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20050toyota sienna strange transmission exhaust noise

beelooperbeelooper Member Posts: 2
edited February 2019 in Toyota
My 2005 sienna has recently been making pretty loud exhaust noise. so I put it on ramps today to see if I could locate it. First I realized the sound is only happening when the car is in drive, not neutral or reverse, just drive so going down the road it sounds like quite a big exhaust leak. anyway does anyone know of this connection. it is very distinct. sitting in neutral and revving the motor there is no loud exhaust noises. any help would be appreciated. b. cooper


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    beelooperbeelooper Member Posts: 2
    okay i feel pretty silly now I got under there and there is a 4-5 inch section of exhaust pipe that is the flex pipe after the manifolds, when you put it in drive the motor shifts enough to bend it a small amount and the leak is between a couple of the ribs of the flex sections. In neutral, reverse or park there is none of this shifting of the motor. so there you go, self diagnosis, I am glad it wasn't something else, I was pretty convinced there was a plug or something loose from the transmission. b.cooper
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