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Ford Fusion/Mercury Milan: Tell Ford What You Want!



  • savethelandsavetheland Posts: 671
    I want Ford to replace radio with new more stylish one with color LCD display. Current radio unit look ugly and it also difficult to use. They should add SD card slot to play mp3 files. MP3 player is okay, but I do not carry MP3 player around and just putting 4GIG SD card with all songs I may ever need would solve all my problems.

    And speedometer and tachometer shouldn't stay so far away from each other. I have a habit to monitor both of them at the same time.
  • savethelandsavetheland Posts: 671
    And move AC controls higher in dash. Current one is difficult to access.
  • frostyrfrostyr Posts: 20
    I always like Fords and wanted to buy a Milan or Zephyr but the console hit my leg. I know that some other people have the same problem. I'd like to see them remove the console and give more leg room. Since the console hit my leg I bought a Lexus ES 350. The console still hits my leg but since there was no other choice I bought the Japanese car. I am very serious when I say that I think they should offer an option of buying the car without the console and with more leg room. This is just my opinion.
  • 1) I want the 2008 MY Fusion Hybrid to be available in the year 2007 (no delays)
    2) I want Fusions to start offering memory seats/mirrors.
    3) I want a car that has the power of a V6 but gets 40mpg in the city.
    4) I want all this for less than $25,000
  • yoribe2yoribe2 Posts: 65
    1) A tiptronic-style automatic transmission shifter, or at least a "2" position.
    2) A less noisy 4-cyl engine.
    3) Standard ABS on all Fusions.
    4) Map lights located on forward edge of the ceiling, not in the center, like in the models equipped with sunroof.
    5) Longer front door map pockets.
    6) Separate rear headrests, not built-in ones.
    7) Turn signal stalk angled at 0 degrees, not at 45 degrees.
    8) More slimmmer, compact key.

    Thank you, Ford!
  • mad_dogmad_dog Posts: 7
    I recently rented a Fusion for a day and was disappointed overall. As soon as I got in and tried to back out of the parking space I realized how limited the visibility was in the back. I am 5'5". I was taught not to rely solely on mirrors, but in this case I had no choice. The car did not have enough power to get moving. The steering was way too stiff. The handling made it feel smaller than it really is. Just a few weeks before I rented a Taurus for a day and had no complaints with it. Next time I rent a car I will gladly pay for an upgrade to something else.
  • Fusion/Milan are okay vehicles, but they feel cheap. It is just a feeling caused by interior desig/materials and even how trunk looks. There are no hooks or net in the trunk so I do not know how can you put stuff into trunk and it does not fly around.

    Stiff steering is okay. Fusion is probably more driver oriented vs cruiser like Camry or Taurus.
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    The steering was way too stiff.

    Not for me, I like it. If you want lighter steering, try the Milan.

    The car did not have enough power to get moving.

    So you just sat there in the rental car lot, since it would not move, or... :confuse: :) .

    Seriously, did you push the gas pedal to the floor and feel that it did not accelerate fast enough? The 4 cyl has adequate power for me. If you want more then try the V-6.

    The handling made it feel smaller than it really is.

    I am hoping you meant that as a positive comment and not a complaint.
  • Love my Fusion so far, and love the fact that a domestic automaker designed and builds it (yes, the car is made in Mexico along with its tires, windows, and other components). I hope it's built for the long term quality...but time will tell. First impressions are very, very good. Now, some suggestions about things that are missing....
    1)there is no "one-swipe" wiper trigger
    2) interior lighting is not so good (single dome light in roof reeks of the penny pinching accountant), footwell lights and a rear seat dome light would be very nice.
    3) engine noise from the 4 cyl is greater than necessary, but that could be because the rest of the car is so quiet that you hear the engine more easily. 4 cyl power is fine, not great, but more than adequate. I haven't driven enough miles to establish gas mileage #s, but I'm optimistic.
    4) safety...abs and side airbags should be standard, not optional (side airbags are std on 07 models)
    5) the trunk is huge, and needs some hooks or a net to control cargo
    6) rear vision is limited...a victim of awesome styling, enhanced trunk room, and a very nice rear seat. how about adding back up sensors at least as an option? My van has these, and I scoffed at first but now I love them.
    7th and final) a 5 speed fan would be great...the 4 speed fan seems noisy, again that may be because the rest of the car is so quiet you hear the fan. also rear seat vents would be nice.
    NOW, I love the car, and so far have zero regrets about purchasing it. And, something I haven't seen a comment on yet, my SE 4cyl auto was nearly $90 a year cheaper on insurance than a similar Camry.
  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,124
    Well, owned the Fusion SEL V6 now for just over 2 months. My average MPG is a stellar 27.4 miles per Gallon in my V6. No problems whatsoever to report. I bet it won't make the media that the Fusion/Milan/Zeph are very reliable vehicles. Interior is holding up great. I have to admit, I clean the leather about once a week and wipe down the inside with Maguires. The only thing done is tinted windows and splash guards. Next thing will be a good quality bra for winter driving months. This car continues to handle great and be a drivers car. Very happy with my choice. :)
  • mad_dogmad_dog Posts: 7
    Well I did push the gas pedal. The tachometer would go way up but the acceleration was poor, as if the engine was too small. I did not have any heavy items in the car (I weigh 145.) and I was not going uphill.
    The was more like driving a smaller (and older) car in that I could feel every bump. The car just felt flimsy. Even the Hunai Accent, and the Lancer, felt/rode/handled/performed much better. The Accord felt wider and more stable and solid than the Fusion.
    With each of these cars, I was only renting them for a day each. I wasn't shopping for one. But renting cars gives me the opportunity to try different cars. This one was disappointing.
  • I was at the daelership today and was talking to a salesman about the Fusion. He didn't know anything about the 2008 hybrid but he did say that the V6 Fusion will offer a 6 speed manual transmission in the 2007 model year. (late delivery)
  • dlangdlang Posts: 59
    3500 miles and 13.9 mpg per computer. This car is NOT FOR NY CITY DRIVING! And with hot weather and A/C on, just got 10mpg on last fillup.

