Warranty claim denial

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Not sure if this is correct place, if not please correct me! I started receiving the check engine light on my 2011 Dodge Ram. The local dealership couldn’t not seem to pinpoint exactly what it was after trying several things. So I took it one city over to a bigger dealership to find out what it was. In a nutshell they recommended a engine replacement. So I got them to put in a reman 5.7 hemi just like the original engine. That was Jan 17, 2018. I paid around ten thousand all together for parts and labor. I was on the fence about replacing the engine or just spending the ten grand to get a decent used truck for work. Since this new reman engine came with a three year one hundred thousand mile warrenty I decided to go ahead and get the reman engine. I drive a lot for work and change my own oil regularly. Around nine months and fourty thousand miles I ended up on the side of the interstate with no idea why my truck broke down. I get the truck towed to the dealership where I had the engine replacement done. They tell me they have to gather info on what’s wrong and submit it to corporate to see if the warrenty is going to cover the claim. Intold the service advisor that I change my own oil and he said that it was okay to change your own oil.and asked me to send any info I have to h show that I do maintain the vehicle. I send him my most current receipt for the exact oil and filter that I used. As well as bank statements Showing that I maintain the vehicle. Long story short my claim was denied because they said I never changed the oil. I sent them a picture of my Odm reading which is time stamped the day after I bought the oil. I take a picture of the Mileage after I change the oil so I know exactly when I will need to change the oil next time. I contacted corporate and filed a claim. After contacting the dealership that originally denied me they stated that just because I have a receipt for oil does not mean that I actually put the oil in the vehicle. This is crazy to me. If you change your own oil how are you supposed to prove that you actually put the oil and filter on your vehicle? (Even thought the filter they removed from the truck is the same filter number from the receipt i provided them. And not the  original mopar filter that came after engine swap)I took my old filters and bottles to the dealership to try and prove that i buy and maintain my truck. I was told I diddnt need to do that and that a receipt is all I needed. And now my 10k claim is denied. All I want is for them to stand behind what they sold me. What should my next step be? When I talked to claims deep and mentioned lawyer I was told that there is nothing else to discuss and the call was over. Since the claim was denied I was charged $1300 for the labor needed to see if the claim was going to be accepted or denied and it had to be paid before I could remove my truck from their lot.


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    Take them to small claims court maybe I'll see you on "The Peoples Court"
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