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I installed a keyless remote system in my car and whenever I try to use it blows the fuse, what did I do wrong?
Since my truck had existing door actuators I tied the main two wires from the central unit of the keyless remote system into the two wires leading to the block of four power lock switches on the driver side door, In theory, it seemed like a good idea. The power locks still work (the existing ones), all four of them but the keyless remote system has an inline fuse that leads from the brain unit to the battery (so you can use it to open the car before you get in and put the key in the ignition ( but I'm sure that's self-explanatory lol)). Anyway, that fuse blows every time I try to use the keyless entry FOB. Does anyone have any suggestions? A friend of mine suggested tieing my wires in "on the other side of the power" which involves finding the relay for the power door locks (1985 GMC Jimmy), but I don't really understand what the means. Thanks in advance for any suggestions!


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    You have to tie into the leads to the relay that switches the power for the activation of the locks.

    85 Jimmy? I don't know where your relay is located. The owners manual may show the location in its fuses and relays chart.

    If you're connecting after the relay, both sides of the circuit through the door locks are grounded. When the relay activates, one of the two ends of the circuit is connected to postive power while the other stays on ground.

    It may be that the way you connected and where you connected,\your device is applying power with both ends of the motor circuit grounded. Hence you short out your fuse.

    So you have to connect ahead of the relay so that the current from your device causes the relay to open one switch (pole) or the other switch.

    The diagrams seem to show the relay may be mounted on the firewall. I included a picture of the relay from the net that seems to match the circuit diagram.

    So your device needs to apply power to the light blue wire or the black/white wire, one at a time, so that it activates the relay to operate the reversible circuit.

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    Thank You SO MUCH . .that was the most thorough/helpful answer i've ever seen.. walked me right thru the process and it works great now. thank you thank you!!
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