up, I was told they determined that new General tires were needed before they could put on the springs. They ordered the tires. I waited and called and waited and called, still no tires. Finally I called back in May, he said, “yeah I believe the tires are finally in.” I made an appointment for June 12th, planning to leave the truck for an extended period of time and have the many other problems that were piling up corrected at the same time. Included in these were: sticking throttle, whining transmission, pops and creaks from the front springs while backing up, groans from the power steering unit, loud wind noise from the rear windows, rattle in the dash, exploded shock absorber, broken rear seatbelt, premature engagement of the ABS system, rough idle, and it goes dead sometimes if it is not allowed to idle until warm.

    Took in the morning of June 12th, they said there was a mix up and did not have a loaner car. I should come back the next day. I Return June 13th, and I was given a Buick Century. I might add someone had just dropped it off; it was just plain nasty inside, smelled like smoke, ashes and cigarettes everywhere, my little girl even found a razor blade under the seat. I checked back at end of week. They have not done anything. The next week they balance the tires.... it still vibrates. Two and a half weeks later they have done nothing further. They are supposed to address all the other issues listed above during this visit. Service manager says they are doing it a little at a time will work it all out. Three and a half weeks into this I started talking to him about a GM buy back and tell him I am calling GM for a case number. The next day my truck is in the shop suddenly and they are going to work late that night to get the parts on it. I come in the following morning and they have not worked on it, but promise they are about to start. That afternoon I drive it with new springs. It still vibrates. Next day they swap a drive shaft out of a 2000 Silverado, No help. That afternoon they swap the wheels and tires with the same new truck. At this point it actually vibrates worse. About this time I notice they have dropped by hitch on the ground, bending the light connector housing up. We flake bits of paint off of it together and the Service Manager assures me he will replace it. Then he takes me out to drive a couple of 2000’s on the lot. One vibrates, not as bad as mine though. Both have no transmission whine or wind noise however. It is interesting that one has 400 miles on the odometer and a feathered tire on the left front wheel. The Service Manager suggests it is a dealer transfer and they probably swapped a problem tire off of a vibrating customer’s truck. He says he will call the GM District Manager and find out how to proceed. The next day I go back twice, by the afternoon he finally says the GM DM says to order new tires and that will fix it. New tires? I said we just put new tires on yesterday. He said they must be defective that the new ones would be in spec, stiffer sidewalls. Does that mean the 2000’s on the lot have defective tires? Guess so. My Sierra has been in the shop for 36 straight days as of July 17th and the only problems they claim to have repaired is the sticking throttle and the exploded shock absorber. Oh, one other note, I complained about the nasty loaner car. They gave me the service department truck to drive; it only has 80,000 miles on it. The fun never stops. The GM satisfaction center will not give me the name of the District Manager. I have filed a complaint with the BBB and sent GM a certified letter asking for a replacement truck. I guess all I can do is wait for the tires. The Service Manager assures me he will have them in 3 days. Last time he order tires for me it took 4 months! I have no confidence in there being able to fix my truck properly. The latest repair for vibration that GM has proposed actually includes welding on the frame!

    I am building a web site we can use to share information and voice our dissatisfaction to GM. Please email me if you still own a defective truck, the nature of the defect(s), and if you resolved it, how you did.
    I believe there is strength in numbers and we can help each other stand up against General Motors and maybe help them fix the trucks we love. I have bought 3 new GM vehicles in the last 4 years, but I believe there is a design flaw in these trucks and GM needs to correct it...or lose more customers.

    Web address: <<A HREF="">>;
    Email address: < mailto:[email protected]>

    Clay Hodges
  • rosalerosale Posts: 1
    I purchased a 2000 Tahoe Ltd in August of 1999. This was my husbands and my first new vehicle. The excitement lasted until the first time I had to put the vehicle in the shop and it's been down hill ever since. First visit - Rotors had to be resurfaced before it was three months old. Second visit - Drums had to be resurfaced before it was four months old. Third visit - battery had to be replaced because of dead cell - before it was six months old. Fourth visit - brakes grabbing again so they replaced break pads before it was 8 months old. Soon to be fith visit - passanger door won't lock, rattle on left and right side of vehicle. Had to call Chevrolet to find out what was wrong with this picture. Was told that the brake pads on Suburbans and Tahoes usually have to be changed before the first 18,000 miles. The sales representative did not bother to divulge this information when trying to sale this vehicle. I would not recommend this vehcile to anyone. I am now in the prossess of looking for another vehicle. What really upsets me is we traided in a 1990 Chevrolet extended cab pickup with over 150,000 miles that had no problems and no car payment, so that we could spend a fortune on a car payment and keep it in the shop every other month.
  • f150rulesf150rules Posts: 195
    Man, oh man. I am not being condenscending at all. I feel the pain of both of you. I can't help but think that these incidents are a result of poor dealerships to an extent, but I have also heard lots of cases where GM as a manufacturer fails in customer service in comparison to other manufacturers. My opinion is that they did not work out all the problems with their new models before productionalizing them. They were in a hurry to deliver something competitive to try and keep up with Ford's truck sales. It bit them in the tail. GM has been known for letting it's customers be the beta testers for new products, but not providing any relief to fix the problems when they arise. They did the same thing with the model change in '88. My Dad went through the pains then, and has gone through many of the pains that you mention with his '99 Silverado.

    GM makes a good vehicle, but it has long been a premise not to buy any of their models that are not at least 3 years in the making.

    I wish you the best of luck in resolving the problems with your trucks. I should count myself lucky, I guess. I have had several new Fords and several used Fords over the years. Can't really complain about any of them and Ford has always been tops with me in customer service. As long as I keep having this kind of ownership, I will stick with Fords.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    there's no lemon law...just deceased victims...
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