Magnum Audio/Entertainment Questions

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Discuss your audio/entertainment improvements for your Magnum here!


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    My thought is that for an add on navigation system, the components are already in the car factory installed. The ability to use satellite technology is the next big deal. A sterio is great but the added value isn't much. The satellite setup opens the door for what is to come and that will insure that your car is ready. That is my theory and it is just that. You folks need to make those judgements based on what you feel is right for you.

    Good discussion,
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    I have both the Sirius radio and the Nav system in my RT, and I love the integration. Especially with the steering-wheel mounted controls (electronics convenience group -- very aptly named)
    So long as you're driving in the continental US or southern edge of Canada (wherever Sirius signal is actually broadcast) I think it would be a worthwhile option. Having it factory installed makes it easier to use than a separate unit (I had a portable in my old car), plus it comes with a 1-year free subscription. If after that time you decide it's not worth a monthly subscription, then don't use it and you don't have to pay.

    As for the Nav system, the nag screen only comes on if Navigation is turned on. If the radio is left on one of the other modes (AM/FM or CD/Sirius) when the car is started, you will not see a nag screen. Only when you push the "NAV" button to enable it will you get the screen. If you leave Nav enabled when turning off the car, the next time it is started it will start with the screen, but that's it.
    Personally I love the full integration of the unit, not having to mess with extra cables/mounting kits/etc. The only thing I don't like is the lack of a removable face or cover for the stereo/nav system so less-than-honest people can't see what you have installed when they look at your car when you aren't around, whether it'd be worth their time to help themselves to it.
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    Well, I understand what you about people helping themselves. The car supposed to have good tint to make it harder for people to look inside the vehicle. It sounds like you are having a lot of fun with your system. That's the advantage of movable gps systems. They can be put out of sight of prying eyes. I am happy for you and nicely equipped magnum.
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    I just purchased a Magnum with the GPS/Sirius radio/6 disk changer. There is no reference to this unit in the manual. For the life of me I can't set the clock. All the other radios have a "clock" button. You also use the clock button to pull up the ECN needed to register for Sirius reception. The DVD required for the GPS was missing and I drove off the lot with a defective module that controlled all the features on the steering wheel/column. In my forty + years of buying vehicles this is my first Chrysler product and I'm sorely disappointed!

    Thanks is advance for any help!

    Best regards,

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    I believe you need the dvd to get into the settings for clock and other personal info. I only have 6cd and Nav sys but I'm sure they are similar. If getting to the dealer for your dvd is difficult try going to to order an update.

    Hope that might help.


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    Thanks for the help! I'm sure you're right. I'm going there this morning to pick up a dvd they "found" and are holding for me.

    Best regards,

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    I have a question for someone out there. I am trying to install a pioneer cd player in my '05 magnum. I have installed the wiring harness and necessary adapters to do it right, but now the check engine light is on and the left rear window does not work. When I re-install the stock radio, everything is fine, so I know it's the pioneer. I have heard that some of the new vehicles do this, but I would think that there is a way around it. By the way, the pioneer sounds great, but I don't want to leave it like that. I will appreciate any help!
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    man thats weird, it has to be in the
    harness as some anti theft circuitry ..Im stumped I dred any thing electrical in new cars its a real freaking nightmare..I dont touch my cars any more I pay someone after my rebuild of a 70 dodge challenger I dont touch cars,lol..Im serious..

    Oils changes and air in tires..I wish I could help..
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    Thanks for the response! I know someone out there will have the answer; I can't be the only one that has come across this. And, if need be, I'll take your advice and pay someone to do it.
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    I just contacted Best Buy radio install dept ..I too want to upgrade to a dvd player etc in dash .They warned me there is a wireharness to deal with that would make a electronic engineer cry .