    This tin can car is a P-O-S!

    A Bentley gets 10 mpg. A Honda Accord averages 30 mpg.

    What is the lemon law on returning cars with BELOW avg mpg??
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    A Honda Accord averages 30 mpg.

    With a V6 in NY City???

    Very doubtful. In CRs tests midsize V6s, including Fusion/Milan and Accord, typically get 13-15 mpg in their city driving test.
  • dlangdlang Posts: 59
    I've had 3 Sables, 1996, 1999, 2003, the Milan gets worse overall mpg than they did. This is a new car design, marketed against Honda Accord and Toyota Camry. Why didn't Ford try to equal or beat them on gas mpg?

    It must be the ridiculously wide turning circle causing this low city mpg, you can't parallel park in one try and you can't do a U turn on most NYC streets, only K turns.

    The Milan sucks!

    Honda Accord has 16 mpg city, here's what CR has published:

    Tested Model
    2006 Honda Accord EX sedan, 3.0-liter V6, 5-speed automatic
    Fuel economy
    CU's overall mileage, mpg 23
    CU's city/highway, mpg 16/32
    CU's 150-mile trip, mpg 27
    Annual fuel: gal./cost 665/$1920
    Cruising range, mi. 430

    Tested Model
    2006 Ford Fusion SEL sedan, 3.0-liter V6, 6-speed automatic
    Fuel economy
    CU's overall mileage, mpg 20
    CU's city/highway, mpg 14/29
    CU's 150-mile trip, mpg 25
    Annual fuel: gal./cost 740/$2140
    Cruising range, mi. 410
  • dlangdlang Posts: 59
    Did anyone get invited and then not allowed to attend weekend meeting with Ford engineers to discuss Milan?

    Ford sent me a letter inviting me to attend special emergency meeting with Ford engineers to get feedback offering $125 to come. I called marketing company that handles event and told they already filled the slot for my demographic.

    What a joke! Ford is lucky I didn't show up and tell them what a cheap POS the Milan is. And $125 would just about cover the gas for 120 mile roundtrip to go to Mahwah, NJ on this gas hog.
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    So you bought the Milan why???

    I guess I would not see 2 mpg as a significant difference. If you are that concerned about gas mileage, why even get a V6?

    Even if the Accord saves $100 or so a year in gas, it also costs significanty more to not sure there is any net savings. I never looked into the V6s, but in the 4 the Accord would cost about $1500 more comparably equipped and net of rebates, IIRC. That savings would pay for a lot of gas.
  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,124
    "A Honda Accord averages 30 mpg".

    I am sure you don't mean an Accord V6 automatic. right?

    This is for an Accord 5spd 4cyl... lets be fair and clear here..
  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,124
    If you feel so strongly that the Milan is a "POS" then why did you buy it in the first place? Trade it in now and get over it. Take a look out on the net in other rooms. Folks that own the same car you do are getting 23-27MPG in their V6's in Fusion/Milan. Did you ever take it to the dealer? The car runs fine right? The only reason you keep calling it a "POS" is because of MPG?? :sick:
  • dlangdlang Posts: 59
    Let me know how you trade in a leased car.

    Let me know where those "folks" live. Should I sell my house and move to the boonies in order to get 23-27 mpg?
    Maybe if Ford pays my closing costs.

    It's a POS because of low mpg AND the cheapness and design defects I've already published in another discussion.
  • dlangdlang Posts: 59
    Under pressure to further reduce losses, Ford Motor Co. is considering closing more factories and cutting salaried jobs and benefits by 10% to 30%, according to a media report Thursday.

    The moves, if approved by Ford's (F: news) board of directors at a Sept. 14, would come in addition to its Way Forward restructuring, which calls for cutting North American white-collar salary costs by 10% by the end of 2006's first quarter and closing 14 plants by 2012, The Wall Street Journal reported in its online edition, citing unnamed people familiar with the plans. See Wall Street Journal story (subscription required).

