Mid Size Manual shift sedans

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For 2007, what will be availabe 6 Cyl.? For 32k or less, I could choose Mazda 6, Accord, Maxima.Camry only offers one every once in awhile, but don't think they have one. Am I missing anyone? What about the big three?


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    You could get yourself into a Cadillac CTS for that price, and they offer a 6-speed. In fact, with a little dickering you might be able to get into the Sport model for near that price (maybe $33 to $34), and that one strikes me as being more oriented to the manual transmission. I haven't tried to find manual CTS's, so I don't know how many are around, but they do offer them.

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    Also don't forget Lexus IS250, Infinti G35, Acura TL, and Acura TSX.

    Camry only offers manual with 4 Cyl.

    Another option to consider is Subaru WRX

    If you are looking for performance: Subaru WRX ( need STI to get 6-speed), Mazdaspeed3, Mazdaspeed6
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    The Infiniti G35 and Acura TL are indeed mid-sized performers.

    The Lexus IS250 is almost a subcompact.

    If price is no object, there is the BMW 5 series to consider. :)
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    I know I could not find it for the longest time.

    link title
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    They need to fix it, it currently says

    Sorry, your search did not produce any results. Please try again.

    If you put in 2006 4dr manual 16000-30000 or 2007 4dr manual 16000-30000. It looks like a great tool though too bad its not up and running.
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    I just put in 16000-30000, 2006, Sedan, Manual and got a whole page full of cars. Same thing using 2007. So yeah, it's up and running - not sure what happened when you tried it. Maybe you had something checked you didn't see that threw it off?
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