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HHR Audio & Entertainment System Questions

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Have a questions or some advice on getting the most out of your HHR's entertainment options? This is the place to share.

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  • r_jane_cr_jane_c Posts: 1
    Hey all,

    I am thinking about purchasing an HHR, but am worried with all the problems I am reading about. Is the radio problem with a specific radio system like the single disc system or the upgraded six disc system?

    I test drove the car and really liked it. I have read the consumer reports and edmund's reviews of this car, and dont understand how they rate the car low. Knowing about all the problems posted on here, how many of you will still buy the car?
  • iowabjiowabj Posts: 2
    :shades: I would still buy the vehicle. Mine was in the shop for electrical problems but the service department was very determined to fix it and I felt I was treated very well. They had to involve GM tech to get the problem diagnosed. I've now put another 1,000 miles on the vehicle and it is performing super. I average 28 mpg and love it. Even my husband will "borrow" it as he thinks it is fun to drive.
  • redwhinoredwhino Posts: 2
    I've had my HHR for 10 months. I love the car, but maybe should have not bought the first year. I took it in last week because the radio sound would every once in a while just go away, then come back on after a period of time. It seems like most people are complaining about a loud pop or crack in the radio. The chevy tech told me that the new program for the radio was for the pop/crack problem only, and that it may not take care of my problem. I told them to reprogram it anyway. I hope it takes care of the problem.

    As for problems with the paint, I live in Arizona where this place is growing so fast that we are always off-roading because of the road construction all over. My paint job is fine. I did have the mud flaps put on last week only after reading everyone elses problems. I figure I might as well start protecting it now, just in case.
  • I drive a 2006 Subaru Legacy, but was recently on a business trip in LA and rented an HHR for 4 days. I liked the car, but I LOVED the stereo - I just spent $1100 on an aftermarket stereo for my Legacy (with a 40 watt RMS 4-channel Alpine amp driving component 6.5" Infinity speakers in the front and coaxial 6.5s in the rear) and the HHR's stock stereo kicked my stereo's butt in terms of bass. I loved the bomber power/volume knob in the middle of the console as well.

    My question is this: what is the wattage on the stock stereo? Apparently the HHR has an optional Pioneer stereo with around 260 watts, but I don't think this was that unit. For one thing, I find it doubtful that a rental car would have the optional upgraded stereo. Also, I didn't notice the word Pioneer anywhere on it. But the fact remains that I listened to the same songs off my iPod in the HHR that I do in my Subaru, and there is no contest - the HHR developed a much better bottom end.

    Does anybody know the wattage on that base model stereo?
  • jntjnt Posts: 316
    I doubt that the rental HHR has high power output. Typical OEM base radio produces less than 20W per speaker (4 speakers typically) at maximum volume setting and probably some clipping.

    There is also Loudness control that is a function of volume setting (typically Bass and Treb boost at low volume level). That helps making the Audio sounds fuller at low volume setting (< 1W audio output)

  • dancermandancerman Posts: 220
    How a stereo performs depends as much on the characteristics of the listening space as on the equipment. The HHR stereo must be well matched to the interior dimensions and materials... good to know.
  • 33wd3333wd33 Posts: 5
    Mine was making intermittant static crackle noises upon start-up, but there is a quick fix for this where they re-program the radio and it stops. Had mine re-programmed and I've had no more problems.

    I've owned many, many cars over the years and I have to tell you that in spite of the problems I've had (only 2) I would buy this car all over again. I just LOVE it and I can't take it anywhere without literally drawing at least a few people asking me about it. It's a wonderful car. Don't be frightened away by these few problems. All first year models have bugs. If you want to avoid any first year bugs then get a 2007. They will probably have resolved many of these issues in the 2nd year edition.