    Ford Chairman and Chief Executive Bill Ford Jr. is under pressure to speed up cost-cutting efforts after the auto maker reported a $254 million loss in the second quarter and worse-than-expected July U.S. sales, The Journal said.

    The company declined to comment on the report, according to The Journal.
  • lahirilahiri Posts: 394
    I will consider Fusion/ Mazda6 if it gets the 3.5L V6 + 6 speed automatic.
  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,124
    I actually live in the suburbs, not the boonies. ;)
    Ever asked the dealership what they could do for you?
    Cheapness is all in your perspective. The perspective of one that has had bad MPG so it may cloud your view. Design defect? where? Please go over these again. I missed your posts. There have been no recalls on the Fusion or Milan? What defects? :confuse:
  • dlangdlang Posts: 59
    The typical NYC metro Ford/Linoln/Mercury dealers are experts at con artistry but you are able to haggle more if you're persistent.

    As for design defects, the obvious one on the Milan POS is the extra wide turning circle which makes it virtually impossible to parallel park in one shot, something you probably don't do much of in the Pacific NW. Even mall style parking is a hassle because you have to position the car far out to turn into your spot so you don't hit the cars on either side of your spot, again another two+ step process.

    A Pacific NW suburb is a NorthEast boonie. A NYC suburb would be urban to you. :)
  • dlangdlang Posts: 59
    Just heard a radio ad for Milan on NYC radio. Says you get upto 32 mpg EPA. What a load of horses--t! Lucky if you get 14.

    Ford, no wonder you're losing market share!
  • dlangdlang Posts: 59
    It's obvious with a statement like "I bet it won't make the media that the Fusion/Milan/Zeph are very reliable vehicles" you ARE A PAID POSTER from Ford. Such glowing adjectives, are they supplied from the Ford marketing dep't?

    Come clean NOW!

    How do you know what the future reliability of a new car line will be?
  • dlangdlang Posts: 59
    OK Ford, since you sent me that lovely letter from Deaborn inviting me to personally meet with your Ford Milan engineers at that exclusive weekend event in Mahwah, NJ, offering $125 to attend and then reneged on it, here are some additional problems feedback with your Milan POS for free:

    The cloth covered sliding cardboard you call the moonroof cover leaks sun in.

    The cheap piece of plastic used to adjust the sideview mirrors jiggles.

    The ANNOYING low fuel message blocks out needed information like miles to empty. You constantly have to press RESET while driving, which begins at 1/4 tank fuel left.

    When lights are on AUTO, and you leave car without pressing lock button on remote, headlights stay on.

    The door cup holders can't hold the average 7-11 Big Gulp, Super Big Gulp or Double Big Gulp cups or any similar cup.

    These are in addition to the notorious low city mpg, ~ 13mpg, and these previously posted problems:

    The paint finish quality look and feel is poor compared to the Sable. The metallic finish is dull compared to the Sable's metallic finish.

    The window glass is definitely thinner than the Sable.

    The door sounds like a tin can when opening, you have to slam it to fully shut the door.

    It poorly handles NYC potholes, the whole car rattles & shakes besides losing road grip.

    The extra charge Audiophile sound system is a lousy substitute for the Mach Audio on the Sable, up the bass high and it sounds like an portable AM radio.

    The steering control buttons are poorly designed, the bottom left and right buttons are fan speed and temperature. So, when you drive with your hands naturally resting on the spaces next to these two buttons, you CONSTANTLY change the climate control from Auto to fan speed and CONSTANTLY change the temperature up. And if you have the recirc air button on you have to keep repressing it when you repress Auto button. ANNOYING!

    All your car models should have auto climate temperature control from 60-65 by degree as other car makers provide.
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    Surely you must have known about a few of these things when you decided to buy or lease your Milan? Did you test drive it? Did you read anything about it?
  • nr9nr9 Posts: 55
    you can parallel park in one shot if you do it often enough. i can parallel park in one shot in taipei city in a mazda 6, which has the same turning circle. of course it is easier if you have a rear sensor, which all cars in taipei have.

    the trick to mall style parking with large turning radius cars, is to BACK in to the parking spot. it is way easier than going in forwards.

    i'll have to agree about poor MPG though. i'm driving a milan in the bay area with only 17.3MPG
  • nr9nr9 Posts: 55
    i have a milan too.

    the moonroof cover does not leak the sun in

    the thing used to adjust the side mirrors is actually better than that in the mazda 6, and it doesnt jiggle

    maybe the low fuel message means you should refuel?

    i actually like the feature that the headlights stay on. it reminds you to lock the car.

    the milan was the first car i drove with a door cup holder at all

    i concur that mileage is low

    the door feels good

    it handles potholes way better than a mazda 6

    maybe your steering hand position is incorrect. if your fingers are in any position to change those buttons, you are going to mess up your hands in any car with an airbag if the airbag deploys.
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