    Im an electrican and I dont touch the electronics in my cars its aways been a nightmare...
    Find a good local shop they may be fair in figureing your situation out..
    I know in my gut its all connected to the antitheft system and thats one hell of a head ache I know what your going thru ..
    If your luck its just a connection you missed to check ..check all plugs are tight etc..
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    just got a silver rt mag last nite love it. but it will not take cd in the cd player it is like it is block something is blocking it from going in. do i need my nav disc in first. and how do you set the dam clock. got dual air tow nav for 34400 is that good
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    congrats,you got a great car .....and price depending on where you live in the US..
    Nav and towing package is well worth it ,dont buy the delares program service plans etc and that insurence plan to cover difference if your insurence company wont..
    Its all BS not worth the money the dealer pockets it all .......
    The oli change plan is the biggest joke I want mobile one in my car not sdome cheap low grade oil which Im sure they would use....

    Things to keep in mind when signing the papers and the pressure is on ..
    Walk ,they ll chase you,lol....
    Ive done it many times and have gotten some great deals on cars ..
    Keep in mind never pay more than a 1% over sticker list ..
    Dont let the lease pull you in with disregard for your list price keep that in focus..
    I bought no lease I hate leasing its like throwing your money away and conditions one to live beyond ones means..
    If you cant afford it ,save till you can dont impluse buy a car ever..

    Have the car under coated Carsmart runs deals for approx 150.00

    The cd player is a bit different than others Ive had.
    Theres a loading cycle for each disc youll find it ..The system is actually good and give good base .......
    It is more than good it rocks .........

    Its not like other cd palyers Ive had that you can just jam the discs in and they load,this system on the magnum has a few seconds before it will allow you to load the disc so check the led read out and follow its prompts..
    Setting the clock I have no idea should be easy ,lol..

    welcome to the club..
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    Wait a few months and give it a killer wax job canuba youll really like the results..
    Break her in right ..dont dog her .........
    have fun and get ready for people to stop and talk with you all day long....
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    Have the car under coated Carsmart runs deals for approx 150.00 is this place in ca.
    so the cd player has a delay when i am puting the cd in for the first time?
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    If I remember correctly (I haven't changed my CD's in a month or two -- loaded up some favorites and a couple with mp3's, combined with Sirius Satellite, and I can keep going forever), there is a sequence to go through to load the slots properly.
    1. set the audio mode to the CD player (may not really be necessary)
    2. press the load/eject button (top left, I think)
    3. press the number of the slot you want the CD in (1-6)
    4. insert disc when it says it's ready.

    I'll double-check on the commute home today to verify this is the accurate procedure.
    It's not as simple as the single-disc CD from my last car, and took me a try or two to get correct initially as well.
    Good luck and enjoy!
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    you ROCK. i went to the dealer and they told me i was going to have to order a new one they could not tell me how to do it and it was a five star dealer. you made my day. i did not get the nav disc or the direction for it. they are mailing me it. the nav / radio 6 disc are not in the owner man. why would dodge do that it seems dumb. i have been driving the car some what hard is that ok need to break it in right.
  • kowalskikowalski Member Posts: 94
    Its a national chain I think ..
  • kowalskikowalski Member Posts: 94
    I tended to break mine in a bit hard I think ..IMO.
    Remember brother its a dodge an Id be easy on her till I hit 1k ..
    I keep thinking its a 4 cylinder and an 8 cylinder that may need to be treated a bit kind during breakin.I drive it more like a 4 cylinder ....which keeps the road rage at a minimum.
    Keep in mind its all new so we are the test monkeys....

    Highway driving at speed get on it now and then ,use mobile one oil!
    Youll have the car for years ........
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    From what I recall, the break-in instructions in the owner's manual recommend for the first 500 miles, to occasionally rev the engine through the entire RPM range in lower gears, "without exceeding the speed limit" (their way of limiting their liability so you can't tell the cop who pulled you over for going 140 that the instructions say to do so)
    There isn't much of a required "break-in" period on these cars, IMO it's just a quick shake-down to make sure that nothing's loose. And believe me, that first 500 miles goes by quick, even if you keep her under 75mph. (take the time to familiarize yourself with the autostick, drop it into 2nd occasionally while cruising on the highway ;) )

