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Check your Carfax before you try to sell your vehicle!

I bought a brand new Toyota Tacoma a couple of months ago. After the purchase I cleaned up my beloved Ford F-150 to sell myself. I put an ad together using the Blinker App. The ad couldn’t be placed on Blinker due to a Carfax “problem”.

I then ran a Carfax report and discovered that there was a 2016 entry indicating a drivers side accident with structural damage. The only problem with this entry is that I have owned this vehicle since 2005. I bought it brand new and it has NEVER been in ANY accident or taken in for any accident related damage.

During the dispute process I was asked for evidence to support my position. Since my vehicle was never in an accident I am not sure what evidence I could provide, especially when they will not tell me where the alleged event took place, who did it, what was done, etc. All under the guise that the information is confidential.

Interestingly enough I retrieved an article written by NBC 6 in Miami, FL. The article was dated December 14, 2018 and was entitled Error on Carfax Report Kept Woman From Trading In Her Car. The woman reached out to their affiliate NBC 4 in Los Angeles and an investigation was conducted by the station. Carfax was contacted as part of that investigation. The matter was resolved when Carfax revealed that they had a police report from an accident that said the airbags deployed. The police department corrected their report to show no airbag deployment and Carfax quickly fixed its report. The article closed with the following statement:

"Carfax says it collects data from more than 112,000 sources, so it might receive conflicting information. If it does, it says it'll share all the information with you to help right a wrong report."

They did not share any information with me to help remove the error on my vehicle's Carfax. My dispute with Carfax continues.
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