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Audi allroad: Accessories & Modifications

PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 8,887
edited October 2014 in Audi
Doing some aftermarket work on your allroad to get the most out of it? This is the place to share your thoughts and ideas.

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  • Hi,
    I am a new owner of a 2001 Audi Allroad. Does ANYONE know of a toddler car seat that fits well in this car????? PLEASE help!!! :) Thanks!!!!!
  • w210w210 Posts: 188
    I use the Britax Marathon in the allroad.
  • Do you own an older one or a new allroad? Our is a 2001 and does not have the anchors, I wonder if that will still be safe and work... Thanks for your reply!
  • jb3pinjb3pin Posts: 1
    I use the Britax Marathon and the Britax Roundabout in my 2004 Allroad. They both work great, although I haven't tried them rear facing. I imagine in that scenario the Roundabout may work better.
  • rhommerrhommer Posts: 1
    Anybody have any advice on getting the stock hitch or an aftermarket hitch for a 2002 audi allroad?

    I think the stock hitch is 'hidden' a bit better than the aftermarket hitches.

    I just need to tote around a few bikes.
  • freebillfreebill Posts: 1
    I've had the manufacturer stock hitch on a 2002 Allroad since May 2002. Use it with a small sailboat trailer. Dealer fitted total was $937 (ouch!) Hitch is easy to use, very well finished and almost fully hidden when stowed. (The tongue and ball are fully removed.) However fitting this part means the 5mph fender shock absorbers have to be removed. This didn't cause me a problem in one minor car park incident.
  • wraymwraym Posts: 1
    I'm trying to find a rigid cargo barrier (partition between the back seats and cargo area) for my allroad. I have searched the Audi site and talked to the local dealer and cannot find one. There has to be one available for this car! :surprise:
  • I was wondering if audi has any parting gifts that it offers its new custmers. Like a magazine subscription or tickets, or clubs ..."

  • Searching for “luggage compartment cover” for 2001 allroad quarto. Found one at the dealer shop but $$ is ouch.
  • pcasapcasa Posts: 4
    HELP! Audi has discontinued the allroad trailer hitch - can anyone help me find one.

    I'm nervous about the after market ones unless someone has a good experience to share.


  • awd2001awd2001 Posts: 3
    You can still get it from your diler.
  • pcasapcasa Posts: 4
    I checked with two dealers in Dallas and no go - and one checked an internet site that supposedly checked all dealers in the U.S. - do you have a dealer suggestion that I might follow up? and thanks.
  • awd2001awd2001 Posts: 3
    there is one on E-bay: eBay: Audi Allroad Trailer Hitch 01 06
  • pcasapcasa Posts: 4
    Yes, thank you, I saw that one - but it is an aftermarket Class I hitch and I'm looking for the Audi manufactured hitch which is Class II rated - I have messaged AudiUSA - so maybe I'll have some luck there. thanks again
  • What did you find out? I just bought a 2004 Allroad and wanted the class II also.
  • After much research - seems the only option is to buy the Bosal hitch from EuroHitch out of California - or to import from an Audi dealer in Europe - I haven't decided which course to take - both are very expensive.
  • pedro22pedro22 Posts: 5
    my 2005 allroad doors are badly rusted at the alloy trim , anyone else have this . the audi warranty is a joke , external influence weather etc, are not covered so I suggest taking a good look at your doors , llok for bubbles above the trim and do not poke as a hole will appear.
  • murray12murray12 Posts: 1
    Hi pcasa:

    I am also looking for a hitch for my 04 audi allroad. I know the audi part no is zaw808008b but I am told from the dealer they are no longer available. I was wondering what you ended up getting for your 04 allroad. Any advice on how to get a used audi hitch or another aftermarket hitch would be appreciated. You can reach me at [email protected]

    Thank you in advance.

  • vtraudtvtraudt Posts: 52
    I also have rust on the doors (above the alu trim piece, and on the inside/corner) on my 2002. No rust anywhere else.

    a) what is causing it
    b) how best to fix it
    c) how is the alu bottom trim piece coming off?
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