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New Prius Owners - Give Us Your Report



  • terry92270terry92270 Posts: 1,247
    That might be the "easy" answer, but after reading these forums in detail, the only real, repeating common thread I have discovered is a love of new technologies and a hate for paying high prices for gasoline.

    So in this case, its a good love-hate relationship! ;)
  • Thanks for responding, Terry. You helped me with my cruise control question a few weeks ago--
  • Purchased a new 06 Prius, package3, about 3 weeks ago. Driven about 1800 miles and absolutely no issues with the car. Am averaging 53.4 mpg. When i bought, the dealer only had 3 cars on the lot. He still has the other 2. Another dealer an hour away has 16. What happened to the sales?
  • Hi all!
    Just bought a prius 06 package #5, waited about 2.5 months for it,had really unusual feeling when driving on highway at speeds 60+, steering floats left and right, surging noticed too. Returned to dealership, it needed new wheel bearings, they replaced those(delearship was very nice about the problem),but
    only to find out it still "floats" and surges at a lesser degree?? Anyone else having this problem? Love the car but if this is the norm on the highway,can't deal with it even with the gas mileage of 47.5! This is the first Prius I have driven on the highway,so if anyone else has comments on the handling? Or maybe its a lemon.
  • Hi Swellfish -- I have a similar problem. I too am wondering if I have a lemon! I have only 134 miles, and this week I did a real highway drive for the first time. The steering is super loose and feels unsafe; the alignment is off and the car veers to the left, and the steering shaft is shaky at highway speeds. I don't like this. I thihk the handling is crummy, and the vehicle feels unsafe. I'm ready to sell it already! Please keep me posted!
  • ck90211ck90211 Posts: 149
    Just picked up my 2007 Prius #2 on 9/29. Was going to get a 2006 #3 but a dealer promised to get a 2007 before Sept. 30, and they delivered.

    Put 100 miles on it so far, gone maybe 60+ miles at highway speed (65-75 in SoCal), and have not experienced too much steering wheel drifting problems reported. In fact, I was concerned about this (before buying), and so far am pleasantly surprised about not feeling it.

    I have read in other forums about adding BT Brace to stiffen the lateral (right-left) rigidity of the car. It's not too pricey ($ 150-200 I think), and takes only 5-10 minutes to install (mainly taken to jack up the car). I was going to get it myself but so far think the handling is not too bad. So I may wait until later.

    So far I am just thrilled by the mileage and running in silence (electric). It's fun again to drive and see how far I can go with a gallon of gas.
  • ck90211 said "It's fun again to drive and see how far I can go with a gallon of gas. "
    LOL I had the same feeling when I drive my S2000 with the top down. I can not for the life of me image a Prius being fun-to-drive. Economical ( weil except for the inital cost), drum rear brakes, languid acceleration and braking, mediocre handling on skinny high mileage tire, "green". Yes it is all of those, but fun-to-drive, are you serious?

  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 7,966
    As was noted, this is not a political forum...

    To keep things for spinning completely of topic, I'm removing the off topic posts.

    This discussion is for new Prius owners to give us their first reports about their new vehicles.

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  • ck90211ck90211 Posts: 149
    Midcow, I am serious about Prius fun-to-drive. Can't argue with S2000's performance, but fun (for me at least) is about nearing a car's limit (and pushing the limit of your handling skills). That is why fun (even sporting) is defined differently in every era, in different car class, in different terrains, etc..

    You probably get a lot of fun darting around traffic, putting S2000's shifter, suspension, redline, brakes to work. For me, I will be putting the Prius's electric motor to work, hoping I can cover the same trip by using the electric motor as much as I can, still keep up with the traffic. Your fun probably comes from how little time you use for your trip, my fun comes from how little gas I use for the same trip.

    But if your trip is so "FUN", why are you trying to shave time off it?
  • Hi everybody,
    We just bought our 2007 Prius with the #5 Options Package and have driven it about 250 miles. No problems, just smiles. Car drives smooth and tracks perfectly. Gas mileage is overall 45-48 mpg, wow! What a change from my old Tahoe and SS Camaro. Paid regular msrp, no extra or up charges. Sierra Toyota in Lancaster, Ca. was great! Surprises? Yeah, I am surprised how much I enjoy the Navagation system, too much fun! The sound system in the opt.5 is outstanding. :D
  • Okay let me try this again. How do you like your Prius compared to the SS Camero? The SS Camaro has always been one of my favorite muscle cars nice tire spinning power and a sweet exhaust note. I am sure you like the much,much better mileage of the Prius, but don't you miss the power just a littel?

  • quasar4quasar4 Posts: 110
    How do you like apples compared to oranges?