    But, I love having my HHR. I wouldn't trade it for anything else.
  • 76017601 Posts: 2
    Tomorrow my HHr goes in for the 3rd time - no crackling or static- just no radio. Twice it has acted up and not come on and both times, before I could get it to the garage the car would not start and had to be towed. First they reprogrammed the radio, within two weeks no radio, no car starting either. Next they replaced the "body module something something" within a week no radio and a dead battery again. They replaced the radio.
    Well here we go again - the radio has a mind of its own - it will not come on, come on a mile or two down the road, the clock lights up but does not keep time,
    you cannot change the station or the volume by the steering wheel controls or manually.
    I need to read about the Florida "Lemon law" and see where that will get me.
    I will keep you informed.
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    unfortunately you will probably find a faulty radio doesnt qualify under a lemon law, but the fact that you have starting issues might......dont see how the radio and start issues are connected unless if involves the ECM.....yuo might want them to investigate the ECM....electronic control module...which is basically the cars brain..which controls all functions...good luck
  • ray80ray80 Posts: 1,655
    For what they replaced for radio, I think its likely they replace BCM (Body Control Module), it has its fingers in a lot of electrical stuff (but not engine management). If you haven't done it yet, you might want to ensure all the fuses in underhood fuses box are properly seated, many have found they are not and could cause some troubles. For the no start problem there is a tsb thay may come into play:
    TSB #06-06-04-045 and it describes main wiring harness maybe getting chafed or cut by evaporative emmision canister purge solenoid valve bracket. It applies to 2.2l's built before 4/27/06 and 2.4l's built before 2/20/06 and can cause drained battery, long crank and other things.

    Also if battery is run down (for whatever reason), it could cause strange things to happen as electronics can be sensitive to voltage flucuations.
  • 76017601 Posts: 2
    Today they are looking at the ignition. They had already replaced body control module and the radio. I am on vacation next week and don't want the car to not start Thanks for your support.
  • melzymelzy Posts: 2
    Mine also suddenly acts like the mute button was depressed, however the only thing that you can hear is the XM radio sample channel...and this problem seems to occur after about 10 min. of playtime. It NEVER did this till I de-activated XM radio. :(
  • :lemon: OK.... I have already had my HHR in the shop three times already within the past 6 months (Purchased Jan 08) because it would just stop running while I was driving. They finally determined it was an electrical problem and now.....just this morning on the way to work....I was listening to the radio and it just faded away....At first I thought it might be the radio station fading out....because the sound went down but I realized all the sound faded to the back speakers.....After about thirty seconds, the sound finally faded away completely. Has this happened to anyone? :confuse: What was the cause?
  • I just recently bought a 2007 HHR, the standard LT edition. I am thinking about putting a sound system in the car, however I don't really want to switch out the stock sterio with an aftermarket, because I like the setup of the stock one. I was just curious if anyone knows whether the stock sterio has RCA connections or not? I'd rather see if anyone else knows first, instead of taking it all apart to see. Can anyone help me out?
  • The speakers in the car all stopped working about three days ago. the only thing that works is the tweeters. The fan on the stereo unit does not seem to work but it plays cds. mp3's, and all the rest of the features work. It all started with the front speakers coming off and on but then they went off completly and so has the back ones and they have not come on since. the dealership said it was the speakers needing to be replaced and the wires in the front? I don't see how it would be the speakers. All the audio related fuses seem to be fine also. What should i do?
  • I own a 2006 HHR. My during damp weather only the tweeters will work on my radio. After the car sits in the sun or its dry for a day or two one or two of the speakers will come on. If its dry for a few days possibly a third speaker will come on. Almost never all 4. This car does not have the optional large speaker in the cargo area. Only the 4 door speakers and the two tweeters. When the car sits out over night and its damp or raining the same process starts over again. I have taken a door panel off to look at one of the speakers to see if it has been wet but it looks like brand new. This car has over 100,000 miles on it and I'm not anxious to spend a lot of money dealing with the problem. I can't help but thinking there is a connection somewhere that is damaged from earlier leaking problems that were worked on under warranty.
  • now that you mention it the speakers did work the other day when it dried up. One of them came on. Idk chevy hhr's seem to have a common problem with their speakers. They all suck and go out around 100,000 miles, its astonishing they don't fix their crappy job for us.
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