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Suspension IV: Improving Your Suspension | Edmunds Posts: 10,006
edited February 7 in General
imageSuspension IV: Improving Your Suspension | Edmunds

Suspension IV: Improving Your Suspension article on

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  • paul_subarupaul_subaru ringgold, gaPosts: 1
    I need help with 2015 TOWN & COUNTRY REAR SUSPENSION. RIDES SO RUFF CANNOT GO FAR IN IT. Converted to handicap van, raised 1&1/2inches in rear. can you help? Paul Jennings [email protected] Thanks
  • texasestexases Posts: 8,592
    Whoever did the conversion must have put on much stiffer springs to carry all that weight. Maybe a new set of rear shocks would help. Make sure they can deal with the load and the raise suspension. The conversion company should be able to help figure this out.
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