    Why not accept that fact that when someone says they have fun driving a Prius, they are telling the truth? Do you think that people are just saying they love driving the car when secretly they hate it? Who cares what the reason is? If it's fun, it's fun. I love chocolate cake and I love sushi. Is is unbelievable that I can love both?

    I love driving my Prius. It's fun to drive. Your opinion may differ.
  • Pardon me Quasar4 but my question was directed at Priusman2007 who previously had a Camero SS. I would appreciate if you would not try to answer for him.

    Thank You,

  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 7,966
    We're not here to argue about things. This discussion is for new Prius owners to post their first impressions, not "I like the Prius, why don't you"

    Let's move on please.

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  • quasar4quasar4 Posts: 110
    forum: n 1: a public meeting or assembly for open discussion 2: a public facility to meet for open discussion. someone afraid of open discussion? Looks like I touched a nerve. My post in no way prevents Priusman2007 from responding. I'm free to comment like anyone else in this forum.

    P.S. Message #50 is directed to you. I would appreciate an answer unless you're waiting for someone else to answer for you. ;)
  • quasar4quasar4 Posts: 110
    Judging from the recent comments, it's more like: "You like the Prius?? How can you??"
  • quasar4quasar4 Posts: 110
    I usually like to take the car on a test drive or two before plunking down the big bucks. Super loose steering, misalignment and a shaky steering shaft at highway speeds so bad to make you want to sell the car should be easy to spot. If they were imperceptible in the test drive car, then either you didn't do an adequate test drive, or it's a problem with your particular car that the dealer should correct.

    My report: no problems with loose steering; no problems with misalignment; no problems with the steering shaft at any speed. The only time I've ever noticed a negative effect on handling was in strong crosswinds.
  • Quasar4:

    Sorry didn't realize you were asking me questions. Okay I will answer.

    "How do you like apples compared to oranges?"
    I like diversity and competition, fosters innovations and improvements at a faster pace.

    Why not accept that fact that when someone says they have fun driving a Prius, they are telling the truth?
    Yes, I believe they are telling the truth. However sometimes, it is an attempt to overcome buyer's remorse. You are aware, that most advertisments are viewed by people who have bought a car to assure them they made the right decision. A car purchase is the second largest purchase a person makes, with a house being first.

    "Do you think that people are just saying they love driving the car when secretly they hate it?" No, I think they are justifying their purchase and many really do like their car :) But then again many who say they love driving, I would venture to say have not driven some cars that really handle well, example BMW; however, I could be wrong, just my opinion. Compared to other economy cars, the Prius does drive very well. Many Prius drivers are looking for high miles per gallon. A few are environmental "green" And each has paid quite a bit to get their Prius ($22K-$30K). There are clearly much less costly new cars and used cars, so absolute TCO is not the reason. Much of it is the unknown fear of rising gas prices.

    "Who cares what the reason is? If it's fun, it's fun. I love chocolate cake and I love sushi. Is is unbelievable that I can love both? " Just discussion of trying to understand car owners and what they like and what they perceive. I am a car nut, like new technology, I am entralled with the Prius: Toyota, new technology, interesting HSD system, etc. I also like handling, performance and manual shift.

    There, did that answer you questions in a reasonable manner?
    Have a Nice Day :) ,


    P.S.- By the way, I still thought and think the 325 Hp SS Camero was an awesome car, too bad it lost out to Mustang. Then again Chevrolet is coming out with a brand new design Camaro. Like Priusman2007, I am toying with sacrificing performance, handling, and maybe even manual shift for economy maybe even a Prius. That why I am interested in his thoughts as a new owner of a Prius, coming from a V8 MUSCLE car.
  • terry92270terry92270 Posts: 1,247

    They have many nice forums to explore the "secret meaning" behind people doing & saying what they do.

    People bought Edsels, they buy Mini Coopers, and before that the MG Midgets. IMO, I couldn't see it, but when a person finds one they love, its a beautiful thing, no? ;)
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 7,966
    The forums are not a place to discuss each other.

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  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Posts: 7,160
    One surprising feature of the 'fun' part of driving the Prius is that it is the fastest vehicle 'off the line' of just about any other. Now that being said if someone say in an S2000 really wanted to smoke their tires and beat me.. they might ;) . But for most other V8's, V6's, BMW's, trucks, SUV's you name it, the Prius is almost always first to go...then it just goes faster. One cool feature seldom mentioned is coasting at 65 mph past, say a 'less' efficient vehicle, with the MFD showing 80-99+ mpg.

    It does drift as posted by another above and that's about the only part of driving it I don't like. With new tires and the BT brace it might be more stable.

    The part I like best now after 10.5 months and 30,600 miles is... the seating. It's much more comfortable than the four previous Camry's I had.

