Starts by hitting starter?

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I have a 2002 Chevy 2500hd 6.0 gas engine. Just replaced the battery and alternator less than a week ago, after 2 days of them being replaced and the truck running great again the truck 1 night didn’t start. When I turned the key, the lights and radio and what not came on but when I crank to start it nothing happens. No cranks no grunts nothing, the lights shut off and that’s it. Now I tapped the starter while cranking the key last night and it started, today it started without tapping the starter or jumping it. Is this a bad soleniod or starter or something electrical? All my connections for the battery and alternator are clean and tight. Thanks

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    This is exactly how my old vehicles behave when their starter solenoids begin to "stick." Replacing the starter clears it right up. However, on a 2002? I'm not sure how "old school" that particular piece of machinery is on an '02 2500, but if tapping worked, then it's probably the same deal.
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