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Matrix Transmission Woes

HeatseekerHeatseeker Member Posts: 1
edited February 2019 in Toyota
Add my junker to the list. 2004 Toyota Matrix XR. Parts are cheap except transmissions and clutches, now I see why. My 5 spd blew up 80 miles from cabin and 160 miles from home. Still had 1st 3rd and 4th. Made the cabin, and there it sits, with 81k miles on the clock. And oh yeah, had my dog and my handicapped son along, oh and by the way it was 6 degrees F.

A used tranny for an '04 is priced like it is made of silver, 80 lbs and $1200-1800! I can buy the 6 speed, and replace the clutch every 30-60k miles from what I am reading in these forums.

I'm in my 50's. Had probably 9 stick shift cars and trucks before this one. Never ever seen one go so spectacularly bad under 100k! So I'm gonna waste a weekend pulling axles and wheel assemblies apart, put in proper new axle and main seals, new clutch, try my best not to break linkage cables, and install a 6 speed I found for $730.

Then I am going to sell it...quick. Know what brand I will not be looking for to replace it? I'll give you a hint, most of their models are aggregiously underpowered and have huge cheap plastic grills on them that make them look like bottom feeder fish.

Brand loyalty? Ruined. Just like my resale value.
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