    I've had my RT since mid-July last year, and have nearly 13,500 miles on it so far, most of which were very enjoyable.
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    Aftermarket radio is not a good sollution in these cars. I would strongly advise you to upgrade to the better ones from DC (if you don't already have one). Here's the problem: There are three types of radios (witout CD changer, with 6CD and with NAV) and they all connect to an amplifier 4 or 6 speakers. All aftermaket radios have a +12V signal that "turns on" the amp and or the antenna. Chrysler is no longer using that, they use the CAN bus to send a "digital turn-on message" to the amp. For all I know you shorted the CAN bus (which by the way is being used by all the other control systems in the car).
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    Can I add a Mopar multi disc CD player to the single disk player that came with my Magnum? Thanks for the help.
  • dxmishloverdxmishlover Member Posts: 2
    I just purchased a 2005 Magnum. On the drive home from the dealer on the 1st day noticed the radio was not sounding clear & fading in & out, thought maybe the channel was faint that day, so I hit scan...all I got was that single station & that was not clear...I tried manually tuning to channels I have listened to for yrs, nothing came in...I called the salesman, he asked I drive it back, when I got there the service advisor I always deal with came out to look at the radio...he started the car ,channels came in fine...He said it must have been something I did wrong as it was 100%...I got in & it seemed to have fixed itself.
    Later that evening I went out to show my Mom my car & would'nt ya know it the radio was out again. I also wanted to explaing the u-connect feature , but it wasnt working either...
    I went to the dealer the next morning, showed the service advisor what it was doing, he agreed something was wrong as it would just keep scanning & scanning & manually tuning was no good I sat there from 7:45( when the Mechanics are just showing up to start their shifts at 8AM) 11:15
    Service advisor told me the car was not finished & he would need to get me into a rental.
    The next morning( today) service advisor called me, advised the car was done & to come on down to pick it up...when I got there he asked I go see the cashier to pick up the keys & to sign out...When I got into the car radio worked fine, Satellite worked fine, cd's played fine...I'm thinking to myself all right, wow I'm ok now....
    got home, got ready for work & then off I headed....guess what, radio wouldnt pull in but 3 channels & they were full of static...I called the dealer, got ahold of my service guy, explained it to him...he said they replaced the module for the u-connect, then looked at the radio & there was no problem with it tuning in dozens of it dint get replaced. He asked I bring it in again on Saterday...will post the finding on Saterday
  • bbfd86bbfd86 Member Posts: 42
    I want to use my mp3 player in my new 2005 Magnum RT. I tried using my son's iRock! FM transmitter, but there is way too much static. I suspect its because the antenna is built into the rear window and the unit is too weak to transmit that far. I also tried purchasing two different connecting cassettes, but the sound quality was poor. Does anybody have any suggestions?
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    Does the '05 have the mp3 reader cd player? My '06 does, so you just make a cd of mp3's and it reads and plays it. Not sure if yours is the same.
  • bbfd86bbfd86 Member Posts: 42
    Yes, it does read mp3 files on a CD. But I can't get my 800 tunes loaded onto six CD's...
  • peterskmpeterskm Member Posts: 79
    Some of the players also support WMA files (says it on the radio). From what I understand, WMA offers better sound quality/file size ratio meaning you can fit more on a disk and it will sound the same as your curent mp3 bitrates. Might get you closer to getting your 800 on 6 discs.
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    Hey does any 1 have a website they can reccomend to purchase a navigation system for the SXT AWD ? :)
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    I put a Sony deck capable of mp3 in my truck 4 years ago and I can easily put 200-225 songs per CD. All of my mp3's are ripped at 196 so they aren't terribly small.

    You should be more than able to fit 1100-1200 mp3's in your changer.
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    Hi everyone, I just purchased a 2006 Magnum R/T used with 3000 miles on it. I've really been enjoying the car a lot :) , but I'm a little sad that it doesn't have the trip-meter/gas mileage computing thing that comes with one of the convenience packages (anyone know which one that was?). I also was interested to read about the bluetooth communication option. I've used this in a couple of other cars and found it to be really cool.

    I guess I'm wondering, if anyone knows, can either of these options be added after the fact, or are you pretty much stuck with whatever you got? I have the single-CD player with the AUX plug-in jack. My dash has the single trip-meter/odometer combo, but nothing else.

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