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I have a 2018 lincoln MKX. It currently has 3800 miles on it. Purchased new with 21 miles on the odo. It has been to the dealership 4 times to address the wrench light. The dealerships response has been apathetic. They rarely call me when my car is in the shop. In fact, I have initiated most of the contact with them. The last phone call the Service Manager questioned how I started the vehicle? "The same way I start the loaner i have! The wrench light hasn't come on any loaner you've provided me!" I'm fed-up. In the five months I owned this, it's been to the shop four times. I've contacted a Lemon Law attorney. Any other owners with the same problem?


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    What might seem to have been an odd question to you may well be them trying to get more information about the symptom occurring which could assist the technician in replicating the fault. One of the first steps of any analysis is to confirm the reported symptom. The trouble code (if there is one) in one of the modules is only an indication of a test that a module has run that has failed, it doesn't tell them what isn't working correctly nor why.

    How often does the wrench light come on? How many times might the car be operated with the light not coming on? Does it come on right away and stay on when starting the car, or does it come on during the trip? Once the light comes on is there something that you have to do to get the light to go back out? (such as shut the car off and restart?) Is there a system or vehicle function that stops working when that light comes on? Has the dealership reported what they have found during the previous visits? Anything such as a code number or specific components that they believe are associated to the symptom?
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