    Summary to date: 30,600 miles since 11-30-05
    Fuel : 630 Gal, Cost $1649
    Oil/filters : 6 changes, Cost $0
    Avg FE : 48.6 mpg or 2.06 GPC
    Tire rotations: 5 rotations, Cost: $94
    Air Filter : 1 @ $42
    Engine Flush : 1 @ $94
    Blown Tire : 1 @ $90

    Total cost of maintenance: $1969
    Cost / mi : $0.064 /mi
  • riposteriposte Posts: 160
    "...the hybrid tax credits are now in effect and hybrids are affordable to folks like me."

    There's no proof that that is true. How do you know the manufactures wouldn't have lowered thier MSRP's in the absence of the credits?
  • I think riposte has hit the nail on the head. Most peopel who buy a Prius are really stretching their budget to buy one and can only do so with the government tax credits and other incentives. Face it, the Prius is a very expensive economy car and is not affordable by a lot of people. it can only be classified as an economy car because it gets great gas mileage and certainly not its MSRP and if kept 3 -5 or more years it becomes somewhat economical. From a true TCO there are a lot less expensive cars to own and operate over a 5 year period of time, including may used cars.


  • larsblarsb Posts: 8,204
    Hold on fellas - let's not make too many assumptions about "overpriced" Priuses....

    The last I checked, the average US new car price was around $28,000. You can get a dang well loaded Prius for below that price.

    So if a Prius costs less than the "AVERAGE" US new car, how can that be classified as an expensive car?

    Wouldn't only cars that cost MORE than the AVERAGE price be in the category of "expensive?"
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 31,180
    Average selling price according to Edmunds in CA #6 package Prius $31,805. Add tax and license and you are just over $35k. MSRP is $29,415. Toyota may have cut costs on the hybrid. It has not shown up on the selling price.

    It will be interesting with the tax break cut in half and the HOV stickers gone, how long the Prii sit on the lots at those prices.
  • terry92270terry92270 Posts: 1,247
    Better check these forums for prices paid. ;)

    35K is more than I have seen Highlander Limited Hybrids bought for, as posted here....
  • riposteriposte Posts: 160
    Oh, that's an easy question to answer! Would you consider a MINI Cooper "expensive"? I sure would, even though the actual dollar amount isn't usually much greater than $28K.

    The question isn't whether the Prius is "expensive", but rather "What would it cost if there weren't tax credits available for it?" Let's face it: Manufacturers are in the business of making money. If the Guvmint is going to essentially subsidize the price, they're going to leave it as high as they possibly can.

    On a non-related Prius topic, has anyone driven a Touring model yet? I rented a Prius back in 2004, and, from a handling dynamic perspective, it was the most soulless, least engaging automotive experience I've ever had. In addtion, it had a suspension that always seemed a 1/2 step behind what it was travelling over, and on top of that, it felt like I was driving a sailboat when I hit crosswinds, and I was very unimpressed. This was disappointing, because I REALLY wanted to like it.

    I'm hoping that the Touring edition will address these problems...then maybe I'll purchase one.
  • quasar4quasar4 Posts: 110
    I'll accept those answers...I won't necessarily agree, but I'll accept them.

    Movin' on...
  • my 2006 prius shakes when the gas engine shuts down, after initially starting up,i asked a toyota service mgr. and he said this is common and goes away when the engine warmes up. does anyone out there have this trouble? i would appeciate a response-thank
  • We took posession of our Prius 3 days ago and we almost had an accident in the parking lot.

    Putting the car in reverse resulted in unexpected loud beeping. This was highly distracting and annoying and we almost ran into a car as a result.

    When I talked to the dealer, he said it was a "safety feature" ... which is kind of odd since it almost cause me an accident.

    Here are the supposed to be explainations:

    1. The bleeping is to warn you that you are backing up, even though, (a) I specifically put the car in reverse, (b) the reversing camera came on automatically and (c) there is no question the car is moving backward. So adding the annoying beep makes no sense.

    2. Unlike large commerical vehicle, which beeps *outside* to warn people aorubd it that it is backing up, the beeping of the Prius is only inside in the passenger cabin (mostly with the window closed!)

    3. I have both a Camry (4 years old) and a Highlander (1 year old) and neither of them has this 'feature'.

    Basically, I have no idea how the distracting beep can add to safety.

    Anyway, there is a way to turn off this totally bogus 'safety' feature except the dealer will not do it for legal reason. Off the record, the dealer told me to look up how to do it on the web.

    Another gripe .... I find the GPS GUI to be very confusing. I had a Garmin GPS before and it was totally plug and Play. With the Prius, there are a lot more features but I had a hard time doing simple and very basic thing like banging in an address and getting it to take me there. The manuals are not much help. It is badly organized and it does not even have an index.

    Otherwsie ... the car is great.
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