Anti Freeze container leak onto number 4 coil pack. Misfire

mrrush101mrrush101 Member Posts: 2
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I was driving my jeep after gassing it up and the check engine light comes on. I have a code reader and got a number 4 misfire code. I open the hood and noticed anti freeze was dripping onto the number 4 coil pack, I found that the leak was along the seam of the plastic container. I did a drop cylinder test which is basically unplugging the coil pack when the car is running to see if the engine sounds or runs different. There was no difference, i check the other coil packs this way also and the rest of them all made a sound and the motor ran rough.
I then replaced the coil pack and spark plug and did the drop cylinder test but still no change in sound or performance. I still had the misfire. I think the computer shuts down the fuel injector on these jeeps when it misfires so it does not ruin the convertor.
I may have gotten anti freeze onto the wire that plugs into the coil pack, if i did how do i resolve this issue? Would it have shorted out the computer and damaged it somehow, so that it always thinks there is a misfire on cylinder 4? Any ideas would help
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